Krugman makes several important points!


Concerning "supine news media:"
Is the United States becoming a gong-show version of Greater Tinpotistan?

In yesterday's column, Paul Krugman said the answer is yes. "America is rapidly turning into a stan," he wrote, using a nickname for tinpot feudal states.

"Everything we know suggests that we’re entering an era of epic corruption and contempt for the rule of law," Krugman said. At this point, he failed to mention the gong-show intellectual practices which are a key part of the decline.

That said, he only gets 800 words.

Eventually, Krugman reviewed the history of this decline, and he mentioned the press. In this passage, he's making two different key points:
KRUGMAN (1/2/17): How could this happen in a nation that has long prided itself as a role model for democracies everywhere? In a direct sense, Mr. Trump’s elevation was made possible by the F.B.I.’s blatant intervention in the election, Russian subversion, and the supine news media that obligingly played up fake scandals while burying real ones on the back pages.

But this debacle didn’t come out of nowhere. We’ve been on the road to stan-ism for a long time: an increasingly radical G.O.P., willing to do anything to gain and hold power, has been undermining our political culture for decades.

People tend to forget how much of the 2016 playbook had already been used in earlier years. Remember, the Clinton administration was besieged by constant accusations of corruption, dutifully hyped as major stories by the news media; not one of these alleged scandals turned out to involve any actual wrongdoing. Not incidentally, James Comey, the F.B.I. director whose intervention almost surely swung the election, had previously worked for the Whitewater committee, which spent seven years obsessively investigating a failed land deal.
Krugman makes two key points in that passage:

First, the gong show within we live has been underway for decades. It dates at least to the pseudo-scandals of the 1990s.

(Whitewater began on the front page of Krugman's own paper—in early 1992, long before he got there.)

Second, a "supine news media" has been a key player every step of the way. Krugman says this was true in the 1990s, the age of the Clinton pseudo-scandals. He says it was true this past year.

Krugman only gets 800 words. You can't expect him, or anyone else, to provide a detailed discussion of this cultural breakdown when writing at that length.

That said, we'll offer a few observations as we prepare to use his column as a framework over the next several days:

This column provides no specifics concerning that supine news media. Only one "fake scandal" is cited by name.

No individual journalist or news org is named. No specific performance is mentioned.

Krugman only gets 800 words. That said, let's ponder this:

According to Krugman, the "supine news media" has been pimping "fake scandals" for more than twenty years. If we start our clock with the one fake scandal he names, the supine media has been playing this role for the past 25 years!

With that in mind, this is the question we ask:

Krugman gets only 800 words. That said, people like Matthews, Maddow, O'Donnell and Hayes get a full hour each night.

Twenty-five years into this descent, can you name a single high-profile journalist who has addressed the state of affairs Krugman describes? Do our journalists ever critique their own guild? Or do they avoid such discussions?

Moving right along:

Have you ever seen anyone on MSNBC address the state of affairs Krugman describes? Do "corporate liberal" journalists avoid these discussions too?

Krugman is right, of course. The press corps has played a leading role in the disintegration he described. And the corps has been playing this leading role for at least 25 years.

In the next few days, we'll look at some recent work to show you the way the press corps avoids addressing these facts. We'll focus on leading liberal journalists, the people our team hails and trusts.


  1. Krugman is a master of weasel words, He wrote: "Donald Trump has done nothing substantive to reduce the unprecedented...conflicts of interest created by his business empire."

    In fact, Trump has done at least two things to deal with his conflicts of interest: Shutting down the Trump Foundation, and having someone else manage his business. I suppose Krugman could justify his statement by arguing that the former action didn't deal with a conflict created by his business empire and the latter wasn't "substantive".

    To be clear, I'm not saying Trump's actions are adequate. I'm saying that Krugman appears to be saying that Trump has done nothing at all about his conflicts of interest.

    1. Yes, that's right. Trump *has* tried cosmetics that he hopes will be effective with the press and rubes.

      ...and you! You certainly seem like a perfect candidate for an opening at our makeup counter, young man. "I'm not saying Trump's actions are adequate!" So measured. So "reasonable!"

      Optics really ARE everything, darling!

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  2. Krugman also slides by Trump's supposed undemocratic instincts and illegitimacy: "...despite the obviously undemocratic instincts of the new commander in chief and the questionable legitimacy of the process that brought him to power."

    Krugman doesn't tell us how he knows that Trump has undemocratic instincts. He calls that "obvious". "Obvious" is a word one uses when one cannot actually prove an assertion. And, Krugman doesn't say in what way the election process was of questionable legitimacy. No doubt, his Democratic readers will be happy to hear that Trump was illegitimately elected.

    1. Krugman has 800 words. You were alive during the election weren't you? You may not agree with the Democratic complaints about the election, but you know what they were. So does everyone else.

      There is now little doubt that Comey affected the outcome of the election, that Russia hacked the DNC and Podesta and that WikiLeaks released the info for them. None of that was legitimate. The efforts in various states to suppress the vote were also questionable. You know this already.

    2. Krugman says the legitimacy of the election process was questionable because he knows he can't outright lie about things like hacking and tallies, but his dumb readers will go there. If pressed he can claim he doesn't like the electoral college or he thinks Wikileaks was unfair, neither of which amount to actual questionable legitimacy in any meaningful way.

    3. "Comey affected the outcome." So did the mainstream media. So did ten thousand other factors. Whether those acts are "legitimate" in your opinion, they don't affect the legitimacy of the election. Complaints and arguments are one thing but they go to matters of opinion and politics, not legitimacy. No one is buying that, even the lefties who are selling it.

    4. Nate Silver's blog 538 and Kevin Drum both reported the direct changes in Clinton's polling attributable to Comey's letter. There is no controversy about Comey's impact on Clinton's numbers. You are wrong that "no one is buying that". Facts are not matters of opinion.

    5. Yeah, but Trump didn't appoint Comey. Comey was a known quantity that Pres Obama apparently wanted to run the FBI. So complaining about your own party's appointee in accusing the other party of illegitimacy isn't very convincing.

    6. Comey is supposed to be non-partisan. He has a 12-year term. It is typical of conservatives to assume everyone is motivated by party loyalty, the way Republicans are. Comey didn't put the country first or his professional ethics or his sworn duty to his job. I don't understand why he still has a job, but lots of us have that beef with Obama.

    7. Bob says: Krugman gets only 800 words. That said, people like Matthews, Maddow, O'Donnell and Hayes get a full hour each night.

      Reality says that in the overall scheme of things of giant media corps seeking profits MSNBC could vanish forever and none of the things Bob wants to see in journalism would replace it.

      Back in the good old pre-Trump 2015 days less than 13 percent of the total cable news audience was tuned to MSNBC for major events like Hillary’s first email press conference.

      In regular programing MSNBC by August 2016 was doing better, overtaking CNN in the battle for distant 2nd place to FOX. It appears that they began to get 16-20% of the total audience.

      On election night MSNBC got about 6 million viewer; that’s less than half what CNN and FOX got.

  3. I remember a cartoon some of my Trump supporting former friends shared on FB before the election. It showed the press using a magnifying glass to look at Trump scandals while the mountains of Hillary's scandals were in the background.

    It would be nice if there was some way to quantify it. Both sides will claim the press was against them. Myself, not having TV any more, have no way to really know what the M$M was saying.

    1. 52% of voters said media was biased in favor of Clinton, 38% said no bias toward either candidate, 8% said bias toward Trump. Even most liberals couldn't bring themselves to claim there was pro-Trump bias but you can assume that 38% was mostly Democrats who didn't want to admit the whole truth.

    2. It is obvious the numbers you are citing here come from Republicans. When you look at more objective sources, the press was overwhelming more critical of Clinton and it devoted much more coverage to Trump, most of it positive. Conservatives ignore such studies and persist in mistaken beliefs about the media, largely based on Trump's loud complaints during the campaign.

    3. A compromise of sorts. Overall Trump was attacked by the media as much as Clinton. But during the critical final two weeks the Comey news dominated. It was probably enough to reduce her vote by more than the 80k that Trump won by in those critical three states.

    4. No, overall Trump was not attacked by the media as much as Clinton. No one thinks that except Republicans. No analysis of media coverage supports that.


    1. They did hack a Vermont utility company computer but it wasn't connected to the grid.

    2. Sorry, your correction ain't correct.

      "They did hack a Vermont utility company computer."

      This isn't even close to right.

      The current state of known information is that one employee laptop MAY have had malware on it.

      The malware which MAY have been on it is not exclusively used by The Russians and is available for any schmuck to purchase.

      There is so far exactly ZERO evidence that "They," The Russians, had any role in placing malware on the laptop -- if indeed any malware is there at all!

  5. Comey's comments affected the outcome. But, that doesn't make the election improper or invalid.

    1. 1. He had no basis for writing the letter in the first place.
      2. He ignored the instructions of the Attorney General, his supervisor.
      3. He was pressured by Republicans to do what he did, because they wished to hurt Clinton's campaign.
      4. He had his own animus toward Clinton due to his partisan participation in Whitewater.
      5. His actions were in contradiction to both tradition and written regulations of his agency.
      6. His actions were unprecedented.

      Because he actions demonstrably affected Clinton's poll numbers sufficiently to overcome the deficit that she lost by, his actions did make the conduct of the election improper and invalid due to tampering by an intelligence agency, the FBI.

      I do not understand why Clinton has not filed suit against Comey and challenged the outcome of the election. I suspect it is because she, like Gore, feels that it would be destructive to the smooth transition of power and undermine our democracy to do so. I suspect she is happy to be a grandmother with time on her hands, for a change.

      But that doesn't make what Comey did right.

      I have to ask why you would comer to a liberal blog and suggest that Comey's actions didn't undermine the validity of the election. You have to be the world's biggest idiot to do this.

    2. Yes, you can make a case that Comey was wrong. But, Comey was appointed by Barack Obama. If Obama's appointee was unfair to Hillary, that doesn't mean the entire election was invalid. If a Republican were President and a Republican appointee had treated Hillary unfairly, that would have been a different story.

    3. When you go see a dentist, you expect him or her to do a good job on your teeth. That doesn't depend on whether you belong to the same political party or not. FBI Director is not a partisan position the way White House Chief of Staff is. Neither are the military and defense and some of the finance appointments. Greenspan wasn't a liberal, for example. You want someone with specific expertise.

      The seriousness of Comey's misbehavior comes precisely because he put his job responsibilities second to his partisan beliefs.

      It is typical for Republicans like you to believe that everything is secondary to politics and nothing matters except winning. A 12-year appointment means that it is very likely the FBI Director will serve under both a Democrat and a Republican administration. He doesn't get to help the Republicans out while trying to sabotage the Democrats.

      Republican failure to understand this principle is why they think the IRS is out to get them whenever someone who deserves an audit gets one.

  6. Democratic appointee didn't act pro-Democratic, therefore Republican can't be legitimate. Ridiculous argument.

    Why should people vote for Dems if they appoint Republican partisans to important positions anyway? And it's not like Kissinger-loving HRC was running away from that legacy.

    Maybe Paul Krugman should have backed an electable Democrat? Just an idea.

    1. I'll admit I am driven to gibberish when Krugman moans about how awful it is that people didn't vote for his candidate. So far, zero recognition from the Larry Summers chorus of how they may have helped cause this loss--just lots abuse for everyone else.


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  8. Yes all that stuff about the press and the liberal elite or whatever is great but it is really annoying that Krugman insists on stating as fact his self-serving opinion that the Comey affair almost surely swung the election by itself. Hey Krugman -- your Wall Street candidate was a bad one. She had many flaws. I think it much more likely that she lost all on her own.

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