CARLSON UNBOUND: We won't be posting until this afternoon!


Possibly not on this topic: We're losing a chunk of time this morning. For that reason, we won't be posting until this afternoon, possibly not on this topic.

We want to record the very strange things Tucker Carlson was saying last week. We want to question the wisdom of ignoring such disordered remarks.

On blue tribe cable, we talk about Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Jail, and we talk about little else. Our stars prefer not to talk about Fox. On blue tribe cable, and in the upper-end press, we leave Carlson ignored and unbound.

Carlson's disordered remarks should be recorded. If we don't return to this topic today, we'll return to this topic tomorrow.


  1. The second amendment is evil.

    1. All we have to do is repeal the 2nd Amendment, or amend it in some other way... Thank god we've already repealed the 18th.


  2. Carlson's disordered statements are not news. There is no reason to talk about him. He should be ignored.

    1. On Fox and Friends this morning one of the host said Trump threatening the Judge’s family was “a bad look.” The other two idiots thought it was just fine. This sort of thing won’t go away by ignoring it. Pretending it is one guy’s fault and he’s the other side’s fault is that much worse and obviously idiotic almost beyond belief.

    2. I agree. Don Jr. posted the judge's daughter's picture on Truth Social. Trump himself has been calling this persecution. Tucker is just one part of the noise machine.

      MSNBC hosts have a great deal of other stuff to talk about. It is a waste of their time, and not their responsibility, to go after Carlson, no matter how deranged he gets.

      In other news, apparently Steve Bannon urged Robert Kennedy Jr. to run for president. I assume they are hoping to split the Democratic vote using the Kennedy name.

      Meanwhile, MTG tried to protest at Trump's arrainment:

      "Kind of a fascinating development. The reason you can’t hear Marjorie Taylor Greene, and why this whole thing is off the rails, is because a man has been handing out free whistles.

      I talked to him. Turns out he’s a Trump supporter and he had no idea MTG was even here."

    3. Thank god for Walter Masterson.

  3. Don’t forget, Tucker Carlson is MSNBC’s responsibility. It’s a very strange way to view the world, but it stands as the basis for the way supposedly normal people tell us we most view the world and our politics. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go change Mao’s Huggies.

  4. Notice that Mao is gone at the same time Somerby is gone.

  5. Clarence Thomas:

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