We don’t believe Drum is this clueless!


It seems the tea party is us: Rachel Maddow gave us rubes a very large tribal thrill last night. She let us know why four Republicans didn’t attend Obama’s years-too-late address to the Congress last Thursday night.

The grotesque darling seemed fairly sure that the answer involves “the south:”
MADDOW (9/12/11): The Republican congressman from the South who screamed at President Obama, "You lie!" in the president's address in the joint session of Congress two years ago, that congressman, Joe Wilson, did show up for President Obama's speech when it finally happened on Thursday.

But at least four other Republican members of Congress from the South said before President Obama's speech that they would not bother to show up. They would not be there. They didn’t have the time—because there’s apparently something about this president that erases the need for whatever deference congressional Republicans might otherwise feel toward the office that President Obama holds. I would love to hear them explain exactly what that is.
Pure pleasure! Everyone knew what the darling was saying. It pleased our low-IQ souls.

Is Rachel Maddow really that dumb? This was part of a long, pleasing rant about the way the GOP wouldn’t let Obama give his address on Wednesday night. In real time, Lawrence O’Donnell had helped explain the politics of Obama’s request in a more reality-based manner (see post below). But Rachel was dispensing pure pleasure last night—and she really may be that dumb.

That said, we don’t think Kevin Drum is this dumb. Sorry—we just don’t believe that.

We’ve linked you to a post about the latest survey of “racial resentment” among tea party supporters. We’re going to wait a day or two to comment further on this new survey. But we don’t believe that Kevin is as dumb as he appears in that post.

To us, that just doesn’t compute.

Meanwhile, we suggest you read Drum’s post and its many comments. We found those comments very depressing. Here’s a recent capsule history of the liberal world:

In the 1990s, the liberal world was asleep in the woods. The nation’s professors were napping as well. As conservative power hardened in Washington, the mainstream press corps staged remarkable jihads against both Clintons, then against Candidate Gore.

Brilliant professors like Alan Abramowitz happily diddled themselves as they napped. (Has any group failed you more thoroughly?) Later, Abramowitz published one of the dumbest analyses we’ve ever seen—a ludicrous analysis of the press coverage of Campaign 2000. See THE DAILY HOWLER, 11/4/08.

Plainly, Abramowitz was asleep in the woods during Campaign 2000. In his case, the woods were on Neptune.

Yesterday, Kevin couldn’t run fast enough to affirm this brilliant professor’s analysis of the most important aspect of the American psyche.

We liberals slept in the woods all through the 1990s. After Iraq, we began to rouse. In recent years, an unfortunate fact has become increasingly clear. Basically, we liberals are highly tribal and dumb as rocks, not unlike the conservatives who managed to get themselves conned by Rush and Sean all those years.

Let’s put that another way: The tea party is us!

These are very depressing facts. Our nation is in big trouble.

Meanwhile: Why didn’t Obama get to speak? See the post directly below.


  1. Well, Kevin DID fall for that ridiculous-on-its-face "infographic" about hospital deaths last week ...

  2. If assorted dem shills and apologists didn't talk about "the racism" or the terror inspired by the GOP field, they might have to, guffaw, talk about their accomlishments.