Part 4 postponed until Monday:
Part 4 in our current series will appear on Monday.

At that time, we'll examine the size and shape of the international achievement gaps—the achievement gaps which appear within the latest TIMSS and PISA results. We'll also provide demographic breakdowns concerning American scores on those international tests.

That will conclude the third week in our four-week series, Where the Test Scores Are.

In our fourth week, Where the Con Games Are, we'll list the basic ways the American public gets misled and misinformed about public school test scores. We'll speculate about the sources of the punishing narratives which have shaped mainstream press coverage of this important topic for the past many years.

For Part 3 in our current series, click here. We strongly recommend that depressing report, which contains the basic punishing facts about the apparent size of our current domestic achievement gaps.

Despite large score gains, those gaps remain. As we've noted again and again, you'll hear one part of that two-part story from the mainstream press.

Your favorite liberal corporate stars won't discuss these topics at all.


  1. If we are truly worried about our kids competing with kids from Finland, perhaps we should teach them to speak Finnish?

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  2. Today the NY Times has articles about how Clinton is using subtle words to recruit African American voters (that sneaky Hillary) and educators have doubts about her crappy college program -- while Paul Krugman writes that the media is to blame for Clinton not being farther ahead. They have a giant mote in their eye.

  3. "Some people are cannot genetically handle pressure." says Donald Trump.


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