Tom Brokaw’s peculiar tribute to Bush!

MONDAY, MAY 7, 2012

He too can’t recite an old saw: Yesterday’s roundtable segment on Meet the Press was just stupendously bad. In particular, alleged economist Diane Swonk seemed to be auditioning for a sequel to Being There.

More on this general disaster tomorrow. For today, let’s tip our cap to Tom Brokaw, who composed a peculiar tribute to former President Bush.

Brokaw had a book to sell—and a bromide in his heart. Did you ever think you’d see somebody else massacre this old saw?
BROKAW (5/6/12): You know, I've been all over the country in the last three weeks. And with all due respect to the president, there's a real wariness out there. They've gone from having pneumonia now to having a kind of strong virus when they look at the economy. And you could use that old phrase, you know, "Fool me once, that's your fault. Fool me twice, it's my fault."
Mangle it twice and the analysts cry! And that’s what occurred as Brokaw mangled the famous old, twice-abused saw.

To watch Brokaw’s effort, just click here. The mangle occurs about five minutes in.

Careful, though! You might spot Swonk!

More on this segment tomorrow.


  1. That's pretty weak criticism, Bob.

  2. At least Brokaw finished his comment.
    He didn't have a flashback into 'The Who'.

  3. Granted Brokaw missed the proper pithy "shame on you...shame on me" wording. However, his clumsy paraphrase did capture the essential meaning of the aphorism.

  4. Yesterday’s roundtable segment on Meet the Press was just stupendously bad.

    It would be newsworthy if ever one wasn't.

  5. This is off the thread.
    I have been on the road for three days.
    During that time, a reporter for WTHI TV, named Bob Segall, has claimed that IRS has refunded $4.2 Bilion to illegal immigrants.
    Some of the posters on this blog boast of their vast ability to research the web (and I am one of them).
    So, has anyone come up with anything that supports or refutes this report.