Tormented termagant's madness mounts!


And the band keeps refusing to play:  At 10 p.m., the nightly assurance was extended to several million viewers by the Fox News Channel's Sean Hannity.

Full disclosure! On one lone occasion, we appeared on Hannity & Colmes. Hannity now says this every night, just as he did last night:

Greg Gutfeld is standing by to put a smile on your face. Have a good night!

Just like that, the good night began! This is the way the termagant chose to put that smile on our face:

TERMAGANT (4/9/24): Happy Tuesday, everybody! 


All right, all right! Let's get started.

During a fund-raiser Saturday, Donald Trump claimed that Joe Biden soiled himself in the Oval Office.


This is factually untrue. President Biden did not soil himself in the Oval Office. 

He soiled himself in the Oval Office, the Rose Garden, the Lincoln Bedroom, the State Dining Room, the Library, the East Room, Air Force One, Air Force Two, the state car, Marine One and in front of the Pope in Rome.


All right.

As you can see y clicking this link, a visual sourced Trump's alleged statement to the Daily Mail. The Daily Mail sourced it back to an anonymous claim reported in the New York Times. 

Donald J. Trump was said to have made that statement about President Biden. Inevitably, the termagant took it and ran. 

As you can further see by clicking that link, another visual listed all the places where this imagined soiling took place.

The broken child of whom we speak is 59 years old, but this is the way the termagant plays.  At the age of 59, this is the unparalleled depth of his failure and his resentment.

There followed a doctored "audiotape" of a phone call by President Biden, accompanie by a joke no one seemed to get. By 10:02 p.m., the termagant got to this:

GUTFELD: Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough is 61 today. He's five years older than his wife, Mika, but only a year older than her face.


That was the evening's first Botox joke, aimed at its first liberal woman. He followed with his first joke about the way the women on The View are all just way too fat.

This is all this unparalleled idiot knows. He's on the air at 5 and 10 o'clock each weekday night.

By 10:03, the termagant had ended his attempt to open with some jokes. For the evening's second serious topic, he led his panel through a debate about who the dumbest panelist on The View is

Several of our youthful analysts screamed and rent their garments. There certainly are a large number of underwhelming discussions on The View. But one analyst screamed as she tore at her hair:

Panelists on the termagant's program are asking that question? she asked.

You'd think that the sheer stupidity of this "cable news" show would be its distinguishing characteristic. But nothing compares to the way this defeated post-human spreads his own soil around.

The higher-class world averts its gaze as this garbage is broadcast each night. The program is stupid beyond all belief, and its host is walking dead to the world besides.

It airs as a primetime "cable news" show! Can anyone really fail to see that this nation's experiment,  imperfect as it has been, has possibly started to fail?

We wish Greg Gutfeld could make himself better. In our view, it would be a gift to himself but also to the world.

(He wouldn't have to abandon his "beliefs." As we'll get around to showing, his basic views aren't necessarily "wrong.")

That said, his anger and resentment seem to be overwhelming. And the panelists are there on the set every night, some of them knowing no better. 

The Fox News Channel puts this garbage and this nonsense on the air every weekday night. Starting with the New York Times, Blue America's loftier orgs are all averting their gaze.

That's exactly what they did when Trump went king-of-the-birthers. "I have no complaints about Trump," Rachel said four years later.

Her drinking pal had served as Trump's caddy for those four years of garbage on Fox! We've spelled it out in detail in our archives, but this is the way the world goes.

Briefly, let's be fair: As bombastic and propagandistic as he is, Sean Hannity would never engage in such conduct himself. He's taking one for the corporate bosses when he throws to Gutfeld that way every night.


  1. Somerby says, referring to Gutfeld:

    "This is the way the termagant chose to put that smile on our face:"

    "Termagant is an insulting name for a woman who likes to nag, scold, or complain. Termagant is an old-fashioned insult for a woman. A termagant is like a shrew (another old-fashioned term). Termagants are always in a bad mood, whining and complaining, and generally making life miserable for everyone around them."

    Somerby's stubborn misuse of this gendered insult applied to Gutfeld, a male comedian, changes nothing about the meaning of the word. It does reveal Somerby as someone who is willing to use a female insult against a male performer, which doubles the sexism inherent in Somerby's word choice.

    Somerby, of course, doesn't care about this. He doesn't like women much, so this is a two-fer for him. It does reveal something important about Somerby's personality.

  2. "The broken child of whom we speak is 59 years old, but this is the way the termagant plays. At the age of 59, this is the unparalleled depth of his failure and his resentment."

    That so-called broken child is laughing all the way to the bank:

    "Greg Gutfeld is one of the highest-paid television executives in the United States. His current contract with Fox News pays him $24 million a year, plus a $5 million performance bonus." His net worth is approx $150 million.

    It is unclear why Somerby keeps mentioning his age (59). He is clearly at the top of his profession and cannot be called a failure, at what he has chosen to do. I doubt Gutfeld feels much resentment, so this may be Somerby's projection. Gutfeld is doing a job and he obviously doesn't care what he must say in order to do that job. I've long thought that Somerby is doing a job here too, as he uses any occasion to malign Biden while claiming to be liberal. It would be understandable if Somerby felt resentment against Gutfeld for being paid so much more than Somerby for the same work of selling out one's integrity.

    Notice that Somerby doesn't bother to mention that Biden has not pooped anywhere, after Somerby has taken such care to transcribe Gutfeld's Biden attack.

    Somerby repeats the anti-women jokes too, pretending that we should be outraged at Gutfeld, when it is Somerby who is making sure we get to hear every single one of them. Somerby has said enough crude things against Mika that his outrage comes across as false -- so what if she had a face-lift? It goes with her job and I'll bet Scarborough has had one too. But Somerby is trying to weaponize women's ire and direct it against Gutfeld, when he is little better himself.

    And Somerby claims that this is "evidence" of democracy failing! No, this is evidence of free speech. Suppression of Gutfeld's jokes would be totalitarianism. We can be sure we live in a free country as long as some conservative comedian is allowed to say the president poops his pants, while his political opponent tells the lie that he pooped on the oval office Resolute desk, as Trump claimed.

    Somerby is a poor defender of women, endlessly repeating the word termagant (because he knows we don't like it) and no defender of Trump at all, despite claiming to be liberal. His main accomplishment is to once again provide a transcript of Gutfeld's stupid jokes maligning Biden and the left.

    1. typo correction: "no defender of Trump at all" should be "no defender of Biden at all."

    2. Now that's a significant typo.


  3. "As bombastic and propagandistic as he is, Sean Hannity would never engage in such conduct himself."

    Hannity's is political commentary. And Gutfeld's is a comedy show, like Colbert. What's so complicated here, Bob? So, you hate Gutfeld's jokes, okay. But not everyone is as supremely cultured as you are. Some even watch Colbert, imagine that.

  4. "He's taking one for the corporate bosses when he throws to Gutfeld that way every night."

    Just like Rachel Maddow used to do.

    1. Maddow threw to Gutfeld? I don’t think so. The show following hers is Lawrence O’Donnell.

  5. When Fox had to pony up 82 million for trying to help Trump cheat Americans out of having the winner of an election he lost assume office, it was not the NYT's who adverted their gaze, it was Bob.

    1. It was more like $800 million, as I recall.

    2. And they're still facing another $2.3 Billion suit.

  6. "It airs as a primetime "cable news" show! Can anyone really fail to see that this nation's experiment, imperfect as it has been, has possibly started to fail?"

    The fallacy of conflation.

  7. I still haven't forgotten the bullish*t you said about Treyvon Martin. Never will.

    1. Martin attacked Zimmerman from behind.

    2. Anonymouse 1:57pm, get over yourself.

    3. Martin, bigger and stronger than Zimmerman, knocked him down, sat on him, and beat him.

    4. 8:55,
      So what? Is protecting yourself from bigots a crime, now? Keep in mind this happened in a "stand your ground" state.

    5. So what, you ask? So Zimmerman shot him!