Another trigger for the search!


Is Mississippi for real? Below, we show you another trigger for our current search.

You won't hear about any of this on Deadline: White House. You won't hear about any of this this from Rachel or from Lawrence.

Our blue tribe tribunes don't care about this. That basic fact has been blindingly obvious for a very long time.

That said, here are some test scores for lower-income black kids on last year's Naep:

Average scores, lower-income black students
Grade 4 reading, Naep, 2022
Massachusetts: 204.05
Mississippi: 202.76
Washington state: 202.46
Florida: 202.27
Arizona: 201.19
Texas: 199.84

U.S. public schools: 193.42

In Grade 4 reading, those were the six highest-performing states among lower-income black kids on last year's Naep. 

(Within Naep data, what we call "lower-income" is derived from eligibility for the federal free or reduced-price lunch program.)

As you can see, Mississippi's lower-income black kids outscored their counterparts in every state except Massachusetts on the Grade 4 reading test. Based on a very rough but conventional rule of thumb, they outperformed their counterparts across the nation by almost one whole academic year.

Those scores are part of what the Associated Press recently referred to as "the Mississippi miracle." In that report, the AP offered some explanations for this surprising performance.

Nicole and her favorites don't care about any of this' neither do Lawrence or Rachel. The Morning Joe gang created a brief/bungled clown show about this matter when the AP report appeared.

Having said all that, we'll also say this. The question we're asking is this:

Are those surprising test scores real? Is everything really as it seems with those "heartening" data?

Tomorrow, we start the search to answer that question. MSNBC's values to the side, we blue tribe members can decide for ourselves whether such things are important.

For all Naep data, start here.


  1. Karen is innocent.

  2. If cable news quoted NAEP scores, I wouldn’t watch it. What’s next? Baseball stats?

  3. Still no evidence anything is wrong in Mississippi. News shows require evidence. Somerby, apparently not.

  4. Somerby seems to have forgotten about covid. Most schools closed in 2020. Perhaps Mississippi didn’t.

  5. The second amendment is evil.

  6. Defund the Supreme Court.

  7. “For all Naep data, start here.”

    We know what the data shows: a significant improvement in Mississippi’s test scores.

    Now what?

  8. For the sole purpose of simply slamming Bob, anonymices have minimized outright cheating (as well as a faulty process which had given credence to a Bush era education program), admitted that shutting down schools during the pandemic was devastating to kids, and argued that parents are the best arbiters of academic progress.

    It’s a beautiful thing…

    1. How do you know that’s their sole purpose?

    2. For the sole purpose of supporting bigotry, Conservative America embraced a failed real estate investor from Queens to be their leader.

    3. 11:37,

      It's an obvious thing...