Star Search: Who the Sam Hill is Luke Russert?

THURSDAY, MAY 24, 2012

Kid Pareene gets his man: Good lord.

If it’s amusement you sometimes enjoy, we strongly recommend Kid Pareene’s profile of Luke Russert. Just be sure to click on the links to Russert's "attempted solemnity."


  1. OK, I'll admit it is an entirely open question to ask whether Luke is where he is because he is the son of Tim Russert.

    But it sort of leads to another question: How much would Bob Somerby care if he wasn't the son of the vile Tim Russert, who, of course, he doesn't have around to kick any more -- at least not directly, so he takes a surrogate swing at his son.

  2. Who in the Sam Hill is Bob Somerby?

    As for Luke...who cares? Though I suspect the young man must've said something, in passing, perhaps soto vocce, unkind about Al Gore.

    1. Translation: I know who they *both* are. And I hate Bob Somerby.