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Click that for our latest discussion: Time does fly when you’re having big fun! Our third non-annual fund-raising drive is already half over!

We want to leave history for the future. Meanwhile, company men from the Washington Post Group are working hard to deceive.

For our latest pitch on the matter, click this. You’ll see one scribe starting to tell the truth—and one scribe working extremely hard to maintain long-standing deceptions. John Kerry for the wrong kind of cheese! And Al Gore shouted too loud!

At long last, do they have no shame? A bit of obvious background:

The so-called “press corps” is more like a guild. They don’t want the public to understand their values and practices—the things they actually do, the crap they've been peddling for decades

We’d like to leave future people the truth. They want to extend the deception.

If you’re feeling suggestible at this time, you can always just click this.

If not:

Read about Melinda Henneberger’s feint at the truth, as contrasted with Jacob Weisberg’s dogged defense of corporate deception. Yesterday, we noted that contrast.

To ponder that contrast, click here.

Update—the enemy of the good: In the course of correcting a minor typo, our technicians have knocked out our "Donations" page!

We're told it can be fixed Monday morning. That's how we roll around here.

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  1. I know you aren't rolling in the dough, and I hope to contribute to this site.

    But if you would consider compiling your chapters into a book and publishing it as an e-book (and a print book as well, either via print on demand or with a major publisher), you might have a little more dough trickling in.

    Just remember to keep in all the sexy bits. That always sells, you know.