Who is the horrible Prachi Gupta?


Bearing a family resemblance to an earlier unpleasant group: Prachi Gupta graduated from college (Pitt) in 2009.

For two years, she worked for Deloitte Consulting. After a year as a freelance writer, she hired on at Salon last August as an “entertainment news blogger.”

Along the way, she seems to have given birth to the world, judging from the high self-regard at several spots over which she holds sway.

Today, this surprisingly worthless young person spends her time degrading the world, typing up manifest bullshit like the excerpt offered below. In other forums, she and her set throw their R-bombs around as other degraded folk once enjoyed their use of the N-word.

Can this work well for progressive interests? This is the snark-ridden Prachi Gupta pretending to tell you the truth:
GUPTA (6/26/13): When Lauer pushed Deen to talk about her use of the N-word, Deen maintained she used it only “once,” 30 years ago. “The day I used that word was a world ago,” she said.

“So reports that you were asked in that deposition, whether you had used the N-Word on other occasions and said ‘probably’ or ‘of course,’ are inaccurate?” asked Lauer.

However, Deen then said, “No. I answered the question truthfully.”

You’re right! As written, that passage doesn’t exactly make sense. But that is Gupta, pretending to report on this morning’s Today show.

Please note:

Deen’s deposition is a matter of public record. Presumably, Gupta knows how to find it on-line.

Having done so, she could report what Deen actually said about the topic with which Lauer fumbled a bit in that Q-and-A.

Gupta could have reported the facts, which Lauer should have known and understood. Instead, she handed you that scripted bullshit, which follows the company line in its insinuations, to the extent that it even seems to make sense.

At one of this empty young person’s creations, you can see her and her guild tossing their R-bombs all about. Other empty, fallen people used to toy with the N-word this way. Gupta seems to be good with a bomb, a bit less skilled at laying out facts.

Can this work well for progressive interests? Hash tag extremely unlikely.


  1. The answer, sadly, is maybe. But, on balance, it doesn't make me want to visit the White House 157 times to straighten things out.

  2. This will not work for progressives in the long run. It reinforces the perception that liberals are snotty elitists who don't sympathize with or understand middle class business owners, many of whom worked very hard to achieve success, have grown over time to overcome their limited educations, and who can't trust their 'moral betters' to understand their lives.

  3. I am really sad about the destruction of Deen, and frightened about how easily a person can be so freely slandered.

  4. How did Deen get caught in such a tangle? I read, but do not understand. There is an explosion of press hatred of Deen, for no reason that I can understand.

  5. The Hindus are now very liberally plastered across the whole spectrum of the media in the US and Britain. Not bad at all considering their numbers in the populations of these two countries. In fact, very good indeed.
    But take a trip to India. Do the minority Muslims and Christians get any look in in the media in THAT country?. Huh! Fat chance!

  6. yes who is this useless being taking up breathing space on our planet, clearly an unhappy childhood. envy, jealousy and just being like one of the kardashians.... very sad, she should move back to india,

  7. Yes who is this Prachi Gupta, what a horrible woman on par with the hatred of O'Reilly. I just read an article she wrote on Leonardo di Caprio, what has he done to her that she writes such a horrible article on him. Karma will get back to her, she will get a taste of her own medicine

  8. Stop spitting your jealousy of her online success. You aren't reporting facts either... Just pissy little rude comments about a reporter. If yoso offended by that style of reporting then learn to report facts yourself...

  9. I do not like Prachi Gupta's writings. She either recycles something someone else wrote, or compiles her own opinions in a shock piece to increase readers. She adds nothing to content and would probably not have a job if she was not an Indian woman. I say this based on her writing ability. If she had any love for the craft, she would either get better or quit. Writers like her (and thousands of others) are debasing how we get information. I fear for the coming generations that get their news from the internet.

  10. Dis bitch Gupta don't speak for da black man ya hear.. She enforce idea of abortion to poor black neighborhood. We should kill her baby too birch nah