Devolution watch: Maddow's problem with the truth!


The bullroar never stops:
Just for today, we can't face returning to Rachel Maddow's April 15 jihad against Candidate Kasich.

The jihad started with a false claim about a major bill signing—a bill signing which involved Governor Kasich and some "grown-ass white men."

Soon, the jihad moved to a string of allegedly horrible statements by Kasich, statements involving women. Yesterday, we showed you the first of these horrible statements. It was part of a trivial event from 2011—a five-year-old event which was mildly embarrassing, but also just massively pointless.

This is the way we rubes get played by the new and devolved Rachel Maddow. The dissembling is constant on her program. The bullshit never stops.

We'll return to Kasich tomorrow. For today, consider last Friday's masterful snark concerning Governor Snyder.

Last Monday, Snyder did something which was perhaps a bit odd; he accepted The Flint Drinking Water Challenge. Some residents had challenged him to drink their still-problematic water. In response, he went to the home of two Flint residents, drank some water from the tap, filled gallon jugs with their water, and said that he would drink their water for the next month.

Is it safe for Snyder to do that? Is it safe for him to encourage Flint residents to return to drinking their city's water as long as their faucets are equipped with filters?

We'd like to see an expert address those very basic questions. Maddow prefers to play the roles of propagandist, dissembler and fool.

Last Friday night, the devolving cable star mocked Snyder in the way shown below. Even as she was mocking Snyder, she may have been playing us rubes.

You can take your choice about this snark. Maddow didn't know what she was talking about, or she was just lying again:
MADDOW (4/22/16): Hey, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is going to Europe, for a week.

Aaaah. Of course he is!

When we last saw him, Governor Rick Snyder was at this nice house in Flint, Michigan, taking away gallon jugs of water from the kitchen faucet of this family to show how safe he thought it was to drink water from the tap in Flint, Michigan, as long as you pour it through a filter.

The governor said he would be drinking Flint water not just that one day in that nice lady's kitchen in Flint. He said he would be taking Flint water away and drinking it for thirty days.

But now, as the governor jets off to Germany, Switzerland, Italy and the Netherlands, his spokesperson is now clarifying that when Governor Rick Snyder said he'd be drinking Flint water for thirty days, umm, he didn't mean thirty days in a row.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

So this European jaunt will not feature state-paid water carriers bringing those jugs of Flint water with him everywhere he goes. He apparently will resume his publicity stunt about Flint water when he comes back.
As usual, Maddow was being hilarious with her masterful snark. Rolling her eyes at the governor's flip, she offered this masterful quip:

"When Governor Rick Snyder said he'd be drinking Flint water for thirty days, umm, he didn't mean thirty days in a row."

Snyder's spokesman was now "clarifying" this point, the less than obsessively honest star wittily maddowsplained.

Hilarious! She also damned Snyder's plan to drink the water as a "publicity stunt." More on that below.

As usual, Maddow was being hilarious, and also wonderfully snarky. That said, here's the problem:

On Monday, when Snyder launched his "publicity stunt," it was clearly stated that he wouldn't be drinking Flint water when he traveled. Here's the way the stunt was reported in Tuesday's Detroit Free Press, headline included:
EGAN (4/19/16): Snyder: At work, at home, I'll drink Flint water

Gov. Rick Snyder said he visited a Flint home on Monday and drank filtered water out of the family's kitchen tap, adding that he plans to continue drinking filtered Flint tap water for the next 30 days to show it is safe.

Snyder told reporters in Flint that he filled three gallon jugs with the water. "I'm going to start drinking that tonight and do it for the next 30 days," Snyder said during a visit to a water distribution station at Greater Holy Temple Church in Flint.

Asked if his family also would be drinking the water, Snyder said his wife "Sue is on board with this." His three children no longer live at home.

Snyder's actions Monday followed developments Friday, when the governor encouraged Flint residents to start using more filtered tap water instead of bottled water and was told by a state official that Flint residents wanted him to start drinking the tap water first.

"I completely understand why some Flint residents are hesitant to drink the water and I am hopeful I can alleviate some of the skepticism and mistrust by putting words to action," Snyder said. "Flint residents made it clear that they would like to see me personally drink the water, so today I am fulfilling that request. And I will continue drinking Flint water at work and at home for at least 30 days."

Snyder spokesman Ari Adler said two media outlets were invited to the home to watch Snyder drink the water. Snyder's office later releasing photos of him drinking the tap water.

The governor said he won't always be able to drink the Flint tap water when he is traveling, but he plans to drink it when he is at his downtown Ann Arbor home and when he is at work in his office in the Romney Building in Lansing.
Oops. The part about not drinking Flint water when he was traveling had been explained on Day One. Snyder said he would drink Flint water "at work and at home," but not "when he is traveling."

Maddow and her gonzo staff managed to blow right past that. (The staffers specialize in laughing off camera at Maddow's masterful jokes.) Maddow also failed to mention a statement by Snyder's spokesman, in which it was explained that TSA rules would make it impossible to take Flint water abroad.

Snyder also said that he would extend his Flint Challenge a week to make up for the business trip. Maddow didn't mention that either. In the tribalized world of a life form like Maddow, it's better for us not to know.

Did Maddow know she was giving a false impression when she so masterfully snarked? We have no idea. Let's just say it has been a long time since she and her devolving program tried to get basic facts right.

Let's turn to a question that actually matters. Should Snyder be encouraging Flint residents to return to drinking tap water, as long as they're using a filter? That would be a very good question to pose to an actual expert. Maddow's too lazy and too uncaring to waste her time doing that.

She also disappeared one of the apparent reasons for Snyder's decision to take the waters. When Flint residents don't use their water at all, this slows the ability of the city's restored corrosion control program to recoat the city's lead pipes, restoring them to safe status.

"Many residents have resisted using any tap water, filtered or not, and experts warn that a drop in water use may slow Flint’s recovery," the New York Times reported on April 19. Elsewhere, it has been speculated that this is one of the reasons for Snyder's decision to take the waters in his "publicity stunt."

It would be interesting to hear what an expert would say about these matters. Is it safe for residents to to drink Flint water now if they're using a filter? Is it wise for Snyder to encourage them to do so? To what extent is the restoration of safety delayed when people don't use their water at all? Is Snyder's "publicity stunt" a good idea?

We'd like to hear an expert answer those questions. Maddow is too lazy, uncaring and propagandistic to waste her time with that.

We're not sure we've ever seen a program devolve in the way Maddow's program has. We continue to wonder if something is "wrong" with this program's multimillionaire big gigantic huge star.

Whatever the answer, her program has devolved to the point where it's bullshit pretty much all the way down. Tomorrow, we'll return to the Kasich jihad, to the allegedly horrible things the grown-ass fellow said.


  1. She has said that she considers what she does to be comedy. She is telling jokes just like comedy shows that air on Comedy Central. That said, I don't think she hires professional comedians to write her jokes and they rarely "kill", but I think this is Bob's disconnect. He seems to think that this is a new show that hold some sort of obligation to deliver straight news and it is not been the case and was never intended to be the case. This is comedy. She has explicitly said so.

    1. She should hire comedians to write for her. She's very talented and has great timing but a lot of the jokes do fall flat but that blame should go to the writers who, I'm not sure, but I think are not comedians but news writers trying to be funny still the overarching point that Bob must understand is that is is not at all different from comedy shows that air on comedy networks. And sometimes, it is kind of funny. Sometimes it feels so good.

    2. Aww, you burst Nona's Bob-bubble.

    3. Maddow seems very clean smelling compared to other cable hosts.

    4. And to Flint River water.

    5. When did she say this was a comedy show?

      Perhaps she's confusing herself with Ann Coulter? Who's equally unfunny.

      Anyone else bothered too with her constant suck-up giggling at Brian William's jokes?

    6. "Anyone else bothered too with her constant suck-up giggling at Brian William's jokes?"

      YES. And her giggling generally , especially during the handoffs from Hayes and to O'Donnell. My god, that fake STRENUOUS laughter at unfunny half-quips. She really overdoes it.

      This is a person who recently said, about the death of Prince, that she "has no cultural knowledge at all". She didn't just say she was unfamiliar with Prince, she said that she is clueless about cultural things generally. I suppose meaning she only cares about facts or news, not art. I thought that was a startling admission to make. A very large blind spot. Does she have some form of Aperger's where she laughs inappropriately as if trying to emulate humor, and says she is completely ignorant of art, music and culture? It was very strange.

    7. "... it is not been the case and was never intended to be the case..."



      In 2008, she was explicitly described as NOT a comedian, unlike Janeane Garofalo and Al Franken on Air America. Her early AIDS activism is stressed and her policy wonkishness.

      Her Wikipedia entry makes no mention of comedy whatsoever but repeatedly refers to her show as a news program. Most bios refer to as a political analyst. No one refers to her as a comedian.

    9. No one outside of this blog and its comment box.

      "She's no Jon Stewart" is just another imaginary stick to beat her with. And it's really ironic coming from a blogger who tried to be a comedian but didn't get beyond a couple of strip mall comedy clubs in the Baltimore-DC area.

    10. I don't look at what she does at being that much different from comedy. That's what the people laughing off camera are about. They are laughing at comedy. You think they are laughing about serious news?. Get real mm.

    11. What you look at or don't look at is irrelevant. Reality isn't.

      From MSNBC:
      Launched in 2008, “The Rachel Maddow Show” follows the machinations of policy making in America, from local political activism to international diplomacy. Rachel Maddow looks past the distractions of political theater and stunts and focuses on the legislative proposals and policies that shape American life - as well as the people making and influencing those policies and their ultimate outcome, intended or otherwise.

      Rachel Maddow is host of the Emmy Award-winning “The Rachel Maddow Show” on MSNBC. “The Rachel Maddow Show” features Maddow’s take on the biggest stories of the day, political and otherwise, including lively debate with guests from all sides of the issues, in-depth analysis and stories no other shows in cable news will cover.

      "in depth" - right!
      Notice, it doesn't say anything about comedy.

    12. No she it doesn't say it on the bio but it is a part of what she does. She uses humor obviously and is very, very funny. On Seth Meyers she was funny and the show does have some well researched serious news but she let's loose with the laughs and it's awesome. I agree she gets conflated with Stewart but she has other things to worry about. Mm you're just grasping at straws at this point. Stop embarrassing yourself you are way, way, way out of your league here. You obviously don't know funny.

    13. mm's a bit thick around the skull. Maddow's bowlegged. Every knows she's bowlegged but it doesn't SAY it on her bio. Get a grip.

    14. Maddow may be bowlegged but she is definitely not a comedian. If she had to make her living at comedy, she would starve.

    15. Samantha bee is a comedian. Compare her show to Maddow's and you will see the difference between a political analyst trying desperately to be funny and a comedian using political events as the source of her humor.

  2. I 2 care what a 3rd tier talker sez about a 3rd tier pol. Keep setting record straight.

  3. Has Professor Edwards answered Bob's question?

  4. Christie had a blast at a Boss concert and McDonnell gets his say before the Supremes. You go, PeePaw Bob. The RGA is depending on you.

  5. Let's See if Bob Devolves Into Covering the Latest

    "Only A Fraction Of Students Are Prepared For College When They Leave High School"

  6. On April 26, Frank Bruni wrote of the coarsening of today's politics, and how Cruz an Bernie Sanders can be construed to be sore losers. Since the Times is highly unlikely to publish my comment about Bruni's column, I am posting it for readers here.

    Bruni does not remember all that he has done to help create all these sore losers. Bruni accepted Dowd's views of the Clintons 20+ years ago. He has never considered that Hillary may be running for President because she's patriotic. Bruni accepted Frank Rich's views of Al Gore and W -- both preppies, and W was ever so much more personable. Now, Bruni has given Trump plenty of columns and hardly any to Bernie. Since Bruni had good intentions every time in the past, and even now, he absolves himself of responsibility for any political problems he may have made worse. He knows he only deserves credit for what's improved. What's worsened is not his fault at all.

    No wonder Bruni got along so well with W. In his own special way, Bruni views himself with every bit as great self-regard as W views himself. If Donald Trump become President, Bruni will get along just fine. It'll be mutual respect from one clown to another.

    1. Bruni is just awful and insipid, I have no idea why a food critic was elevated to opine about all sorts of things he seems badly misinformed about. As a gay man myself, I've wondered about his peculiar affection for Republicans and pointed criticism of Democrats. One of those Log Cabin weirdos?

      Dear Frank, they hate you. I merely dislike you and don't think much of your writing, talents or thoughts.

    2. A loyal and devoted Bob fan. Everything is always about 2000.

    3. Dave the Guitar PlayerApril 27, 2016 at 12:12 PM

      Anon 9:14 - I see. Bruni is "born again", like W and all of the bad things he said and did have no bearing on the present. How convenient.

    4. The Times published my comment on line. In fact, they published 2387 comments in response to the "Cult of Sore Losers".

      I was surprised. Normally, if you directly criticize a t Times columnist, especially a columnist who has attacked Democrats, your comment is not posted.

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  8. Now that even Sanders must face the reality of his loss to Clinton, Huffington Post and others are rewriting the election results.

    "Now Sanders is the guy who ran on an unabashedly progressive agenda and very nearly beat the most experienced and formidable non-incumbent presidential candidate in modern history."

    Sanders didn't "very nearly beat" Clinton. It isn't even close. He has been trounced. He has had no path to nomination since before NY and has won none of the Democratic strongholds -- he has gamed a few caucuses in states whose demographics resemble Vermont, not the Democratic party.

    Pretending he was anything but an irritant to Clinton is factually incorrect. I am tired of pretending he was ever a real candidate. He has managed to irritate even those who liked some of his policies and he is earning the dislike of those Democrats who want to start the business of winning the general election in earnest.

    It is time for Sanders to go away and time for his supporters to grow up. Pretending he nearly won anything is insulting to Hillary Clinton, whose unfailing tolerance of him is more than should be expected of any serious candidate.

    1. Dave the Guitar PlayerApril 27, 2016 at 11:53 AM

      And after the convention you will be coming around to Bernie and his supporters you have so soundly disrespected to please back the Democratic nominee. Or are you planning on winning without their support?

    2. Hillary and her supporters are being told that they cannot celebrate their victory because it might make the Bernie people feel bad. Who is ever told that except women? Obama didn't even wait for Clinton's concession speech before he began celebrating his victories. Now we're hearing that Clinton & her folks must be "nice" to the Bernie bros in their disappointment or else... or...or...what? They'll go back to being Independents?

    3. Some of her supportrers may be her biggest problem.

  9. Oddly, in the wake of Clinton's overwhelming victory yesterday, liberal blogs are saying nothing whatsoever. Kevin Drum is talking about Obamacare, Digby is also ignoring the primaries, TPM is talking about Hastert, ThinkProgress is talking about Trump. Nothing on any of the sites. Doesn't that seem odd?

    1. "Digby is also ignoring the primaries.."

      Digby has been a tower of jello all throughout the primaries. meanwhile she has given space on her site for numerous pro-Bernie postings by others, complete with links to Bernie's campaign fundraising. Just a few clicks a way.

    2. God the Clinotistas are whiners. They could never acknowledge her loss in 2008 much less recover from it.

  10. This is not the best example of Rachel Maddow's devolution into misinforming viewers.

    The best example is how Rachel Maddow and the Clinton campaign concocted the false narrative that Bernie Sanders said womens issues are stupid (which Clinton quickly abandoned) and that Bernie Sanders said womens issues are not serious issues.

    At 1:30 Maddow tries to put the words into Sanders mouth which he shoots down completely. So, the Clinton campaign edits in footage from the interview Maddow did with Clinton immediately after interviewing Sanders, at 2:55, to baldly claim Sanders said that womens issues are less important to him than they are to Clinton.

    Clinton first used Maddow's false dichotomy in her sexist #I'mSoSickOf campaign and has been using it ever since, just like the RNC built their 2012 convention around (and under a big banner) "You built that!" after misrepresenting Obama's "you didn't build that".

    Media has created false narratives for Clinton on womens issues, gun control, and Wall Street using the same logical fallacies, and Clinton campaigned in Illinois this week against Bernie Sanders for being against saving the auto industry. It's what they do.

  11. While I find her schtick annoying, that's a matter of personal taste.

    What does matter, and what for me settles any question about her, is her shilling for the smarmy-sharp, half-Reptilian, half-Scientologist Corey Booker. it refutes any claim she might have to any political legitimacy.

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