Strongly recommended again!

TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012

Francine Prose on Anne Frank: We got very lucky last Sunday night.

Around 2 AM, C-Span re-aired the hour-long book event in which Francine Prose discusses Anne Frank. We were lucky enough to spot it—on C-Span 3, no less!

Prose discusses her book, “Anne Frank: The Book, the Life, the Afterlife,” which appeared in 2009.

We recommended Prose’s book when it appeared. In the book, Prose considers Anne Frank’s famous diary as a work of literature. She unashamedly describes the diary’s 15-year-old author as a budding literary genius.

What did Frank do in the last few months before her arrest? This part of Anne Frank's story should be more widely known. Beyond that, Prose’s discussion of the way we came to have Frank’s book is truly astonishing. When the Franks and their colleagues were arrested, why wasn’t the book simply thrown away?

The story Prose tells is simply astounding. It reads like a perfectly-crafted fable or Old Testament morality tale. The story is such a perfect metaphor that it’s hard to believe it’s real.

But, rather plainly, it is.

Prose’s hour-long book event can still be viewed on-line through C-Span. We strongly recommend this discussion, especially after a slightly jumbled start. (The story Prose tells has many parts thanks to her diligent research.)

To watch the event, just click here. We were transfixed for the second time when we watched Sunday night.

Prose’s book is a great achievement, a labor from which many people can gain. Her book is still available too.

We strongly recommend it.


  1. I'm not surprised it didn't appear on C-SPAN 2. Cato and AEI probably had some crackpot screeds they wanted to peddle. Or maybe there was a three-hour call-in for author/motorist/avid swimmer Rodney King.

    The quality of BookTV has degenerated palpably in recent memory, probably since Brian Lamb went tip-toeing through the tulips hand-in-hand with Jim Lehrer to whatever Valhalla they've set aside for old-school boring-but-responsible journalists.

    Ah, Francine Prose. Proof you don't have to be Jessica Simpson to be hotsy-totsy.

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