This just in from Bedlam!


Current topics of highest importance at the Daily Beast: As of 3 PM in the east, these are the top-shelf topics featured at the Daily Beast:
Topic 1: The Mystery Woman: A new name has been dragged into the Petraeus mess...
Topic 2: Did Broadwell leak secrets?
Topic 3: Mistressville, U.S.A.: Small world! Paula Broadwell, Gen. David Petraeus’s “other woman,” lives just a few blocks away from Rielle Hunter…
Topic 4: The Adventure Junkie Husband: Meet Scott Broadwell, the husband of Paula Broadwell...
Topic 5: When Mistress Meets Wife: See “the other woman” and the wife pose in the same photo...
What is Topic 6, you ask? What else? “Hillary in 2016!”

Howard Kurtz is all over this breaking story! Treat yourselves: Just click here!

Gaze on the soul of the Beast! Now that the election is over, we're getting down to the nation’s business!

Can a modern nation do business this way? In three debates, no one asked Obama what he intends to do about the cliff.

Now, with the cliff approaching, we're encouraged to run after this!


  1. Why are you calling it a cliff? It's not a cliff!

  2. Who "we"? I understood that the Daily Beast is in trouble -- nobody cares about it. Those headlines smack of desperation. (Contrast the widely read HuffPo, which has given little attention to this story. More surprising: LGM's interest in it.)

    And right -- it's not a cliff. Not even a slippery slope.

  3. I don't know, Bob. There are different sites that tell you what the top search terms are, and the Petraeus thing is near the top of all of them. A lot of people are titillated by this kind of thing, and someone is going to give it to them.

  4. So I scroll down the Daily Howler and what do I see? Gen. Petraeus and Hillary Clinton.

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