Our politics is about nothing at all!

TUESDAY, JULY 24, 2012

The Post reports no gaffes: Last Saturday night, a debate took place in Virginia.

It was a fairly major debate, involving two Senate hopefuls. As you may know, this is one the biggest Senate races in the nation.

On Sunday morning, the Washington Post reported this great debate. It was the featured report at the top of page one of the Metro section.

Tim Kaine and George Allen are big major players. These were the headlines in the hard-copy Washington Post:
Allen, Kaine spar in debate
Race for Va. Senate seat extremely tight
What was the first thing you learned in those headlines? Neither guy made any gaffes!

In a triple headline, you learned about gaffes—after which, you learned about polls. Our politics is about nothing at all!

At long last, the Post has confirmed this.

For the full news report: For the full news report, click here. We’ve recorded the headlines which appeared in Sunday’s hard-copy Post.


  1. Is WaPo's headline is self-referential? Recall that they caused George Allen to lose his last race by making the word "macaca" the central aspect of that campaign. Today's headline may have been ruing the fact that this debate didn't produce a comparable gaffe that they could use against Allen.

  2. Existential question-- If there is a debate with no gaffes, does the event exist?

  3. In my youth I dreamed of becoming a journalist. The lessons in journalism, I received, caused me to believe that journalists were the truth tellers, the realists, the street wise or worldly and highly skeptical analytical observers for the people. Since humans are generally subjective in nature the battle against bias was objectified with a proscribed structure that artificially distanced the reporter from the subject. The structure included where in an article of a number of column inches expected information would be imparted. A reader could choose to read the first, second and last paragraph of an article and know the pertinent facts. If background or perspective needed to be understood then a reader could read the remaining paragraphs.

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