As if last night’s debacle wasn’t enough!


This too, on the Times front page: As if last night’s debate wasn’t enough, consider the piece which appeared on the front page of today’s New York Times—above the fold, no less!

In our hard-copy Washington Edition, this ridiculous news report appeared in that high-profile spot. It bore this headline:
‘07 Talk by Obama Resurfaces,
Renewing Questions on Race
That’s right! Above the fold, high up on page one, the Times explored that five-year-old speech in which Obama touched on some racial issues.

In the National Edition and the New York Edition, debate coverage crowded page one. As a result, this silly report got bumped to page A23.

But good God! In the Washington Edition, it appeared above the fold! On page A1! That’s the paper’s front page!

Basically, the report is a warm tongue bath to Tucker Carlson. Please understand the uselessness of the breakthrough information this report explores:

By now, as you may have heard, Obama has been president for almost four years. If he had extremely weird ideas about race, we’d probably know that by now.

But so what! In a tongue bath to the pseudo-conservative world, the Times explores a pointless old speech, focusing on the excitement this topic has caused all through the conservative world.

This is a bad report on A23. But when we picked up our paper today, it was high up on page 1.

There’s always something of interest in the Times. Sometimes, the most interesting item achieves that rank because it’s so god-awful bad.


  1. Damn. Those liberals at the New York Times are at in again.

  2. But they're still slow rolling this story.

  3. You must get a different NYTimes hard copy. In mine (Reston) the story was buried on A19, with 2 stories covering the debate in the right column and center above the fold.