Campaign watch: Morning Joe to pander to Trump round-the-clock!


Early morning escort service agrees to kiss ascot tonight:
"MSNBC Embarrasses Itself Yet Again." So read the headline on yesterday afternoon's post by Kevin Drum.

It's hard to argue with Drum's assessment. He was reacting to this strange announcement by the lowest and strangest of our "cable news" networks:

Joe and Mika will host Candidate Trump in an exclusive hour-long broadcast at 8 tonight!

That's right! Chris Hayes has been told to take the night off. The cable channel's top escort service will bring their early-morning fawning to Trump into the evening hours.

This is a very strange event. Let us count the ways:

For Trump, it means that he'll be appearing opposite CNN's two-night Republican forum, in which he's scheduled to participate tomorrow night.

CNN is airing Carson, Cruz and Rubio tonight, with Trump, Bush and Carson scheduled for tomorrow. By appearing on MSNBC tonight, Trump will be competing against the first of these GOP events. This means that Trump has decided to directly antagonize the GOP leadership again.

Tonight's event is even stranger on the part of MSNBC.

As we've noted several times, the current version of Morning Joe is the most patently phony "cable news" program we've ever seen. Joe's fawning to Trump is strange enough, but Mika's equally passionate fawning to Trump puts this program over the top.

Candidate Clinton is persistently bashed by the strange phony pair in the same faux phony way.

It's hard to watch the current incarnation of Morning Joe without thinking that Mika and Joe are both being paid by Trump. We assume cable programs don't work that way. But the manifest strangeness of Morning Joe has really been making us wonder.

At any rate, Hayes is out on the street tonight. MSNBC's pair of Potemkins will air in his place, accompanied by their love interest in a post-Valentine's special.

MSNBC has always been extremely strange, dating back to its days under Nantucket's own Jack Welch. Tonight, the ludicrous place for pseudo-news is taking things over the top.

Coming Saturday: Our update on Maddow and Flint


  1. I enjoy All In very, very much. The guy is first and foremost a humanitarian. The program has gotten "progressively" better and I think it is finally getting its due. The Cycle starring Crystal Ball was my favorite. It couldn't be beat for insight and God they had fun too. But it's cancelled.

  2. But Rachel has scooped a one-on-one interview with Biden. He actually thought about running for president!

  3. But Joe and Mika pinky swear they are not in the tank for the Trumpster. Just ask them and the will tell you.

  4. I appreciate the lineup at MSNBC. I prefer news with a little zip, a little zing and whole lot of zowie and that is what I get. Mika and Jon I don't see as much because I'm driving.

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