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Dowd and Nocera, sublime: Luckily, no serious issues confront or challenge your failing nation.

This freed Maureen Dowd for her latest yawner. Also, Joe Nocera.

On Sunday, Dowd considered Hillary Clinton’s chances for a White House race—a White House race which will occur three years in the future. This morning, she was hard at work thinking about Annette Funicello’s life.

As far as we know, Funicello was a thoroughly decent person. We’re just glad there are no problems in (upper-class) paradise to distract Dowd’s empty mind.

We had a similar reaction to Nocera’s latest column. Could someone possibly tell this man that he isn’t on the sports page?

This country is sinking into the sea. Nocera opines about one thing—the state of college sports.

Yes, there are problems in college sports. We’re just glad there are none anywhere else to lure Joe from this task.


  1. This text is priceless. Where can I find out

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  2. Anon 6:55:

    You hit it out of the park with your astute take on Bob's post (or text, as you put it)

  3. Please, Nocera has been writing regularly on gun control.

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  5. How many letters to the editor has Somerby actually written?

  6. I think Nocera's general point (or one of them) is, big time sports is corrupting the Univ system. Given the importance of the Univ to our society, it is logical to assume that this alleged corruption has, or will have, an impact upon our society. This is a supposition, of course, on my part, but it does not seem like a huge leap.

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