THE TRIBE IN THE MIRROR: She knew the truth at 17!


Part 1—Loathing Candidate Clinton:
Yesterday morning, we were awakened by screams and cries at an ungodly hour.

The caterwauling was coming from the Spartan sleeping quarters where each of the analysts is provided with his or her own sleeping bench.

How piteous were the analysts' cries for help? It almost sounded like wildcats, or other frightening visitors, had invaded the Sleeping Quarters.

Understandably annoyed, we rolled over and went back to sleep. We were convinced that we'd eventually learn the cause of this commotion.

Hours later, the analysts blurted. Despite the warnings they've been given, they had begun to review the new Salon at an early hour.

In some cases, they'd engaged in this high-risk behavior without a "buddy" to spot them! They had failed to steel themselves for what would inevitably come.

While engaged in this early-morning behavior, the analysts had stumbled upon an essay which bore this headline: "Hillary’s atrocious race record: Her stances over decades have been painful and wrong." Below, you see the first chunk of this report's indictment of the candidate for that atrocious record.

Being young and idealistic, the analysts have never come to terms with an important new learning—with a key fact about our modern political life. It's painful but unavoidably true:

This is the way a significant chunk of Our Own Flawless Tribe will persistently "reason:"
AL-GHARBI (4/3/16): [P]erhaps the most disturbing [notion] of all is the insinuation that Hillary Clinton has some kind of proud and storied legacy in the service of black empowerment. She doesn’t. Consider the comparative records of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders:

The Chicago Years

While attending the University of Chicago, Sanders served as a chapter chairman for the Congress for Racial Equality.
In this capacity, he worked to end segregation in schools and housing—activities for which he was arrested.

What was Hillary Clinton doing while Sanders was organizing sit-ins and demonstrations? Well, she was also living in Chicago at the time, but she was working for the other team: in 1963-64, Clinton was a volunteer and supporter for the campaign of Barry Goldwater.

For those who don’t know, Goldwater’s claim to fame is that he was the first Republican to win the Deep South since Reconstruction. He achieved this feat by vowing to undermine enforcement of the Civil Rights Act, and to prevent further erosion of white privilege. His campaign was so disgusting that many Republican leaders, such as George Romney and John Rockefeller, refused to endorse his candidacy even after he won his party’s nomination. A good deal of the Republican electorate, who had traditionally championed civil rights and civil liberties, also refused to support him. As a result, those aforementioned Deep South states were literally the only contests he won other than his home state of Arizona in one of the most dramatic landslide losses in U.S. presidential history. Yet, this is the man who inspired Hillary Clinton to get into politics. And she was campaigning for him while Bernie was campaigning for desegregation.
To read the whole essay, click here.

In fairness, who could blame the analysts for their piteous screams? Who could blame them, when they'd been confronted with an emission like that?

Musa al-Gharbi seems to be on the youngish side. He graduated from the University of Arizona in 2012. He got a master's degree in philosophy the next year.

On to the views-in-themselves! Al-Gharbi prefers Candidate Sanders to Candidate Clinton. So do millions of other people. As the analysts quickly noted, there's nothing wrong with that!

There's nothing wrong with preferring Candidate Sanders; millions of people do. But good lord! Hours later, the analysts were still trembling and tearing their hair as they pointed to the passage we've posted above. And to other passages in the new Salon piece!

That passage invites the analysts to come to terms with a basic fact—a basic fact they simply can't seem to process. Here it is, and it's unavoidable:

Our tribe is rich with The Crazy too. It isn't just The Others! It isn't just Them, Over There!

For many years, it was hard for liberals to learn that basic fact. Most of our team was asleep in the woods—but Rush and Sean were very active. Their supporters could be heard on the air every day, calling themselves "dittoheads."

During that era of liberal somnolence, it was easy to form a false impression—the impression that the Cray-Cray and the inanely tribal only occurred Over There. It was easy to mistake the meaning of our own tribe's somnolence—of our laziness, our indolence, our irresponsible conduct.

Eventually, the new Salons began springing up; so did comment threads. This brought the truth about our own tribe into view:

It turns out that we can be crazy too! Beyond that, it turns out that we're susceptible to primitive tribal loathing, just as some of Those People are.

Sometimes we direct our loathing at the racist bigoted xenophobe nativists we are flawlessly able to spot Over There. Sometimes, we direct our loathing at people within our own party or tribe or voting bloc—at people like the disgraceful Candidate Clinton, who was politically impure at the age of 16.

Comment threads have made it clear—we the liberals are deeply flawed in a wide array of ways. Heroically, news orgs like the new Salon are working overtime to make this important fact clear.

Still and all, it's very hard for us the liberals to come to terms with this important fact. That said, the loathing and lunacy within our own tribe often stand in the way of progress.

We'll be looking at the tribe in the mirror for the rest of the week. In the end, spotting the loathing Over There just doesn't get the job done.

Tomorrow: At seventeen—and beyond


  1. No sound Bob knows better than the wailing when frightening visitors invade the Sleeping Quarters.

    1. This morning, we were awakened by screams and cries at an ungodly hour.

      The caterwauling was coming from the Spartan sleeping quarters where each of the analysts must use a unisex bathroom.

      We soon discovered the analysts had been pleasuring themselves with works far less scholarly than "The Do It To Yourself
      Guide to Old Nestor Tales."

  2. Hollywood lib dares to wander off the reservation.

    "Susan Sarandon Calls Hillary a Liar, Says She May Not Vote if Bernie Loses"

    Hollywood lib Debra Messing will not tolerate fellow Hollywood lib Sarandon criticizing Queen HRC.

    Debra Messing
    ✔ ‎‎@DebraMessing

    Susan Sarandon muses tht Trump prezcy wud b better 4 the country thn Hillary.Wonder if she'd say that if she were poor,gay,Muslim or immgrnt

    7:34 PM - 29 Mar 2016

    1. Oscar has snubbed Susan Sarandon for twenty years.

  3. Interesting. Clinton is attacked almost every single day by the Morning Joe crew and Bob hardly says a work. I guess Bob won't go after a fellow southern white conservative.

    1. @10:47
      Mika is a close friend of Obama senior advisor Valerie Jarrett. Obama and Jarrett use Mika as a sock puppet for their true feelings regarding HRC's perfidy. But HRC only has to worry about the FBI primary.

    2. Interesting. Clinton is attacked almost every single day by the Huffington Post and Bob has never ever linked to one of the bad pictures they use of her. I guess Bob is embarrassed he still hasn't figured out how to embed photos or videos since his promising debut as one of the first major political blogs.

    3. The reasoning here seems to be: 1. Somerby complains about Salon's attack on Clinton. 2. Clinton is attacked by others elsewhere too. 3. Somerby's complaints are invalid because he didn't describe and complain about all those other attacks.

      There is war in Bosnia. There have always been wars and there is even a war currently going on in Nicaragua. Therefore no one should be concerned about the war in Bosnia. Get the picture?

      The dig about the lack of embedded photos reveals this troll to be a longtime harasser of Somerby with some sort of personal grudge and/or obsession.

      Cicero, Clinton has said that she has not been interviewed by the FBI.

    4. @4:43

      Why would the FBI interview HRC before Huma and Cheryl? The DOJ gave immunity to Bryan Pagliano, the nerd who set up HRC's private server. HRC should remember that if she grants an interview with the FBI, even though she is not under oath, any lies she tells them is punishable by jail time. Just ask Martha Stewart.

    5. Interesting. In my job at the salt mines, the man next to me spends all day every day muttering horrible things about HRC as we slam our pickaxes into the salt walls to bring the salt we mine raining down and yet Somerby is curiously silent about that man's biases. Conclusion: When that man steals my yogurt from the employees' refrigerator in the break room each day he must be splitting it with Somerby. I should have seen it sooner.

  4. Our guess? Such cluelessness from (Clinton) Sanders supporters may represent his (her) biggest problem.

  5. Salon is dreck, but it's interesting Bob goes for this rather typical Hillary hate than Salon's continued promotion of Donald Trump through Camille Paglia.
    In a way we can view as all too typical and sad, the Sanders campaign has degenerated into politics as usual, and his new high priced hacks can make negative campaigning work, but only to a degree. Note their ass covering in the leaked information to the New York Times. If only Bernie had done what we said and gone negative sooner. Sad but maybe true.

    1. The liberal blogosphere has been careening wildly ever since it lost Firedog Lake as its steady anchor in the firmament of Reality Base.

    2. To this day, our liberal journals have never commissioned reports on the work of Dowd and Matthews. The chimps at Salon have never been to willing to go there. And if someone notes some such obvious fact, other chimps will rise in protest, pretending that all is well.

    3. Over the years Bob Somerby has had remarkably little to say about the admittedly annoying and obscure Camille Paglia. As always, Paglia is a bit hard to decipher. It’s almost always hard to figure out what Paglia is saying. As usual, Paglia is a bit hard to follow. As noted, Paglia is almost always hard to follow. Paglia is almost always annoyingly hard to read.

    4. The less said about Paglia, the better. Like Trump, she is a narcissist seeking attention without much concern for how she gets it. She is a good example of academic incoherence because, although very clever, her thoughts do not derive from any sincere interest in a topic but just a need to attract attention by being outrageous, stomping on the values of others and creating a kind of intellectual chaos. She is a huge waste of time to read.

  6. I saw this idiotic article. They always point out that Hillary was for Goldwater in 1964 at age 16, but never point out that she was organizing Texas for McGovern (the most liberal candidate ever) in 1972. So why do they leave this out? They have a message to put out, and it doesn't coincide with facts.

    1. That said, you never pointed out that in both cases Bob would describe her as youngish.

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