THE FALL: Traister spoke, and so did Putin!


Our blue tribe's route to the fall: Many voters in Ohio will adopt a different view.

That said, we pray that J. D. Vance doesn't win Ohio's Senate seat. In our view, Vance is a horror show, and we're impressed with the political intelligence of his opponent, Tim Ryan.

We wouldn't vote for Vance ourselves, though many Ohioans will. That said, we also wouldn't vote for the kind of journalism showcased directly below. 

We refer to the report about Vance in today's New York Times. In print editions, the report appears on the Times' front page. Sadly, it starts like this:

BARRY (10/28/22): Blue jeans evoked his hardscrabble upbringing, and a crisp dress shirt conveyed his success as a Yale Law School graduate, venture capitalist and best-selling memoirist—with the open collar signaling that he was still just J.D., who happens to be the Ohio Republican candidate for the Senate.

This was the J.D. Vance uniform as he spoke one October Saturday to Republican campaign volunteers gathered in a Cincinnati office, near a portrait of a brow-knitted Donald J. Trump...

They just can't quit the childish world which features silly accounts of the secret meanings of the items which make up a candidate's wardrobe.

For twenty months, they did this with Candidate Gore. They discussed his boots, his suits, his polo shirts, the height at which he hemmed his pants. 

They discussed the color of that one earth-toned suit and the reason his boots were so shiny. They discussed the number of buttons on his deeply troubling suit jackets (3), and the reason why all three were buttoned. 

They played these cards for the bulk of two years. After that, the United States went into Iraq. Today, that wardrobe game has returned.

"Man [sic] is the rational animal?" Plainly, that isn't the case.

 Major world-class anthropologists have been telling us that for quite a few years. The woods are lovely, and deep, these experts say, but we humans tend to see through a glass extremely darkly.

Today, these experts have told us to tell you about two recent presentations. Also, to mention Professor Johnson again, whose (well-intentioned) specific remarks we'll push ahead to next week.

Oddly, one presentation to which these experts refer has come from Vladimir Putin! Atop the front page of today's New York Times, Anton Troianovski's account of yesterday's speech by Putin starts exactly like this:

Playing to Western Discord, Putin Says Russia Is Battling ‘Strange’ Elites

President Vladimir V. Putin declared on Thursday that Russia’s battle was with “Western elites,” not with the West itself, in a speech seemingly aimed more at winning over political conservatives abroad than his own citizens.

Mr. Putin, addressing an annual foreign policy conference outside Moscow, appeared intent on capitalizing on political divisions in the United States and its allies that have only heightened since they began showering Ukraine with military aid to fend off the Russian invasion.

Many of the Russian leader’s themes were familiar, but they took on particular resonance given the coming midterm elections in the United States and growing discontent in Europe over the costs of the war.

“There are at least two Wests,” Mr. Putin said.

There are at least two Wests? As Troianovski continued, he spelled out what Putin meant about the competing values of the "two Wests" to which he referred:

One, he said, is a West of “traditional, mainly Christian values” for which Russians feel kinship. But, he said, “there’s another West—aggressive, cosmopolitan, neocolonial, acting as the weapon of the neoliberal elite,” and trying to impose its “pretty strange” values on everyone else. He peppered his remarks with references to “dozens of genders” and “gay parades.”

Mr. Putin, as he often does, portrayed Russia as threatened by the possible expansion of NATO—and the values of its liberal democracies—to countries like Ukraine that were once part of the Soviet Union.

Putin thinks it's strange! He thinks its strange that a certain "western elite" says there are "dozens of genders." 

Beyond that, he seems to be saying that such strange beliefs threaten his own "Christian values." But are his claims actually true?

Is there really a "western elite" which claims there are "dozens of genders?" Somewhere, we'll guess, you could find some such elite. On balance, we'd have to say—surprise, surprise!—that Putin was perhaps embellishing concerning this alleged point.

Having said that, let us also say this:

In that speech, Putin was creating a picture of the West which is often seen on Fox News broadcasts. We've seen that portrait on Tucker Carlson Tonight several times this week alone—and we're rarely able to sit through the entire hour-long broadcast. 

Indeed, live and direct from the state of Vermont, we saw a version of that portrait on Carlson's program last night! Before we offer a further assessment, let's also talk about something we saw on MSNBC this past Tuesday night.

Live and direct from Pennsylvania, the Fetterman-Oz debate had just concluded. On Alex Wagner Tonight, Wagner introduced New York Magazine's Rebecca Traister.

As we noted in Wednesday's report, Traister soon offered this remark concerning Candidate Fetterman:

TRAISTER (10/25/22): There was such intense scrutiny—often, ableist scrutiny—over how he was going to communicate.

Right out of the gate, Traister complained about the ableism directed at Candidate Fetterman. 

As before, so too today:

We aren't asking if Traister's perception was actually "accurate" here. We're asking if her instant reference to "ableism" will possibly sound "strange" to a broad swath of American voters—if it might even seem that Traister was speaking from the inside of an elite which is promoting unfamiliar concepts and values.

We hate to say it, but could it be true? Could it be that Vladimir Putin has a better understanding of our blue tribe's ongoing fail than our own tribal leaders do?

Remember—as the fall elections approach, we aren't asking if the actual values of our leaders are decent and well-founded. Pace Putin, we're asking if the way our corporate leaders express those values might seem "strange" to a wide swath of the people who help decide the outcomes of our elections.

To our eye and ear, Traister was speaking from inside a badly cosseted elite: 

To our eye and ear, her host dresses expensive and coiffs expensive. For her own part, Traister quickly turned to language which comes from far outside the standard American lexicon.

It's fairly well proven that these can be ways to convince voters not to listen. Later, Traister began to drop an array of more familiar bombs.

Also this:

In our view, the incident from Vermont which Carlson discussed last night will strike a substantial majority of American voters as being somewhat "strange." He wasn't even forced to dissemble all that much as he discussed the incident.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But in truth, the leadership of our flailing blue tribe is sometimes a bit of a self-involved clown car. 

The children of blue tribal elites—Wagner's father co-chaired Bill Clinton's presidential campaign—focus on blue tribal values. They tend to turn to aggressive name-calling as soon as Others evince different sets of reactions, outlooks and views.

We tribals! We call the Others every name in the book, then wonder why they won't do the things we tell them to do! This past Monday, we thought Professor Johnson gave a great example of this impulse on Deadline: White House.

(To our eye, Professor Johnson was quite upset, and was completely sincere.)

Is it possible? Is it possible that Vladimir Putin understands the American electorate better than Traister and Wagner do? Better than Lawrence does? Better even than Nicolle Wallace, who (given her history) struck us as amazingly disingenuous on yesterday's Deadline: White House?

The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but is it possible that our tribe is in the hands of a hapless children's crusade? Are we led by a cosseted "western elite" whose defining characteristic is its love of self and its apparent contempt for Others?

How will the fall elections turn out? We can't answer that question! But does the portrait offered by Putin help point the way to a fall?

In our view, Carlson is an astonishingly disingenuous Lost Child. That said, he reported events from Vermont involving cultural values (and behaviors) which will strike many voters as strange. He wasn't even forced to play the fool all that much as he did so!

Our tribe's Lost Children are sure they're right—and they only speak to their own "dear friends." As blue tribe members, we've been strongly inclined, for the past twenty years, to get in line behind them.

Professor Johnson seemed fully sincere. But oh, what kinds of values are these "which go from bad to worse?"

Next week: Blue tribe, heal thyself!


  1. It can't be easy to hide the fact Vance is a vampire. The clothes are a start.

    1. The clothes are carefully chosen to evoke a specific image. Somerby's desire to evade that FACT is ridiculous. If Gore flubbed that aspect of his campaign it isn't the fault of the press.

  2. "Remember—as the fall elections approach, we aren't asking if the actual values of our leaders are decent and well-founded. Pace Putin, we're asking if the way our corporate leaders express those values might seem "strange" to a wide swath of the people who help decide the outcomes of our elections."

    They're not decent and they're not well-founded. They're based in hate, racism, and spite, and they don't sound strange to normal people, they sound depraved and deranged. It's been a downward spiral for about a decade now with the mass Democrat personality disorder and anyone who has dealt with similarly disordered individuals knows it doesn't stop until it's stopped.

    1. Meanwhile, Republicans are now calling for the repeal of divorce, or at least the banning of books about divorce. If Republicans can decree forced birth, why not forced marriage? And is it much of a step from that to female slavery (since women do the majority of housework in most families)? These are the Republican values and I will take a Democratic "personality disorder" over forced servitude any day.

    2. "Calling for repeal of divorce or at least the banning of books about divorce." Those are two vastly different ideas and the second one is unquestionably a good one as far as children are concerned.

    3. Because if you ban books talking about divorce you might be able to gaslight a child whose parent has left the home? Republicans live a magical existence if they believe that ignoring things they don't like in life makes them go away. That is more fanciful than children's thinking.

    4. This troll @10:31 spews his hate here every day, best to not respond.

      Stay strong my friends, ignore the trolls.

    5. Books about divorce normalize divorce. Normalizing divorce is why the child's parent has left the home.

    6. There are more divorces in red states than blue ones, so I think red voters are normalizing divorce already. Have you ever listened to country music?

    7. The child’s parent left because they had irreconcilable differences.


  3. tl;dr,
    ...this, however: "On balance, we'd have to say—surprise, surprise!—that Putin was perhaps embellishing concerning this alleged point."

    "Alleged" point, dear Bob? What's that supposed to mean? Are you into word-salads like the rest of your tribe now?

    Anyhow, please advise, dear Bob:
    -- are there wimmin trapped in men's bodies? Yes or no, dear Bob.
    -- can you define the word "womyn", dear Bob? The smartest member of your tribe, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson can't. Can you?
    -- do you agree with Tulsi Gabbard that your tribe is ruled by "an elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness, who divide us by racializing every issue & stoke anti-white racism, actively work to undermine our God-given freedoms, are hostile to people of faith & spirituality, demonize the police & protect criminals at the expense of law-abiding Americans, believe in open borders, weaponize the national security state to go after political opponents, and above all, dragging us ever closer to nuclear war"?


    1. President Putin is one of the world’s best dressed leaders. But he is divorced.

  4. Re: Putin's view of the U.S.
    Emboldened by his successful pranking of Conservatives, looks as if Christopher Rufo is now playing world leaders for fools.

  5. "Wokeness is rife with condemnation. At its heart, wokeness is divisive, exclusionary and hateful. It is armored in false virtue." - Elon Musk

    1. What's "wokeness"? Is that anything like "cancel culture" (criticism)?

    2. What is "false virtue"? If everyone pretended to be virtuous by doing virtuous things, wouldn't this still be a better world?

    3. Surgical mutilation and telling black people they're hated in their society and targeted by police, in the name of compassion, are examples of false virtue.

    4. This quote begs the question: would
      Musk silence woke while demanding
      a voice for Trump?

    5. Musk’s deal went through and the racists immediately spread the n-word all over Twitter. That says everything about what the right thinks should be left uncensored.

    6. Hey 1:28, black people ARE "targeted by police," and everybody goddamn well knows it.

    7. Re: false virtue

      "God says..." and/ or "The Bible says..." = "I got nothing..."

    8. And now the Russian propaganda and fake accounts are back on Twitter too. That didn't take long.

  6. "They played these cards for the bulk of two years. After that, the United States went into Iraq. Today, that wardrobe game has returned."

    It never left. Remember, clothes make the man. Notice how Somerby goes straight from Gore to Iraq, skipping 9/11 entirely. Skipping W and the nonexistent WMDs and the nonexistent ties between Saddam and Al Qaeda, and Cheney and Judith Miller. As if we are all to blame for our failure to elect Gore after he promised to censor rock and roll.

  7. If a man cannot choose the correct wardrobe to be president, can he be trusted to do the rest of the job?

    Trump was mocked for his extra long red ties and his barely conceled pot belly but he was elected anyway. If Trump could rise about his physical deficiencies (including his orange skin and his ridiculous hair) why couldn't Al Gore? There is something wrong when a candidate cannot distract press attention away from his clothes by talking about his plans for his term in office.

  8. "Putin thinks it's strange! He thinks its strange that a certain "western elite" says there are "dozens of genders."

    It seems highly likely that Putin doesn't think anything is "strange." He is obvious trying to widen the political gulf by siding with the conservatives, who have shown themselves to be sympathetic to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Those same conservatives elected the Russian puppet, Trump, to the presidency. Russia perhaps hopes to repeat that success, so that it can win diplomatically what it has lost through military force.

    With Russia being so blatant, Somerby cannot join that chorus by blaming Democrats for Russian ambition, without joining forces with Trump and the conservatives. Russian isn't attacking Ukraine because Gore wore a tan-colored suit and the media talked about it. He is trying to recreate the former Soviet Union, and he wants his old ally, Trump, back in office to help him by neutralizing NATO and approving his annexation of parts of Ukraine.

    Somerby is playing us all for fools today.

    1. Everyone knows there are two genders: men and everyone else.

  9. "Professor Johnson seemed fully sincere. But oh, what kinds of values are these "which go from bad to worse?"

    Somerby says he is pushing his discussion of Dr. [Jason] Johnson into next week, but he cannot resist sliming him again because he tells us what crime Professor Johnson (who Somerby cannot seem to name) has committed. Instead he accuses him of "bad to worse" values but never tells us what he supposedly did.

    This is how Somerby reviles people he dislikes, without ever having to present evidence they have done anything wrong. And why cannot Somerby get the man's first name right? Does he think if he is non-specific, he can revile all of the Professor Johnsons across our country, and hit many birds with one stone? The man is a person -- he has a name. It would be respectful to use his name, but respect is not Somerby's intention. Slaves were allowed no names. How better to diminish someone black than to deliberately avoid according him the minimal respect of civility?

    Somerby is an asshole. There's the proper name for someone who behaves as BOB Somerby has been doing.

  10. "Is it possible? Is it possible that Vladimir Putin understands the American electorate better than Traister and Wagner do? Better than Lawrence does? Better even than Nicolle Wallace, who (given her history) struck us as amazingly disingenuous on yesterday's Deadline: White House?"

    No, it is not possible. It is ridiculous to suggest that Putin "understands" anything about us. He understands his own self interest and is continuing to manipulate us by deepening partisan divides and supporting Trump. Just as he did in 2016 and 2020. If Somerby confuses Putin's obvious manipulative self-interest as "understanding" then there is something hugely wrong with Somerby.

    Next thing you know, Somerby will be praising Putin's manly physique and talking about how he has restored the soul of Russia to the Russian people by persecuting Pussy Riot. Is Somerby really such a fool or is it all about money?

    1. Money may play a role, but Somerby had a rough childhood, has unresolved trauma that is likely driving his bus off the cliff.

    2. Pussy Riot desecrated a cathedral.

    3. Somerby had a one-man standup show about his trauma.

  11. "Right out of the gate, Traister complained about the ableism directed at Candidate Fetterman. "

    This has been obvious to everyone on the left. It is remarks like this that cause me to believe Somerby is no liberal. He doesn't understand what ableism is and doesn't care when it becomes the focus of both the media and the right in order to defeat a Democratic candidate. Who behaves like that?

    Values on the left include not simply preventing the right wing from banning divorce, but helping those with disabilities participate fully in society -- which means not banning them from the podium using mockery when they try to be elected to the Senate.

  12. "The children of blue tribal elites—Wagner's father co-chaired Bill Clinton's presidential campaign—focus on blue tribal values."

    And the sins of the fathers shall be visited on the children...

    But what liberal would consider that experience a liability? Wagner surely must have learned a lot as a child, from her father's participation in Democratic Party politics helping Bill Clinton. Why would that be a bad thing?

    It wouldn't be, to a Democrat. This is yet another tell that Somerby is conservative and has no use for Democratic values or politics or anything else Democratic. Wagner learned politics at her father's knee. That is a good thing in our liberal world. But not where Somerby is coming from, a place with a deep red tinge.

  13. "In our view, the incident from Vermont which Carlson discussed last night will strike a substantial majority of American voters as being somewhat "strange." He wasn't even forced to dissemble all that much as he discussed the incident."

    Somerby says this twice in today's essay, in substantially the same words. He doesn't tell us what incident in Vermont he (and Carlson) are talking about. Are we not allowed to know? Does Somerby think it is sufficient just to say that it is "strange" beyond Carlson's antics? That must be strange indeed, and it is something liberals did, but we aren't allowed to know what Somerby means. It is enough to tell us we are strange without telling us what we did to deserve that sliming. Because Somerby is only about the name-calling these days. No facts needed, no proof, no chance for any liberal to defend themselves from being called "strange" (and not just Carlson "strange" but strange strange). Somerby has decreed it, so we are all to blame, no matter what "values" we hold and what we ourselves might think about it. Because that's how Somerby does things these days. It is all in the accusation, after that a done deal. He may not ever tell us what he meant today. And no, I don't think I will go back and watch Carlson to find out what the hell Somerby is alluding to.

    1. You feel hurt by what it was written Maybe even angry. That is perfectly justified. Keep your chin up if you can. Have a good weekend.

    2. How about confused and slightly outraged? But you keep trying to learn how to be empathetic. The effort is appreciated even if you don't quite hit the target.

    3. It hurts. I get it. These are valid feelings.

    4. 11:57 The gap between how you feel about yourself and how others feel about you is larger than Trump's ego.

    5. The irony of Bob complaining about
      a lack of clarity is becoming more pronounced. Exactly what he was on
      about yesterday is pretty mysterious
      Oz did say he wanted “local
      political leaders” in on abortion
      decisions, which seemed to be
      the point of contention.

    6. 1:22

      Thank you for sharing your feelings nonetheless. Wishing you a great weekend.

    7. I thought the point was Oz said wimen but was quoted as saying woman (singular) but he didn’t really say.

    8. Anonymouse 11:30am, the segment was about a Vermont coach who got suspended without pay over misgendering a transgirl who is using the girls locker room, and for complaining about the situation, in general.

      The coach’s teenage daughter was suspended as well because she doesn’t want him in there while she’s dressing.

      It’s a shame that people must put up with this insanity because the left wants to shake up social norms in order to rule with an “emphatic” iron fist, while penalizing dissenters and calling them brutes.

    9. Cecilia:
      The incident is not 100% clear, though that doesn’t stop you from plowing ahead. The way it looks, the coach who got suspended violated state regulations. If a teacher in Florida tried to teach CRT, you would not only call for his firing, but his arrest and execution as well.

      Only one of these qualifies in your book as the “brute force” of an iron fist.

      But then, consistency was never your bag.

    10. mh, I wouldn’t call for a teacher’s arrest for questioning regulations, which is different from outright thwarting them.

      Curriculum context issues are not the same as issues generating from kids being forced to undress in front of someone who is biologically of the opposite sex.

      Let him dress as a girl, but don’t force this sort of loss of privacy on other people. Provide him other accommodations.

    11. The details seem a little sketchy here, but at any rate, this one case notwithstanding, how many cases of transgender kids using the bathroom or locker room of their new gender occur every day without incident?

    12. You mean without complaints that garner repercussions?

    13. These cases are extremely infrequent, and even then most of them do not involve invasions of privacy like this one. If people just minded their own business, this wouldn't be an issue.

      I was a girl in Hollywood, where Hollywood high had privacy cubicles for each individual girl to use her locker and take a shower, without having to undress in front of anyone else. In college and in the suburbs, girls undressed and went to the showers in a towel, where showers were partitioned into cubicles for privacy. If you wanted or needed more privacy than that, there was a single shower stall available where someone could undress, shower and redress in private. Some girls were more shy (modest) than others, so I frequently saw naked girls going to and from the showers while others huddled beneath their towels waiting for the exhibitionists to clear out. It was humiliating for those of us who were less comfortable with the arrangement, and we were all cis-gender. Imagine how it might be for a trans-girl, and then think about whether she might use the towel to remain modest and not annoy anyone else. The rest of us tried to keep our eyes to ourselves and did not go around ogling each other, trying she what each of us had up front. I think this is a figment of men's imaginations, their fantasy versions of Trump's locker room strategy (where he bought a teen beauty pageant and then entered locker rooms unannounced, whether the girls were dressed or not). There is an etiquette to girl's locker rooms, just as there is one to men's urinals. Eyes to yourself. So, how exactly did this situation arise? And if people were looking when they shouldn't have been, why is that the trans-girl's fault? And how did any male become an observer in the girl's locker room? There seems to be a lot of unnecessary and frankly weird intervention happening. If everyone were to treat a trans-girl as just another girl, there wouldn't be any sort of problem to concern anyone in this situation, including the girl herself.

    14. Yes, and if everyone did precisely as you suggest, we wouldn’t get a 500-word bizarre and self-referential diatribe on minding one’s own business when there’s a person with a penis in the girls locker room.

      Perhaps these students should mind their ps and qs and let the janitor go about his business with sweeping up. After all, he won’t look. Just ask him.

      “And how did any male become an observer in the girl's locker room? There seems to be a lot of unnecessary and frankly weird intervention happening.”

      How? They were/are forced to let him in and to accept at face value anything he says about himself.

      Why? Because of frankly weird intervention and even weirder and crazier duress.

    15. Cecelia, modesty isn't just between males and females (of any age), it is between individuals and individuals. I guess you don't remember the fight for female sportscaster inclusion in sports interviews after games, held in the team locker rooms?

      There was no need for this to become any kind of issue. Women and girls used to maintain modesty with each other. There is nothing magical about being the same sex that permits women to SEE and WATCH each other shower without harm, whereas a transgirl is a horrid invasion of privacy. These girls and the adult male who targeted that transgirl are to blame because they should have just left her alone and let her shower like everyone else.

      Misgendering this transgirl as you are doing is wrong too. Yes, you accept what they say about their own gender. The alternative is gender inspection by local public leaders (and the girl and her doctor) and that is unacceptable. And you are a huge jerk for using pronouns to torment young people like that.

    16. This comment has been removed by the author.

    17. t 6:17 PM
      Anonymouse 11:04am, do local male and female newspaper reporters have access to high school locker rooms at all, let alone adult females being allowed to enter the boys locker room or adults males the girls locker?

      For that matter, do male journos have unlimited access to the locker rooms of women in professional sports?

      Your comparison does not represent real world dynamics, though I’m sure there are quite a few of our deeply caring and empathetic betters who wish to turn this all its head in way that will only be of benefit to transwomen athletes.

      You’ll do it under penalty of ruining anyone who speaks against it.

      That power and control is the entire impetus of these constructs.

  14. "But does the portrait offered by Putin help point the way to a fall?"

    Only in his fever dreams.

    1. When did we start taking lessons in morality and values from Russia, of all people?

    2. When Democrats became even worse than Russia.

    3. When Russia defeated the Nazis. The real Nazis, not the imaginary Nazis Putin sees in Ukraine.

    4. It is important to remember that we are a bloodthirsty war machine of a country.

    5. All the more reason not to follow Putin down that path, doncha know?

    6. We are the path. We are the bloodthirsty warlords of the planet. We're not sending scores of billions to Ukraine because we like Ukraine or care about them.

    7. We are doing it to keep Russia from taking over all those smaller adjacent countries again. They don't want to be part of that borg. The world is interdependent now, like it or not.

    8. It's always been interdependent. It has to do with business interests. We just have to always keep in mind that we are the most violent country in the world by far and the food we put on our table was paid for with the lives of innocent men, women and children that we killed while violating international laws. It's something all of us should keep in mind when we become frustrated, confused and even angry. We are all members of a merciless, savage killing machine which takes a huge psychological toll.

    9. 8:12 is merely stating the Republican Credo 2022. My Country Tis of Thee, Sweet Merciless Savage Killing Machine, Of Thee I Sing…Perhaps that can be taught in our public schools in lieu of CRT. We’ll call it CAT, Critical America Theory. Or the new WOKE curriculum: We’re Odious Killers Everywhere.

    10. Scapegoating does ease the pain of the responsibility we all share. Best wishes to you mh.

    11. If everyone is responsible then no one is responsible. Empathy must be used with discretion, but you’ll get the hang of it with practice.

    12. 8:12,
      That's why I'd tax the shit out of (and regulate) corporations. When they threaten to move out of the U.S., tell them to go. The money we save not needing a military to protect their assets and profits will more than make up for the tax loss. Let the Cayman Islands send their soldiers around the world for them.

    13. As taxpayers and voters in a democracy, we bear the responsibility for cultivating and promoting leaders to do such as you suggest and of course, are accountable for mindlessly bloody death and destruction of the leaders we do elect - that participate in state-sponsored slaughter on behalf of the corporations of which you speak. Until that time, I do think we just have to be aware of our responsibility for these crimes and how it affects us psychologically.

  15. At least this is an example of Bob coming
    somewhat clean. He can’t much sit through
    Fox’s biggest star; and obviously he
    can’t sit through The Five, etc.

    So he only watches the other side,
    playing up their (considerable)
    deficiencies and ignoring their
    merits. This carrys over to Trump
    in general, he can’t really look
    at the situation in general and
    holds in contempt those who

  16. The woods in Russia are lovely, dark, and deep. Mao Chung Ji should enjoy a refreshing hike.

  17. Triaster has, like many TV friendly feminists,
    much harder on the left than the right.
    It’s the kind of mildly subtle thing Bob
    chooses not to notice.

  18. Putin knows what right wingers fear most. Not economic anxiety, not nuclear holocaust, but those gay parades.

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