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We hope you’ll help history proceed: It would be hard to overstate how broken our news culture actually is.

We’d say the culture is so broken that its problems can be hard to spot.

Example: When people aren’t told about certain events, they may not know that they aren’t being told. And a long code of silence has been observed concerning leading aspects of the Clinton-Gore years.

When Bill Clinton entered the White House, conservative power was gaining strength all through elite establishment Washington. Presumably, this helps explain the pseudo-scandals which dominated the Clinton era—and the failure of the mainstream press corps to challenge these pseudo-scandals.

Fools for Scandal came and went; the pseudo-scandals simply dragged on. The elite establishment press didn’t emerge from this fugue until they began to break with Bush about Iraq from July 2003 on.

In March 1999, the era of Clinton pseudo-scandals made way for the war against Gore. Two weeks ago, Melinda Henneberger made a first halting attempt to say that something strange occurred in the way the press covered Candidate Gore (see THE DAILY HOWLER, 2/2/12). This was a serious break with tradition. The code of silence surrounding this history-changing episode has been extremely strong.

With few exceptions, your liberal heroes were involved in this madness. For that reason, the silence is strong.

Information travels very slowly within such a broken culture. We hope you’ll read Chapter 6 at How He Got There, with apologies for the fact that it’s long. The press corps’ misconduct went on and on during that twenty-month White House campaign. Due to the size of the misconduct, the silence has been very strong.

The story is simply astounding. For that reason, no one wants to discuss it. We hope you’ll contribute to our ongoing effort! To do so, just click here.

This is how George Bush got to the White House. We think the story should be recorded. We know the silence is strong.

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