WHERE THE TEST SCORES ARE: Four-week series to resume!


Series resumes tomorrow:
Our four-week series, Where the Test Scores Are, will resume tomorrow.

We'll be offering the third week in the series. This week's reports will carry this title:

Where the Achievement Gaps Are.

When our four-week series is done, we'll offer a single post with links to all sixteen reports. That post will offer single-stop shopping to the basic facts about one of our most remarkable journalistic scams.

What do domestic and international test scores suggest about American schools? For reasons at which we can only guess, the mainstream press corps has long been devoted to telling a highly selective story about that important question.

We get told about the gaps, but not about the gains. We hear about test score success in Finland, even in Estonia. Test score success in states like Massachusetts is reliably disappeared.

Why do our big mainstream newspapers insist on misleading the public about what our test scores seem to show—about Where the Test Scores Are? Though we can only guess at an answer, we'll do so before we're done.

Whatever any possible motives may be, one fact is abundantly clear. The American public is persistently given a highly selective, misleading set of facts about the apparent state of its public schools.

Our big newspapers should be ashamed. But shame has never seemed to be one of their tricks.

Starting tomorrow: Where the Achievement Gaps Are! We'll give you the basics on the international achievement gaps and on the gaps which exist within our own student population.

People should know the basic facts about this widely-discussed, important topic. But alas! The mainstream press corps seems devoted to telling a highly distorted tale, and our pseudo-liberal corporate stars manifestly don't care.

Their kids attend the best private schools. It's all narrative from there!

Tomorrow: The gaps of Fairfield County


  1. Today the NY Times presents a chronology of the Scott shooting compiled from the various videos. They include Mrs. Scott telling her husband to get out of the car, but completely omit the part where she says "Keith, don't do it".

    This is what you can expect from the press. Leave out inconvenient details that don't fit the desired narrative.

    1. And your desired narrative is that the police had to shoot and kill Keith because he was going to shoot them.

      Why don't you just say so with a concise statement of facts you claim that support your narrative instead of trollishly cluttering up the comment box with multiple comments essentially coming to same conclusion?

    2. Anon 10:44 Here's an article addressing your comment. It points out that the Scott shooting followed the pattern of several others, where the person failed to simply follow police instructions:

      As for Keith Scott, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police chief Kerr Putney remains adamant that Scott was holding a handgun when he was shot. A video of the incident shot by Scott’s wife, released by NBC on Friday, strongly suggests Scott was indeed armed with a handgun as he exited his car. Officers can be heard repeatedly ordering him to drop the gun. Indeed, just before the fatal shots were fired, Scott’s wife can be heard saying, “Keith, don’t you do it!” It’s unclear in the video what the “it” was, but the woman’s reaction reveals her concern that Scott was placing himself in danger. He was.


    3. I think newspapers should report facts without slanting a story one way or another.

      All over Daily Kos, commenters are suggesting that black men are not permitted open carry because they are black. This mistake is only possible because the press has failed to report Scott's felony record and drug use, which disqualify him from open carry and even owning a weapon. He was breaking gun laws even having a gun in his possession. No one at Daily Kos seems to know that.

      In the meantime, every news report talks about the police shooting an innocent man. In what sense is he innocent if he was breaking the law (several laws) when the police began their interaction with him?

      I agree he didn't deserve to be shot for any of those infractions, but pretending he was just a suburban father reading a book while waiting for his kids to arrive from school -- that's hugely misleading and prevents people from understanding what happened and also why these events occur. Anyone would feel fearful if they believed a father could be shot like that. It does our racial dialog no favors to present stories like this -- as if cops just walked up and shot him for no reason, solely because he was black. But that isn't what happened. That is my point -- this isn't what happned and people are destroying property and feeling considerable emotional turmoil over fiction created to manipulate them. No matter how valid the cause, that kind of manipulation is wrong.

    4. Pajamas Media for support of anything is just pure BS. I'd suggest that David should be ashamed of himself, but then I remembered that sociopathic trolls have no shame.

    5. Here is my concise statement. I am sympathetic to BLM and want to be supportive but their statements are full of lies about these incidents. I also value truth. This creates the tension that has motivated my comments.

      Just as Republicans live in a distorted reality with their own "facts." I believe African Americans do too. I don't think this is healthy in either case. It makes dialog impossible.

    6. A 7:08 PM - concern troll's concern is duly noted.

  2. Why do our big mainstream newspapers insist on misleading the public about what our test scores seem to show?

    I think that the narrative of failing schools has been used by the left to encourage more spending on schools. The media follows this narrative, because they tend to report what the left wants them to.

    Here's a current example of this bias: The Clinton campaign just put out a report pointing out instances when Donald Trump allegedly lied to the American people. Sure enough, four major newspaper immediately wrote major articles based on the same theme.

    1. It isn't bias to accurately report a candidate's behavior, in this case, Trump's lying. Clinton pointed it out and then the rest of the press could hardly ignore it, but this isn't bias to report it -- it is accuracy. it would be bias if they suggested there were lies when there had been none. And it has certainly been bias to ignore his lies up until now, when there have been so many of them and they are so egregious.

      This, of course, has nothing to do with schools or Somerby's post today.

    2. "I think ..." = yet more proof the troll is a liar.

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