Supplemental: Here’s that “very interesting argument!”


Mika interviews Trump:
We promise you! We won’t transcribe Morning Joe every single day.

That said, we thought we’d follow up on yesterday’s post, where Mika was gushing about the insights of brilliant Candidate Trump.

Trump had been challenged in a public forum on the topic of equal pay for women. He had given an utterly pointless answer, mainly praising himself.

Yesterday morning, Mika swore there was more, so much more, to the candidate’s thinking on this topic. As we noted yesterday, Willie Haskell-Geist cued her up—and this is what she said:
HASKELL-GEIST (10/13/15): There was no policy in that answer to that woman about equal pay, that’s true. But we can’t suddenly be shocked that those are the answers he’s giving. This is how he’s been campaigning—

BRZEZINSKI: But there’s a very interesting argument—and I’ve actually had a conversation with him privately about equal pay for equal work. And there’s a very interesting argument behind that.
Mika swore there was more, much more, to Donald’s insights in this area. And sure enough! She got the chance to prove her point on this morning’s show!

As predicted, the first Democratic debate took place last night. Needless to say, Trump was hurried onto today's Morning Joe to offer his endless reactions.

Joe let Mika ask a question. She asked Trump for his policy views on equal pay. To watch the tape, click here:
BRZEZINSKI (10/14/15): So we want to ask about your campaign. I know Joe is interested in the polls and Ben Carson, but I would like to ask you a question about a certain, uh, woman who asked you questions—

I believe she was a Jeb Bush volunteer. Whatever!

She asked you about equal pay. And you said you would pay equal pay for equal work, and I know you probably do. But how do you make that happen in this country? Because we do have a problem with women making a lot less than men often—less for the same job.
“I believe she was a Jeb Bush volunteer?” Helpfully, Mika teed that young woman up for Trump to knock out of the park. Trump proceeded to his favorite new “shtick,” in which he alleges that the young woman was a plant from the Bush campaign.

There is no evidence of that, of course. But Mika knew he’d want to say it, and so she teed it up.

(Obviously, Mika knew that the young woman was a Bush volunteer. Her uncertainty was a fairly obvious pose.)

Trump rattled his latest script about the “angry” young woman who had been a plant for Bush. He also praised the answers he had given the “plant.”

Then the fun occurred.

For unknown reasons, Mika still seemed to think that her brilliant pal had wonderful thoughts to share about equal pay. So she threw him a follow-up question.

Below, you see what Trump said:
BRZEZINSKI: But Donald, let me—so for, for this issue is something I study. I understand that your answer might have been well received in the room

And I didn’t necessarily have a huge problem with your answer. I just want to know how you would make sure that’s happening. Because I understand equal work for equal pay, but this country—

TRUMP: Well, you know the marketplace is going to make sure of it. Because I see it more and more, women are being hired, and in fact in many cases being hired for more money than men based on their competence. And that’s what I said! I mean, I think I said it very clearly. If they do the job—

I have women that make more money than men executives. I have numerous women, many men—many men are unhappy because women in a similar position are making more than they are and they work for me. And they come to me and they complain about it.

I mean I can say, I have it to a large extent in reverse in the Trump organization. I just think it’s based on competence and based on the job they do and that’s the best way you can legislate.
At this point, Joe stepped in, putting an end to the nonsense.

Poor Mika! The day before, she had been sure, completely sure, that Donald had a lot to tell us on this particular topic. She had been peeved with Cokie and Nick, a pair of intellectual elites who refused to see Trump’s brilliance.

This very morning, she got to ask Trump about this very topic! In his answers, he made it abundantly clear that he has nothing to say.

He simply said that he pays men and women the same, if not a little bit more! “That’s the best way you can legislate,” he incoherently said.

As Joe stepped in, Mika’s face fell. One of her many balloons had burst again.

In its current operation, Morning Joe is one of the strangest programs in cable news history. Mika is one of the most peculiar co-hosts the medium has ever produced.

Reportedly, Mika is paid $2 million per year. If Joe is trying to help Candidate Trump and hurt Candidate Clinton, his co-host is worth every cent of that fee. Speaking on an “equal pay for equal propaganda” basis, she is actually worth much more.

Doggone it! Candidate Trump had nothing to say. On Tuesday, she’d felt so sure!


  1. I'm no Trump fan, but I tend to agree with him, alhtough his comment was somewhat elliptical. I'm assuming that what he meant was that we don't need more antidiscrimination laws, because of the marketplace seeks out competence and therefore does a pretty good job of creating fairness in pay.

    Looking back to my own management experience, when I hired, I wanted the most competent person I could get. Furthermore, companies that hired less competent people earned less money or even went out of business. A highly competent person will command a high salary, regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, etc.

    Now, this isn't perfect. And, with regard to race, there was a situation where blacks couldn't get treated fairly regardless of their competence. OTOH anti-discrimination laws are pretty crude, too. A judge or hearing officer can't do that good a job of evaluating some employee's overall performance.

    1. "somewhat elliptical"

      Lipstick meets pig right there.

    2. How come Home Depot just settled a major female discrimination claim? The market was not correcting there.they were channeling women into lower paid positions.

    3. Anybody can rephrase a person's remark into what you think they would have said if they had been intelligent or well informed. That doesn't mean Trump actually thinks any of what you put into his mouth. He is one of the least articulate people I've ever heard behind a microphone. It astonishes me that anyone thinks he is saying anything at all. I believe he is presenting a blank canvas onto which people are projecting their own ideas -- he is thus saying whatever people want to hear, as all vague people do. And they are calling him a clear speaker!

    4. If you think "the market" correctly rewards competence, you are very ignorant. Look at all the CEOs paid millions who destroy their companies, then flee with their golden parachutes.

    5. David says he wants the most competent employee. The problem is that women are judged less competent because they are women. Look what happened when musicians were hired after playing behind screens. Many more women were hired when only their playing was available to employers. In most other jobs there are no procedures in place to ensure decisions are based on competence, not bias. Trump just shows he doesn't understand how job discrimination works. If he doesn't understand the problem, he can't fix it.

    6. "...the marketplace seeks out competence and therefore does a pretty good job of creating fairness in pay."

      Facts not in evidence.

    7. Anon 9:44 -- good point. Still, a conductor will make a better decision about musical ability than a judge or hearing officer. IMHO this is a situation where the perfect is the enemy of the good. We shouldn't expect conductors to make perfect decisions.

      Note also that the prejudice against women musicians existed in the aftermath of a period of total discrimination. In my youth, a symphony orchestra could hire a woman to play the harp, but no other instrument. Today, the orchestras are loaded with women. The problem seems to have been corrected and passed.

    8. We shouldn't expect employers to discriminate against talented women -- but they do, all the time. This is not a problem that has been "corrected."

      You didn't real my whole comment. If you had, you would have seen the part where I patiently explained that the equivalent of "playing behind screens" is not available in many occupations, so bias still exists.

      More competent women are paid the same as less competent men, because a woman must be twice as qualified in order to overcome the bias that exists in hiring and promotions in the so-called market.

      You see a few women working in orchestras and think the "problem" is solved across the board in all industries. Typical Republican thinking.

  2. Mika is trying to hard to go negative on Hillary. This morning a couple of guest just went quiet as she went on

  3. MEka thinks she is smarter than everyone and that her fake 'I'm a liberal act' is fooling people. Her career was dead until Joey made her the co-host of his show because he found the perfect foil to play Colmes to his Hannity act.

  4. I am not sue what Trump is expected to say in just thirty seconds. What would be your idea of a substantive answer? I might say much the same as Trump said "In my experience pay is already equal, except maybe at the higher ends - where the average American does not live. Much of the supposed pay gap is just comparing one median to another, which is not really apples to apples." There. Would that be considered substantive?

    1. It should be considered what it is, incorrect.

      But this is Somerby's world, where a 23% wage gap in employment can be explained as not evidence of discrimination and a two year performance gap in education can be blamed on long dead ancestors and bad parenting.

  5. When Trump said he pays some women in his company more than men, he probably meant Ivanka.

  6. DNC Chief Harpy DWS believes she is not being paid a livable wage and requires a clothing allowance.

    "In 2012, Wasserman Schultz attempted to get the DNC to pay for her clothing at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, but was blocked by staff in the committee’s Capitol Hill headquarters and at President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign headquarters in Chicago.

    She asked again around Obama’s inauguration in 2013, pushing so hard that Obama senior adviser — and one-time Wasserman Schultz booster — Valerie Jarrett had to call her directly to get her to stop. She tried again, asking for the DNC to buy clothing for the 2013 White House Correspondents’ Dinner."

    1. Good point about why we need more liberals, and less Democrats, in positions of power.
      Thanks for the reminder, cicero.

    2. @9:51

      Democratic Party is not comprised of liberals? Outside of Jim Webb, the Dem POTUS candidates are to the left of Noam Chomsky.

    3. cicero,
      Go back to elementary school. You don't put a question mark at the end of a statement. You put a period there.

    4. @3:14

      You're musings are soporific. Now try to refute the proper punctuation at the end of that sentence.

    5. cicero is hackerific, not soporific.

  7. I applaud TDH for writing about the travesty that is Morning Joe. You will notice that no one in the mainstream media, even supposedly progressive cable shows on MSNBC will dare to comment on the ongoing obscenity played out every morning.

    I've never seen anything so deliberately atrocious. I've had to stop watching in the morning just to keep my blood pressure down before going to work. Joe and Mika have clearly decided that they - these two talentless phony hacks - will have a hand in this upcoming presidential election.

    Maybe Mika doesn't want to meet the same fate as Lori Klausutis, the 28-year-old female staff member who was found dead in the summer of 2001 in the office of U.S. Rep. Joe Scarborough (R-FL).

    1. mm of course doesn't say "I've never seen anything so deliberately atrocious" lately. And mm has not really stopped watching just because of blood pressure. Unless of course mm was lying when mm previouly wrote:

      "I have now BLOCKED MSNBC on my cable boxes entirely."

      mm 9/10/15 @ 3:26 pm

      And I won't suggest how many women may have turned down the offer of a lift from Ted Kennedy over the years because they were as foolishly cautious as Mika.

    2. No, I haven't stopped watching because of my blood pressure. That's just a side benefit.

      Isn't this neat! I have my own personal stalker.

    3. I'll have to stop stalking in the morning just to keep my mordantly chuckling down before going to work.

    4. Just to note that mm's obsession with a channel he has allegedly blocked continues to match that of his "hero" who "always right" and is "scrupulously honest" to boot.

      Such fawning loyalty is a sight to behold!

    5. Stupid troll. Trolling progressive blogs is your job.

    6. And obsessing for year after year after year a network he long declared as useless is your hero's job.

      But hey, I don't blame you for refusing to follow your hero's proud footsteps into the very critical issue of what some MSNBC host said yesterday, last week, last month or even 16 years ago.

      You're a good, loyal true follower, mm.

  8. cited actual errors by the other candidates but listed, as errors, two statements they admitted were correct, and her loss of enthusiasm for TPP. They present an impression all the candidates messed up when Clinton didn't.

    1. Omitted words: as errors for Clinton.

    2. "Over the course of my entire life, I have always fought for the same values and principles, but, like most human beings ... I do absorb new information." HRC

      HRC has the properties of a sponge, she absorbs everything. Even information that hasn't yet been disseminated.

      "Hillary Clinton is drawing head scratches from the White House for saying she decided to oppose the Pacific-nation trade deal after "looking at it" -- even though the official text is not public."

  9. Supplemental: Top blogger can’t report a single complaint!

    Blogger Bob Somerby posted this headline on Monday

    "Supplemental: Top pundits can’t hear a certain complaint!
    MONDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2015"

    It concerned the claim by Mark Halperin that the media would make a single mistake by Hillary Clinton "the story" about Tuesdays' debate.

    Apparently the media heard no such mistake, so Bob Somerby had nothing to report about it today.

    1. Flash: No one gives a shit what troll posts!

      No further story; headline captures everything!

    2. Every Living Human, Jr.October 15, 2015 at 9:36 AM

      Couldn't resist contradicting myself.

  10. Mika is a real bimbo. Hilarious.

    1. @Greg

      No more so than her best friend Valerie Jarrett.

    2. Or the entire Republican Party.

    3. @4:01

      If only the entire Democratic Party had "bimbos" who separated type-2 vertical craniopagus twins, specialization in the field of cerebral hemispherectomy to control intractable seizures and craniofacial reconstructive surgery, achondroplasia and pediatric neuro-oncology.

    4. If only the entire conservative populace weren't liars or morons.

      You may say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.

    5. @1:48

      You mean like this Republican?

      "This may not be politically correct, but I think that there was a big part of this investigation that was designed to go after people and an individual, Hillary Clinton" Rep. Richard Hanna, R-New York member House Select Committee on Benghazi

      BTW: By the time of Lennon's death, he praised Reagan and dissed POTUS Carter.

      "John, basically, made it very clear that if he were an American he would vote for Reagan because he was really sour on [Democrat] Jimmy Carter."

      "He was a very different person back in 1979 and 80 than he’d been when he wrote Imagine."

      Fred Seaman, personal assistant of John Lennon

  11. Back in the .E.R.A. era, when Mike was still figiting under the constraints of her first training bra, there was this constant clarion call from Ms. magazine subscribers for something called Comparable Worth.

    This was that loosey-goosey concept in which it was asserted that certain indoor girlie jobs should made to pay as well as certain rugged outdoor manly jobs.

    I suspect the dread of some soft-Stalinist government board, perhaps chaired by the likes of Bella Abzug or Germaine Greer, purposed to determine the "comparable worth" of, oh, a temporary secretary vs. that of a Wichita lineman may have been kind of dizzy 70s McGovernite low-fat liberalism that helped ring in the Reagan Era and a seemingly endless succession of Third Way Democrats so adored by The Howler.

    Gloria Steinem, unwitting friend to conservatives.

  12. Bob appears to have come down with a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Trump had every right not to take that obvious Jeb! campaign plant and drama queen's "question" seriously. And yes, there is no question she not only works for the Jeb! campaign, but is practically in love with the man, as evidenced in her social media profiles before she scrubbed them.

    As to the substance of her "question," there is simply no real evidence that women ARE being paid less than men for the same work, as Bob himself has tirelessly made clear on this very blog. As for legislation, it is already illegal, and has been for decades, for an employer to compensate employees differently for the same job based on sex.

    This kind of nonsense is exactly why people are gravitating to Trump.

    1. So you're saying no one has to take questions from the media, because the media works as the propaganda arm of corporations?
      And there is no question the media works for corporations, they are practically in love with them, as evidenced in their
      'reporting", which can be seen daily in the media.

    2. Thank you madam.


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