Liberal self-destruction watch: RNC wet-dream edition!


It isn’t that he’s wrong: A few months ago, Digby added David Atkins to the roster at Hullabaloo. It turns out that Atkins is thirty years old.

He’s also an RNC wet dream.

It isn’t that a person is “wrong” if he loathes the American people. We wouldn’t say that Atkins is “wrong” in the attitudes he displayed in yesterday’s fiery post.

It can’t be said that you are “wrong” for loathing people who are religious. For loathing supporters of capital punishment, a very strong predominant view among American voters. (We opposed to capital punishment oursleves. But to peruse some polls on this topic, just click here.)

It can’t be said that Atkins is “wrong.” But if a person has certain attitudes towards his fellow citizens, he won’t likely be real good at politics. Politics is largely about persuading other people—the voters. It’s hard to get people to see things your way if they know you loathe them.

“I never met a man I didn’t loathe.” Will Rogers didn’t say that!

For decades, the RNC has tried to claim that liberals really think this way. Until Atkins offered this post, no one ever believed them.

Noble Nestor watch: Listening to the fiery Atkins, who wouldn’t recall the sound advice Nestor gave to the headstrong Diomedes? We think Professor Fagles has it just about right as he renders the words of the seasoned charioteer.

For a quick refresher course, see THE DAILY HOWLER, 6/2/00.


  1. The worst part is Atkins is supposed to be some kind of expert in marketing.

  2. He's Digby Junior. Sneering, smug, arrogant. It's why fewer and fewer people even read Digby anymore.

  3. What's wrong with pointing out the hypocrisy in a purportedly religious country also having ridiculously high rates of executions and income inequality? Doesn't prove any causation, but is certainly an interestingly little tidbit. Who wouldn't bet that those audience members cheering for Texas's execution rate would also consider themselves real Christians? I think this is an important point to be made about the bogus "pro-life" stance of the Republican party; just last night Rick Perry said he would "always err on the side of life", only one debate after bragging about executing people...

  4. "It's why fewer and fewer people even read Digby anymore."

    Have you bothered to check out how few people read Somerby these days? The only time he gets decent traffic is when one of the wingnut blogs links to him for being a useful tool.

  5. Digby's and their censorship coincide with many of the other A listers censoring their comments for on party message.

    It is why many of us at OWS gatherings across the nation do not support or endorse a political party.

    These traitorous propagandist are trying to lay claim to the movement.

  6. Digby's is obviously another astroturfing blog.

    BuzzFlash which was so proactive while a Republican was staging illegal wars has now shut down their comment section now that a Democrat is running illegal wars.

    The people in charge want the American people broke up into small easily dealt with packages. Gay or straight. Democrat or Republican. Liberal or Conservative. Religious or not. And they love it when we accept these labels onto ourselves.

    Stop being labeled. Point out the astroturfers for the traitors that they are. David Atkins and Digby's Hullabaloo are nothing more the astroturfers. They trade linkage with other astroturfers in efforts to control the medium of the internet in much the same way the corporatist have controlled the television.

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