USING OUR WORDS: The slender blonde who's smarter than Us!


Part 3—McEnany's wins:
We were amused, and not amused, by what we found when we googled Kayleigh McEnany again.

Who is Kayleigh McEnany? On a few occasions in the past year, we've tried to find out.

The basics are fairly simple. As explained in The New Yorker last fall, McEnany "is a twenty-eight-year-old Harvard Law School graduate who interned in the second Bush Administration and has supported Donald Trump since the primaries."

More specifically, McEnany has supported Trump on CNN, where she became a leading figure in the channel's million-member stable of "Trump explainers."

Primarily as a way to pretend that it was covering the White House campaign, CNN produced endless pundit discussions over the past two years. These cast-of-thousands pundit discussions would match reliable Trump supporters with reliable Trump detractors.

McEnany, 28, was one of the Trump supporters. We were amused, and not amused, by something we noticed yesterday when we googled her again.

Please understand. McEnany isn't just 28 and a Harvard law graduate. She's slender and blond and she comes from Tampa. In TV programming terms, she rates as conventionally attractive. This guaranteed that many liberal and mainstream halfwits would believe she was constantly being bested by CNN's stable of anti-Trump hacks.

Google provides many headlines testifying to McEnany's alleged defeats. We clicked on a headline from The Daily Beast, only to find a youngish male scribe snarking about this youngest of all "the Trumpkins:"
KIRELL (2/23/16): Similarly, cable news upstart Kayleigh McEnany has become a go-to for CNN on all things Trump. Easily the youngest of the Trumpkins, McEnany, 27, got her start as a Bush White House intern and eventually graduated to the hallowed halls of Fox News, working on Mike Huckabee’s show before seeking her own on-air career (which, at one point, included an audition for The View).

Trump’s candidacy has given the Harvard Law student an opening to appear frequently on the high-profile cable channels. Initially skeptical of the candidate (she told CNN in July that Trump ought to “tone it down” lest he become “another Todd Akin”—oh, how times change), McEnany now routinely shows up on CNN billed as a “Trump supporter.”

Really, it’s no surprise such a committed self-aggrandizer has attracted so many fans of the spotlight. If anything, he’s the king of fearless media hounds.
Hiss! Hiss-spit! Meee-ow! But that's the way our team tends to play. The truth is, we aren't hugely bright.

We decided to check the fuller text of what McEnany said that night. Below, we'll link you to the tape of what she actually said.

We decided to check because we've spent the past year watching liberal pundits lose debates to this "youngest Trumpkin." Let's fill in a bit more of her background:

McEnany hails from Tampa. As noted, she's youngish, slender and blonde. In that sense, she's cable-ready.

Did we mention the fact that she's also a recent Harvard Law School grad? Here's the slightly peculiar route she took to CNN:

Despite the fact the she's from Tampa, McEnany got her undergraduate degree from Georgetown, where she majored in foreign service. She then spent a year studying at Oxford, where she was likely recruited by Putin, a bit like the young Bill Clinton, who ran off to Moscow before her.

From Oxford, McEnany returned to Florida. She enrolled in the University of Miami Law School, where she seems to have been in the top one percent of her class.

To us, the story gets peculiarsome with her transfer to Harvard Law School. We'd never heard of law school transfers at all, let alone to Harvard Law, which is second only to the undergraduate Wharton School as the most selective institution in the history of the known world, including the whole solar system.

At any rate, McEany took that route—and ended up on CNN as one of its most frequently-used Trump explainers. She spent the past year winning debates with our team, or at least breaking even, although Google headlines suggest that we're the only ones over here in Our Tribe who were able to see this occur.

The truth is, we liberals frequently make it easy for The Others, in part because of the unimpressive ways we use our words. Tomorrow, for an example, we'll look at the ridiculous paraphrase uncorked by Nicholas Kristof today in his latest New York Times column.

Did Giuliani really say what Kristof says he said? Please. But then, our leaders are often highly unskilled when they use, or perhaps when they fail to use, their many and varied words.

Alas! When our teammates play it that way, they make it easy for a player like McEnany, who may be slender and blond but who is also extremely bright and very quick on her feet.

We pseudo-liberals! Again and again and again and again, our lack of skill at using our words is matched by our silly self-confidence. Year after year, for many decades, we've told ourselves that We Liberals are exceptionally bright, while Those People Over There are just extremely dumb.

The evidence suggest that many of Us have come to believe this twaddle! We use our words with little skill, engineering defeat as we do, and yet we manage to remain convinced that we've won every debate.

Might we cite one hypothetical example? When we casually say that Person X has "lied," we make the world extremely easy for people as bright as McEnany. Our silliest boys will then stand in line to insist that the slender thin blonde didn't win the (pointless) debate. But people as sharp as McEnany eat such boys for lunch.

Does it matter when we pleasure ourselves by dropping our various bombs? When we scatter our R-bombs around the land? When we casually but pleasingly say Person X has "lied?"

Yes, it actually matters! When we play our childish games, skillful figures like McEnany may eat us for a quick brunch.

Dumbly, without so much as knowing, we will have initiated a second discussion, a debate about how we can know that Donald J. Trump has "lied." This second discussion leads us away from whatever crazy, unhinged thing Donald J. Trump has just said.

We find ourselves in an ancillary discussion, a debate about how we know that he "lied." We'll dumbly believe that we won that debate, but no one else in TV land will see it the way We do.

We pseudos! Through our unskilled overstatements, we constantly trigger debates which we aren't likely to win. These childish errors are of course completely unforced.

If we knew how to use our words, we'd realize that you can devastate a crackpot like Trump without moving beyond the claims you can clearly defend and define. Because we aren't as smart as the people we mock, we don't understand such basic points. And, after the dust has settled, we aren't even able to see that we just got beaten about the head and ears.

By the way, what did McEnany actually say about Donald J. Trump that night? The silly child at The Beast made it sound like McEnany wasn't defending Trump at that juncture, when he stood in second place in the GOP primary race.

"Oh, how times change," our enabler said. One thing that hasn't changed in the past thirty years is the world-class haplessness of the scribes who pleasure us in such ways.

What did McEnany say that night about Candidate Donald J. Trump? Because we're liberals, the chances are good that we won't be able to discern that The Beast's account was off track.

That said, she did defend Trump that night; she did so with skill and aplomb. You can watch the tape right here. It runs just over six minutes; the link was right there at The Beast.

Nothing "changed" in McEnany's approach after that night. The Beast was just playing us, for the ten millionth time, when it served us the type of snark we love.

According to the scripts we love, McEnany just had to be fake, a shape-shifting "fan of the spotlight." In fact, she didn't shift her shape at all. McEnany, a Harvard Law grad, performed with great skill for two years.

We liberals! We reveled in bullroar of that type all through Campaign 2016. After decades of napping in the woods, we woke up to see that Trump won!

We started marching the very next day. Through decades of failures by "leadership," our trucks arrived late at the blaze.

Tomorrow: Concerning the role of The Interests and Power. Also, the power of all our words

Next week: Crafting our own defeat


  1. i thought it was a good debate. All three of them were intelligent and spoke well, and made good points.

    In the light of what happened, we now know that Trump actually did get slightly more Latino votes than Romney did (28% vs. 27%).

    1. SO? There are right wing Latinos.

    2. Many Latino immigrants are conservative in that they want to start their own businesses, and believe that the United States offers that opportunity to a much greater degree than their home country. And frankly, they are correct in that view.
      In his book, The Mystery Of Capital, Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto explains how antiquated property laws, bureaucracy, and outright corruption in Latin America have stifled entrepreneurship for decades.

    3. There is no better (and happier) citizen than the immigrant who understands how lucky he is to be here. The left works to assimilate immigrants into their defeated, hopeless Hate Racist America mode, and it's no wonder much of the country opposes bringing in more like them.

    4. gravymeister -- I am glad you mentioned DeSoto. I was impressed with his book. Some years back, my wife did volunteer work in Honduras, where she saw the problems DeSoto pointed out.

    5. David, during the Republican primary you were very much against Trump

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  2. Use your words while you still can. The unhinged progressive fascists are violently silencing freedom of speech. Ground Zero for this movement is. Wait for it. Berkeley. Progress!

    1. Rubbish from Archie Bunker.

    2. Denial from Joseph Stalin.

    3. BTW the unhinged progressive fascists used violence to shut down a Jewish LBGT immigrant with a black boyfriend.

    4. He fat shames.

    5. There is no God, and there never was.

  3. On what grounds does a Trump explainer "win" a debate? It can't be on logic or consistency because most of Trump's positions lack logic and they change from day to day. True, some of his opponents are also illogical and inconsistent on occasion, and points can be won by steering the debate in those directions. But for the most part Trump supporters just make claims with little pretense of logic, truth or consistency. They are not concerned with "winning" debates, just pushing buttons.

    1. Most of those arguments can be won with "your side is worse."

    2. skeptonomist habilisFebruary I agree with you as regards Kellyann Conway.

    3. Your analysis is mostly true except when the adversary is a sociopath or narcissist. Their goal is to win by delivering a crushing, humiliating defeat. Think Lex Luthor.

  4. It's your side who is silencing freedom of speech, or don't you pay attention?

  5. The left is outperforming the right and Donald Trump on vulgarity, coarseness and violence and that takes some doing.

  6. “We'd never heard of law school transfers at all, let alone to Harvard Law, which is second only to the undergraduate Wharton School as the most selective institution in the history of the known world, including the whole solar system.”

    I come for the parsing and the good writing. The humor is a great bonus.

  7. Tend to find this credible. Wish Bob had noticed Bill Maher letting (?) Ann Coulter and Kelleyanne eat him for lunch in the run up to the election.

  8. A lawyer, NOT a Trump supporter, attended the Berkeley demonstration with a sign espousing free speech. This is what happened:

    I didn’t engage with folks except to show my sign. Some of the folks on the periphery liked my sign and were supportive. But as I started to walk into the crowd I was uncomfortably aware that I seemed to be the ONLY sign for allowing Milo to speak and Sproul Plaza was filled with Nazi/Fascist anti-Trump and anti-Milo stuff. I got about half-way through Sproul Plaza before I was attacked. I was TOTALLY BLINDSIDED by a painful punch to the nose and I immediatedly crumpled to the ground. (A very nice co-ed essentially apologized for her group and tried to help me up. Some other students looked shocked at what had happened. I tried to get them to point me to the perpetrator but they denied their personal involvement and said he’d disappeared into the crowd.)

    1. If you don't violently stop them from spouting their propaganda they will multiply and become dangerous.

      We need to be more like the countries where you can be fined and imprisoned for sexist and racist speech. First we should target the speakers like Milo, then we can go after people like this guy who defended Milo by suggesting he had a "right" to threaten our state by preaching hate and undermining goodness. I have a brother like that I'd like to be able to turn in. Violent speech is violence, so a violent response is justified.

      Once we get a handle on these hateful bigots the world can be perfect at last.

    2. I disagree that Milo's supporter deserved to be attacked for his speech but we should all punch Nazis yelling on street corners for theirs. That we can all agree on. Maim and kill them if necessary, before they get a chance to destroy our nation. If you don't have the stomach to do it yourself, at least be a good progressive and voice support while the rest of us deal with them. Even remaining silent while applauding on the inside is OK.

  9. Bob, it is Kayleigh that is always bringing the "dumb" debate about the word "lie". It is not so much a lack of skill on our side as a lack of integrity on Kayleigh's part.

    In the clip Bob links to, Trump makes the ridiculous and wrong claim that he will get more Latino voters than anybody else. Even Kayleigh offered a scoffing laugh at that.

    Also in the clip, Kayleigh for the most part merely repeats the talking point Don Lemon hands her. The one point she tries to make on her own is easily batted down by her opponent, who quickly points to the fact that unauthorized immigrants actually have a lower crime rate than US citizens do.

    Typical to Kayleigh's appearances on CNN, she offers low integrity arguments like "Trump didn't say ALL Mexicans are rapists". Kayleigh's tack is to find technical ways to excuse Trump's deplorable behavior. Bob thinks this is smart, I think it is weak and immoral. Trump barely won (basically through voter suppression in three states) and lost the popular vote by the largest margin. Trump also is the least popular president in history at this point in his term.

  10. "she's youngish, slender and blonde."

    Bob's old, banal, and male.

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  12. I find it hard to believe you watch this Kayleigh apologist on a regular basis. She is one of the worst of the worst when it comes to committing non sequiturs in conservative media. She went to Haaaavard Law but you would never have guessed by the way she performs on CNN.

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