STOPPED MAKING SENSE: Latest award-winning series postponed!


To resume tomorrow:
Our award-winning series, Stopped Making Sense, will resume tomorrow. For those who want to read ahead, we recommend McKay Coppins' featured report from the Outlook section of Sunday's Washington Post.

Coppins explains some of the ways The Other Tribe has stopped making sense. Until he starts taking about himself and about nothing else, his report seems important, valuable.

In what ways has our tribe possibly stopped making sense? Briefly, Coppins pretends to address that question. When we resume our award-winning series, we'll offer further suggestions.

"Moral equivalence," our tribe will cry. It's one of our three basic plays!

Coming this afternoon: The latest bad explanation


  1. Sending You The BillDecember 1, 2015 at 12:03 PM

    The Coppins piece, which I would have missed, thanks, *does* have some good information on the Trump machine.

    This line, from the NY schools piece, had me banging my head on the keyboard: "they intended to set the grading so the same number of students passed as had before"

  2. I think we are supposed to extrapolate from the way Coppins was treated to the other Trump vendettas. Coppins knows what's true in his own case. If this happened to him, perhaps there is as little truth and as much spite in Trump's other statements. Coppins seems to have taken Trump more seriously than liberals do, initially, to believe he needs such exposing.

    I'm not sure what Somerby's complaint about the left will be, since the 9/11 truthers have never had any traction.

  3. I think the phrase is "false equivalence". Because that's what I hear whenever I say something like "a hamburger is similar to a cheeseburger". I will then get told that since they are not EXACTLY the same that I have clearly made a false equivalence.

    1. No, "moral equivalence" as in:

      conservatives via fox news distort the truth therefore it's okay (or required) for msnbc to do the same on behalf of liberals.


      conservatives say nasty things online therefore it's okay for liberals to do the same.

      "I can use misogynist language to criticize a conservative, because a conservative would have no problem doing the same to a liberal (and everybody can do so when the target is Hillary because we all haaaaaate her!)"

  4. Looking forward to it. Will do the assigned reading.

  5. Three bears. Three Billy Goats Gruff. Three Basic Plays.