Kid Pareene and the Michelle Rhee watch!


What will Frontline give us: At Salon, Alex “Kid” Pareene thinks history may happen tonight.

He think tonight’s Frontline may take Michelle Rhee down a peg. For Pareene’s reasoning, click here.

Everything is possible! We will only note this:

At the Frontline site, Jason Breslow previews tonight's show with pitch-perfect Standard Rhee Bullshit. The bee flies into the second grade room! Teacher grabs it and eats it!

What will happen tonight? We’ll note one irony:

In the interview to which Parenee links, Frontline's John Merrow says this about Rhee:
MERROW: She’s an absolutely fascinating person. She’s charismatic, smart and hardworking. She said to me early on, “I’m going to wear you out.” And she did. I think even if I had been her age she would have worn me out. She wore us out in another way when she became so elusive and didn’t want to answer any questions, particularly about the test-scores scandal.
Rhee “didn’t want to answer any questions about the test score scandal?” Merrow, please! Which test score scandal? The test score scandal when she was a teacher? Or the one when she ran DC's schools?

Rhee is one of the modern world’s greatest dissemblers. But so what? The discourse has always been fixed to enable her power-backed jive.

What is going to happen tonight? Did we mention the way the discourse has always been fixed to enable Rhee’s jive?

For the record: John Merrow has done lots of good work about public schools. We'll see what happens tonight.


  1. We'll never know, one way or the other.

  2. "We have no real idea. We’re fairly sure we’ve never read it."

    [end post there]