The liberal world’s darling child speaks: How does the idiocracy thrive?

Guild members let it persist. They kiss the asses of major colleagues, insuring that their own keisters will get kissed in return.

They defer to powerful players like Dowd. Criticism of such major powers simply isn’t allowed.

Consider what the liberal world’s darling child said Wednesday night. The analysts retched and ran for the door when they saw her say it:
MADDOW (11/28/12): Earlier this afternoon, the great and good Andrea Mitchell did some digging on this. She asked Senator Kelly Ayotte directly about this strange set of circumstances.
“The great and good Andrea Mitchell?” Has anyone ever kissed major press ass the way this horrid child does?

Is Andrea Mitchell great and good? We have no idea. But she has done some very poor work concerning the jihad against Susan Rice—until her name pops up on Maddow’s show, in which case her ass gets kissed.

In recent days, you may think that you’ve seen Maddow defending Rice. But you will never see this inveterate hustler criticize Schieffer or Dowd. She’ll criticize Collins and McCain, inventing tapestries as she does.

But she will never criticize major mainstream press figures. Among this horrid group of hustlers, it's simply never done.

Maddow colors inside the lines, getting rich as she does. Unfortunately, we liberals swallow her comfort food the way drowning swimmers gulp air.

Rachel welcomes her hero: Some of the analysts are still having nightmares from the first time Gwen Ifill appeared as a guest on the Maddow show.

Needless to say, Ifill had a book to sell. Rachel had keister to kiss.

Sometimes the analysts wake in the night, screaming and clawing for air:
MADDOW (1/28/09): We are very fortunate to have joining us on the show tonight, ace broadcaster, one of my heroes, Gwen Ifill. She’ll be here to discuss whether sometimes, friendliness in Washington doesn’t equal effectiveness in Washington.


MADDOW: Joining me now for a much more balanced take on the politics of the new president is Gwen Ifill who is host and managing editor of PBS' Washington Week and a senior correspondent with the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. Her book, The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama, is available now.

Gwen Ifill, thank you so much for coming on the show tonight. It’s a real honor to have you.

IFILL Hey Rachel girl, what do you really think?

MADDOW: Oh, you know, secretly, I’m a deep conservative. I just do this for the money.
Somehow, we almost believed that last joking comment by Maddow.

Ifill isn't one of our heroes, based on the way she rolled over and died when she interviewed Condi Rice, her home-cooking friend. See THE DAILY HOWLER, 8/1/03. For the personal background to the roll-over, see THE DAILY HOWLER, 8/11/03 (scroll down to MINUTE RICE).

Rachel forgot to ask Ifill about that. We’ll guess she understood Ifill's conduct, based on the way she pulled her own punches when she interviewed Colin Powell.

Darlings, among the upper-class set, hard questions mustn’t be asked!

Back to the future: You will never, ever see Maureen Dowd criticized on Maddow’s program. Dowd slimed Rice real hard this week, in a completely moronic way. But Maddow didn’t notice that—and she never will.

She’ll hand you your piddle about Sheriff Joe. You’ll see Scott Brown get batted around. She’ll even go after McCain at this point.

But you will never see a major mainstream journalist criticized on Maddow’s program. Republicans get criticized here. Highly influential journalists get a lifetime pass.

This is the way the idiocracy thrives. This helps explain how the Dowdism crept into every part of our lives.


  1. Every time I see the name Gwen Ifill it reminds me of about the only thing Don Imus ever got right.

  2. As one of the comment sections "fair play for Maddow" gang, I have to say, She deserves everything She gets here.

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