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MONDAY, APRIL 29, 2013

Our fund-raising drive continues: If you don’t mind our saying so, year after year we just keep getting it right.

In the last few weeks, the world has heard about the two latest Harvard professors. We have been telling you, year after year: The professors are constantly failing.

Yesterday morning, the front-page piece in the New York Times Sunday Review cited a few upbeat facts about the nation’s test scores. (Other basic facts were withheld.)

We have been telling you, year after year, about the way our “educational experts” and education reporters refuse to convey such facts.

This week, we’re going to blow our own horn just a bit. We’re going to remind you of the various ways we’ve been right down through the years.

But remember: In our upside-down intellectual culture, you will be punished for getting things right. The only sure route to success involves being conventionally wrong.

We were right about the press corps’ conduct during the Clinton-Gore years. We have been right since the dawn of time about various educational issues.

(More on our decades of public school brilliance tomorrow! We started warning about cheating on standardized tests in 1972. The nation's liberal and mainstream journalists started to notice last year.)

We’re even right (in general) about MSNBC, although our lizard brains keep telling us that the channel’s broadcasters are On Our Side. Which in some ways they are, of course! We’re telling you they should be on your side better.

Go ahead! Read the two posts we’ve offered this morning. The professors have broken down again, with many questions unasked and unanswered. And it’s still against the law to tell the full truth about test scores.

We have been right about these points, which means that we have seemed to be wrong. If you want to support a site which tends to be right, you know what to do:

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  1. Is there any sort of "suggested amount"? I keep thinking I should contribute but not wanting to seem like a cheapskate.

    1. I suggest that you send me $25. In return I will tell you the following:

      1. Test scores in our public schools are rising dramatically, even compared to Finland, but you're a worthless tribal bastard for not knowing that and anyway you've given up on black kids a long time ago.

      2. Except for some random paragraphs in Paul Krugman's columns, everything in The New York Times is tripe.

      3. Did I remember to call you a worthless tribal bastard?

      4. Rachel Maddow is The.Worst.Rhodes.Scholar.Ever. Ever.

      5. Everybody you admire now, have ever admired, or will ever admire unfairly attacked Al Gore in his 2000 bid for the Presidency.

      6. Journalists simply will not call each other worthless tribal bastards. I don't know why. Didn't you find it cathartic when I called you a worthless tribal bastard.

      7. You did remember that I called you that, right.

      A bargain at twice the price.

    2. 8. And I will provide evidence, so that you are forced to choose between thinking vs accepting your status as a (tribal) rube no better or worse than the most gullible Fox viewer.