Just this once, we're going to let you make us do it!

TUESDAY,  JUNE 13, 2023

The "Trump's bathroom door locks" joke: We had a somewhat dispiriting day in the ongoing realm of health care. Hence this very late post.

That said, we wanted to supply the missing punchline to the "Trump's bathroom door locks" joke.

We assume that others have already done it. But first, Steve Benen missed the chance, and then so did the Insider.

Kevin McCarthy had offered the dodge. Here's the waiting rejoinder:

Trump's Mar-a-Lago bathroom door can be locked? That means the Chinese agent can lock herself in as she takes her three thousand photos!

We assume the punchline is already out there. We wanted to be fully sure.


  1. Trump was all out of Sears Catalogues.

  2. Trust Gods, and lock the gold toliet.

  3. Not sure why anyone would consider this situation funny.

    1. Don’t you understand? Stealing top secret documents. Sharing them with foreign powers. It’s comedy gold. Who cares about the assets whose lives were placed in jeopardy, as long as a joke can be made. Yay yay yay…what a piece of shit Somerby is.

  4. I don’t know about the term punchline here, but perhaps if the wacky neighbor ends the scene with “don’t quit your day job?”

  5. Or perhaps anonymices can dispense with the faux outrage theatrics and stop being a joke.

    Get it?

    There’s more than one definition for joke and Kevin McCarthy was the illustration.

    Look it up the word, dolts.

  6. OK Bob , hopefully dispiriting from user interface standpoint and not your health.

  7. Hope you feel better Bob, from an old Winch Athletic