An excellent journey to Dreamland!

MONDAY, JUNE 17, 2013

Keeping the world alive: On Saturday, a young relative was experiencing her final day as a 6-year-old.

She wanted to play us a favorite new song. Luckily, her selection came from the album, Acoustic Dreamland, “an exquisite selection of classic and contemporary acoustic songs for bedtime and relaxation.”

In fact, her selection was the album’s opening song, Dreamland. It was written by Mary Chapin Carpenter, sung quite beautifully by Lucy Kaplansky.

You can hear one minute here. Instantly, we were glad that Carpenter wrote this song, although we did have one question:
Sun goes down and says goodnight
Pull your covers up real tight.
By your bed we’ll leave a light
To guide you off to dreamland.

Your pillow’s soft, your bed is warm
Your eyes are tired when day is done.
One more kiss and you’ll be gone
On your way to dreamland.
Our question: Especially at this time of year, do we have to wait till the sun goes down? Whatever the ruling on that one may be, the song proceeds to pose an extremely good question:
Every sleepy boy and girl
In every bed around the world
Can hear the stars up in the sky
Whispering a lullaby.

Who knows where you’ll fly away
Winging past the light of day?

The man in the moon and the Milky Way
Welcome you to dreamland.
Who knows where you’ll fly away? We think that’s a very good question.

Ironical, ain’t it? It occurred to us that, when the sense of mystery goes out of life, so does the desire for truth.

Our young scholar thought this was a very good song. We had the same reaction!


  1. when the sense of mystery goes out of life, so does the desire for truth

    It's much more psychologically gratifying to presume one is privy to the truth and dispense of any notion of mystery. It makes one feel smarter and in control, and it's also a death of sorts.

  2. Also, Al Gore has made me proud by speaking out against government spying on Americans. Other Democratic leaders seem to think the matter just fine as long as there is a Democratic President if this President is actually a Democrat.

    1. The herd mentality among some Democrats and their leaders is beyond belief. But attributable to a mix of astonishing ignorance of history and tribal idiocy.

  3. "I'll fly away, oh glory. I'll fly away."

  4. Six, seven years old. A wonderful age. Glad, Bob, that you had the pleasure of it this weekend. (We all need more children in our lives.)

  5. Quite wonderful. Too bad so many politicians and media people are instead caught amid Cheap Trick's "Dream Police."