THE WAY WE ARE: Kristof denounced!


Part 3—Learning to loathe all the way:
We humans!

We've always loved to loathe The Others. It's one of our greatest joys.

It lies at the heart of our many long wars. Once we've learned to loathe Those People, it only makes sense to kill them.

Within the modern political context, we the liberals are quite sure that only The Others behave this way. Only The Others loathe The Others! We're much too high-minded for that.

Do we liberals loathe The Others too? Actually yes, we do. And our love of loathing was quite clear in last Friday's New York Times.

We refer to three letters from fiery liberals that day. The letters were written in response to Nicholas Kristof's offensive column, which had appeared in the Times exactly one day before.

In service to a puzzling logic, Kristof had said that we liberals shouldn't describe all 63 million Trump voters as "bigoted unthinking lizard brains."

We liberals found this suggestion offensive. The very next day, the Times published three letters rejecting Kristof's advice.

In fairness, it was only three letters. There's no way to know what kinds of letters the Times chose to discard.

Still, we thought these letters portrayed the way we liberals routinely reason and think. We even thought they might help us see The Way We (quite frequently) Are.

We liberals! In the past ten years or so, we've lost local and state elections all across the country. Last fall, we even managed to lose a White House election to the craziest, dumbest person who ever sought the office.

Plainly, we're among the least effective political players in history. At this point of ultimate defeat, we thought those letters might help us see The Way We (quite commonly) Are.

What are we liberals actually like? Good God, how we love to loathe!

In his column, Kristof gave three reasons why it's a bad idea to say that those 63 million Trump voters are all just alike.

The very next day, his reasoning was soundly rejected. Name Withheld, the first correspondent, started his letter like this:
FIRST LETTER TO THE NEW YORK TIMES (2/24/17): It’s hard to disagree with Nicholas Kristof: Stereotyping is indefensible; demonizing the opposition feeds the dysfunction; and name-calling will win no votes. But it’s also entirely possible that Mr. Kristof has it backward: President Trump is not the true enemy; his voters are.

Donald Trump is an unabashed bigot, a baldfaced liar and someone who bragged about groping women. But as nightmarish as it seems to have those qualities in the White House, sooner or later his presidency will come to an end. And when it does, we will be faced with the true American nightmare: that almost 63 million of us, knowing full well who Donald Trump was, voted for him anyway.

They will not be smarter than they were in 2016
—they will have spent the interim being lied to constantly—and they will not be less angry, because the Trump presidency will certainly have failed them. As all reasonable people know, trashing trade deals won’t bring industrial jobs back; building walls won’t make us safer; and market forces won’t deliver health care or educate our children...
As you can quickly see, this writer just isn't real sharp. Or perhaps it's just his primal instincts, which dull his intellectual skills and lead him on toward loathing.

He starts by explicitly agreeing with Kristof's three points; he denounces stereotyping, demonizing and name-calling, the three practices Kristof denounced. Having fulfilled this obligation, he turns to stereotyping, demonizing and name-calling all through the rest of his letter.

He calls the biggest name of all. He says it's "entirely possible" that all 63 million Trump voters are "the true enemy," presumably of Us.

As you can see, this fiery liberal just isn't especially sharp. In fairness, his greatest shortcoming is ancient. He assumes that his own perceptions and understandings are shared by everyone else.

He says that all 63 million Trump voters cast their votes "knowing full well who Donald Trump was." Presumably, that means they shared the writer's assessments of Trump—for example, they knew him to be "an unabashed bigot," just as the writer believes he does.

Obviously, it would be very stupid to assume that everyone shares the writer's assessments. In an unintentionally comical turn, the writer moves directly to the Standard Liberal Claim: The Others just aren't very smart!

From there, he lists the various things "all reasonable people know." You're right—it's hard to get much dumber than that. And yet, this is (quite frequently) Us.

By his fourth and final paragraph, this self-assured New York City resident is semi-contradicting himself, much as Donald J. Trump routinely does. His arrogance here is enthralling:

"So while Donald Trump is certainly the enemy of both reason and compassion, I’m much more frightened of the 63 million people who either didn’t know they were voting against everything this country stands for, or didn’t care."

All of a sudden, Trump's voters may not have fully understood what they were doing. Tied to that hint of a self-contradiction is the arrogance of the belief that the writer can define "everything this country stands for," as if this were a question of fact.

That letter was extremely dumb, as is so much of our "liberal" work. The second letter was shorter and less bombastic. For better or worse, the writer cops to a puzzling incomprehension right in her opening sentence:
SECOND LETTER TO THE NEW YORK TIMES (2/24/17): I don’t understand why Nicholas Kristof encourages us to be magnanimous to Trump voters. Yes, they are clearly not all bigots. Still, they elected to the highest office in the land, and arguably the world, a man who ginned up his campaign crowds by encouraging racism, sexism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, vilification of the press and violence.

Many of them purposefully set their consciences to sleep and pulled the lever for a man I suspect that they know is morally bankrupt.

If Donald Trump continues to be the president he has been thus far—one who makes up facts, hires his cronies from Wall Street, refuses to vet his cabinet nominees even as much as immigrants are now vetted, rails against the press and shoots from the hip on some of the most delicate of the world’s problems—will they take responsibility for their votes?
This writer starts with a strange admission. Perhaps it's just a manner of speaking, but she says she "doesn't understand" why Kristof made his offensive suggestion about the 63 million.

Perhaps it's just a manner of speaking! In his column, Kristof listed, and even numbered, three reasons for his offensive suggestions. He even cited the claim with which she says she agrees—Trump's voters aren't all bigots.

Can we talk? It wasn't hard to spot Kristof's three listed reasons. The first letter to the Times started by rattling them off.

But this writer seemed to say she had no idea why Kristof had made his weird suggestion. And sure enough! In her second paragraph, she basically proved this claim.

According to this omniscient narrator, "many of" the 63 million people in question "purposefully set their consciences to sleep" when they voted for Trump. She doesn't say how she can know such a thing, but she proceeds to make a second claim:

She says she "suspects" that some or all of these "many" people "knew Trump is morally bankrupt."

"Many" is an imprecise term; it doesn't even mean "most." For that reason, only in the dull-witted world of the tribal loather would a writer think that these assessments contradict what Kristof said.

Unlike Hillary Clinton before him, Kristof didn't state an exact percentage of the racists and deplorables numbered among Trump voters. But he clearly said this:

While some of those voters are probably racists, some of those voters aren't! He said we liberals should try to win those winnable votes. In what way would the writer's claim about "many" Trump voters contradict what Kristof said?

(Personally, we'd advise omniscient dreamers to leave the indictments of racists to God. But what would make this fiery liberal think that she was disagreeing with Kristof?)

As she ends, this writer delights herself by imagining that Trump voters won't "take responsibility for their votes" if Trump continues to engage in such outrages as "railing against the press."

Will Trump voters renounce their votes if Trump does something vastly destructive? Presumably, some of them will, and some of them won't! Some already have!

Some of them may change their minds about Trump; that was one of Kristof's points. But tribal loathing is built on a prehistoric belief:

Those People are all just alike!

Kristof said they aren't all alike; early on, this second writer seemed to agree. But alas! People like these letter writers are sunk too deep in the joy of loathing to grasp so simple a claim, even to be able to hear that this is what Kristof has said.

The third letter was the shortest. In some ways, it was the most interesting. For that reason, we'll leave it for tomorrow.
We'll warn you—some math will be involved. And as Professor Wang has helped us liberals learn, math and logic are hard!

Tomorrow, we'll review that short third letter. For today, let's consider a final obvious point, a point which slid right past the repellent certainty of Writer One and the incomprehension of Writer Two.

Writer One was appalled by the thought that Those People voted for Candidate Trump even though he's "an unabashed bigot, a baldfaced liar and someone who bragged about groping women." Due to the thickness of his head, he doesn't seem to have considered what many of those voters believed about Candidate Clinton!

Many of the 63 million thought that Clinton was "a baldfaced liar" too, perhaps even more so than Trump. Many of the 63 million thought she had spent decades attacking women who had been groped by her husband, or perhaps had been flatly raped.

The paper to which he wrote his letter had encouraged these ideas in an appalling, front-page news report quite late in the campaign. Did the writer write to protest that? Or was he too busy stroking himself?

Many of the 63 million believed she was a liar too! (And an abuser of women.) They'd heard these claims for several decades. They believed those claims last fall.

The arrogant dimwit who wrote that first letter doesn't seem to know that. Perhaps he's just writing his own pleasing tale. Complications needn't apply.

He won't question the liberal gods who failed to challenge, or even advanced, these claims down through all those years. He didn't challenge the Times itself, which has spent the past twenty-five years spreading such thoughts all around.

It's a great deal like what Sinatra said. When we liberals loathe you, you know that we'll loathe you aaaalllll the way.

We'll swear that only The Others do that. Our claim will be dimwitted, wrong.

Despite our vast tribal self-regard, our work will be ugly and dumb. More and more, with awful results, The Others can see how we are.

Tomorrow: The greatest loathing of all


  1. "Voted for a man they know is morally bankrupt." Trump voters believe all progressives and their ideology are morally bankrupt, so their visceral rage and hate will not influence a single voter. They seem to enjoy wasting time.

    1. This is true. Trump voters are dead-enders. You'll waste less time trying to teach fish to count.

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  2. I wonder how exactly would one, not a member of the guild, or the MSM, or a pundit, "challenge the Times itself," as Bob suggests the writer should perhaps have done in the past. As Bob has noted the Times does not often (if ever) publish letters critical of themselves. I've commented on Krugman's column on the deplorable history of the Times without publication.

  3. My theory is that Somerby himself voted for Trump so it upsets him when people characterize Trump voters in unpleasant ways. Since Somerby is not an idiot or a bigot (or any of those other stereotypes), my theory is that he voted for Trump because he disliked Hillary and was a disappointed Bernie Bro determined to teach the DNC a lesson by withholding his vote. It backfired on him when Trump was elected. Now he wants us all to know that there were a variety of other reasons for voting for Trump, besides approval of his p*ssy-grabbing ways.

    If any of this is true, Somerby should be ashamed of himself and admit his mistake instead of trying to rationalize that there were many legitimate reasons why someone could have voted for Trump. There weren't.

    I have no intention of letting anyone who voted for the gibbon off the hook. They own whatever disasters befall our country after Jan 20, 2017. They are fully responsible and the buck stops with them. I don't care why they did it. They did a bad thing to us all and now we must all suffer for their mistake. They owe Hillary voters an apology -- a big one -- the sooner the better. This is only going to get worse.

    1. i don't believe bob voted for Trump based on what i have seen in his blog over the last 10 yrs or so, including the run up to this election. i don't know how you come up with this conclusion.

    2. I explained how I came up with it. What else explains this current jag he is on about forgiving Trump voters and recognizing that they probably have good reasons for what they did, even if no one can articulate them, even Somerby himself. His defense of them only makes sense if he is one of them and trying to justify himself along with them.

      As I've said here before, most of us have friends who voted for Trump. We know that they are good people and we don't vilify them or treat them badly because of their vote. He doesn't need to tell us how to treat other people. But that doesn't mean any of them did the right thing and weren't being pretty stupid in their choice. No one is going to seriously try to convert a friend by calling names, etc. So what is this about?

    3. so basically you are saying you pulled it out of your ass...and it must be true because it is the only thing that makes sense to you. this is exactly what bob is talking about. people voted for trump because they are sick of getting left behind economically, they are sick of crime ridden cities, and are scared of some radical islamist blowing them up, just to name a couple. You can certainly argue the causes of these things, or the likelihood of getting blown up, etc, and you can certainly have an opinion as to whether trump is the right choice to do something about these things, but let's not pretend like there weren't reasons.

      also, i don't really read his jag as forgiving trump voters as much as calling out the left for generalizing about them and kneejerk rush to vilify and label. in fact, this is why i think it is likely he voted for Hillary. as an alternate, maybe his side lost and he is trying to get people to change behavior that lost the election for him...just as plausible as your suggestion.

    4. 1:33,
      You forgot radicalized in Fox News and AM Radio's madrassas.

    5. 1:33 PM

      There weren't any rational reasons.

      Everything you listed is 100% prime horseshit.

    6. @1.46
      am radio and the like are a big problem no doubt

    7. mm - why not rational? why horseshit?

      middle class incomes haven't kept up and globalization, automation, gains in efficient etc have led to actual loss of jobs, especially in battleground states. keep calling those issues horseshit and you will keep losing elections. i would bet that we agree the reasons and solutions trump put forth for this issue aren't the right ones, and reasonable people can and will disagree on those points, but to say the issue isn't real or rational is absurd.

      as for crime in the cities...i live in one of the larger cities in my state and let me tell you it is a friggin mess in certain places...drugs, gangs, and guns...and with the 2008 downturn it only spread to the traditionally safer parts of the city. what's worse, the gangs and drug/gun trades are interconnected between must live in fantasy land to deny crime is an issue in the cities?

      as to terrorists blowing stuff up, you could argue the likelihood (like i said in my original post) of being killed by a terrorist is remote, but that is one big boggie man that people in the land of the brave are scared sh*tless of ever since the towers came down in NYC in a very dramatic and televised fashion...

      add to that years of budget deficits, ballooning debt, endless talk about a variety of issues with very little action or progress and you are ripe for a guy like trump to come along and sell you the snake oil...

      but feel free to put your head back in your ass, litter the blogs with two line posts about bullshit, and get ready to see trump win 4 more years, cause with that strategy there's no where to go but down.

    8. "An intelligent, informed, decent, sane, moral, non-bigot could not possibly vote for Hillary Clinton and even though they believe they are all of those things, they are wrong and their world view is corrupt and distorted."

      This is what Trump voters think. Good luck convincing them otherwise with "An intelligent, informed, decent, sane, moral non-bigot could possibly vote for Trump and they're wrong and I'm right and objective and blah blah blah."

    9. @2:31, go to Kevin Drum's blog and see the real statistics about this stuff. If your personal experience is so bad, please move, ASAP. The rest of the country is not a hellhole. Trump has been lying about the statistics for jobs, unemployment, crime, etc. You cannot make up your own stats.

    10. anon, 12:22 & 1:19 - your theory, and rationale for it is idiotic. Logic and reason are foreign to you.

    11. No, reasonable people cannot disagree on those points. You want me to absolve these idiots voting against their own self interest, people who are too stupid to recognize a flimflam man medicine show con artist? Who decided to roll the dice on a consummately unqualified person? No, these people have inflicted harm on me and mine, I'm not interested in listening to their phony excuses. When I am sick, I do not go to a used car salesman to sell me a miracle cure.

      Let's hear some of your facts? For instance, Point Number 1:globalization, automation, gains in efficient etc have led to actual loss of jobs, especially in battleground states.

      Really? What party was it that saved the auto industry in the MW states? What party fought tooth and nail against it?

      Let us listen to Republican Governor Rick Snyder, from the great state of Michigan, going into the election year on Dec. 2016.

      “Today’s jobs report – the last one before the new year – once again shows that more Michiganders have the confidence to join or rejoin the workforce to find new jobs in our state’s reinvented economy," Gov. Rick Snyder said in a statement Wednesday. "In the past 12 months, our unemployment rate has been at its lowest rate in 15 years, our labor force has grown, and more Michiganders have found jobs."

      How about the great state of Wisconsin>

      Let's hear from Gov. Scott Walker recently.

      However, the state’s unemployment rate is at its lowest level in 16 years, according to DWD Secretary Ray Allen, and is lower than the national rate of 4.7 percent.

      “Wisconsin’s unemployment rate and the number of unemployed Wisconsinites are at their lowest points since 2001, and the state’s labor force participation rate continues to outpace the national rate,” Allen said.“

      Secretary Clinton was honest with the good citizens of WV who lost their coal mining jobs. The lying bastard trump was not.

  4. Sing with me brothers and sisters: "Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya..." to infinity and beyond. That's how long it will take conservatives to come around under the warming comfort of our acceptance.

    1. This is right. The divisions are too deep now and ever deepening. The culprit as I see it is the progressive left, which are so intent on making sure Americans do not develop a shared identity that, once most of the racism and sexism of the past was addressed in law and we were beginning to move past it, they came up with "micro" aggressions and lies about police brutality to keep people divided and keep the Democrat votes coming in. Unity is completely hopeless with these people. The only suspense is in finding out which states secede first.

    2. My bet is on California

    3. "The culprit as I see it is the progressive left, which are so intent on making sure Americans do not develop a shared identity..."

      When will the progressive left accept the collectivism of the citizens of the USA? LOL.

  5. Why is it OK for Somerby to stereotype and malign liberals, if it is not OK for us to do that to Trump voters?

  6. "Did the writer write to protest that? Or was he too busy stroking himself?"

    love this line LOL

    1. Somerby can be as ugly as anyone else, I guess.

    2. come on, that's funny

    3. How many Hillary voters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

      That's not funny.

  7. Here's a good story about people in Trumpland

    1. This implies that there is no hardship or struggle for the people on the coasts, who voted for Hillary. That is ridiculous. Poor, minorities, immigrants voted overwhelmingly for Hillary -- their lives are as difficult as anyone in the Midwest's. Maybe their expectations are different.

    2. Are you sure about that implication? Did you read the story? It's by a guy who photographed addicts in NYC. My reason for posting is that this story shows Trump supporters, among others, with respect and not condescension.

  8. This is the closest Somerby comes to explaining why those 63 million voted for Trump:

    "Many of the 63 million believed she was a liar too! (And an abuser of women.) They'd heard these claims for several decades. They believed those claims last fall."

    Those 63 million people heard those claims from someone who was a proven liar himself. They could have investigated them, as the millions of Clinton voters did. But they chose to believe a proven liar instead -- a man who sexually attacks women, cheats in business, is a fraud and a liar, and who has utterly no qualifications for office. That's who they chose to believe about Hillary.

    It would be kind to say that these people have limited ability to investigate political claims. More accurately, they were born yesterday. They fully deserve all the negative things being said about them by everyone else (except Somerby). There is something wrong with them and they should take responsibility for their mistake!

  9. People discount things they don't want to hear, things that contradict their own beliefs. Trump voters didn't believe the arguments against him and they didn't believe the explanations about Hillary's supposed wrongdoing. They chose to believe what fit their needs and preconceived ideas. That makes them human, yes, but also stupid. Who does that in a political election where both sides can be assumed to be self-serving so you have to do some digging?

    Good things have been said about Hillary for decades. Many of them were showcased at the Democratic Convention. Hillary had a website where she addressed lies about her. Her surrogates actively did the same. We all did. If it wasn't enough to reassure those well-meaning 63 million, the fault is with them. They don't know truth when they hear it. Go see how they spin things at conservative tree house and gateway pundit and similar sites. If that's what you listen to you'll never hear anything good about Hillary, but why would anyone spend all their time there and never listen to the other side? That's on them. That's why they are stupid, bigoted, etc. And yes, they deserve to be called those names because they are too stupid to recognize truth from lies and thought there would be pie in the sky because Trump told them so.

    1. Feel better? Because the GOP just won a few court justices and at least four years of dominating the government by exploiting your hate. I voted for Bernie as the only choice for this old fashioned liberal conscience but want nothing to do with your tribe.

    2. You have your chronology wrong. No one hated Trump voters before the election because they hadn't become Trump voters yet. No one expected Trump to win.

      Trump won because of the Bernie voters. First they wounded Hillary's chances by spreading conservative lies about her, then they tried to sabotage the convention, then they stayed home when they should have voted. He couldn't have done a better job of undermining the democratic candidate if he had consciously set out to help the Russians/Republicans.

      Hope you are proud of yourself.

  10. When I read that first letter, I thought to myself, "I'd bet good money that was written by a jew." Followed the link, and surprise surprise!

    It's gotten to the point where I can sniff these likes out by their rhetoric alone. Hint: any time you see 'ARE VALUES' five'll betcha ten the letter smells of motzah.

  11. Will Obama voters ever renounce their vote? Some of them have, and some of them acted on that in the last election.

    One of the funniest examples to me, and perhaps I have mentioned it before, is with the estate tax. Trump (and co) have proposed eliminating the estate tax.

    Some liberals, upon hearing this have said "ho ho! Trump pretended to care about working people but there he is showing his true colors."

    The funny part is, that the estate tax now bring in about $7 billion a year. Before the Bush tax cuts, it brought in $70 billion a year. If Obama and the Democrats had gotten rid of the Bush tax cuts - for the rich - like they promised over and over again, the estate tax would still bring in $70 billion or more every year.

    So Obama gave the richest people in America $63 billion in tax cuts, but that does NOT show that his claims to care about working people were hollow (and do you remember when Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Tammy Baldwin, and Al Franken, etc. protested this giant tax cut for the rich? Me neither. Thank goodness Krugman was there - er to give Obama a giant pass.)

    So anyway, permanent giant cuts to the estate tax do not seem to be a reason for Obama voters to renounce their vote any more than the invasion of Iraq caused Bush voters to renounce their vote. Not sure what Trump voters are supposed to get upset about in the future.

    1. Agreed. The Democratic Party is far too right-wing, and needs to stop repeating failed Conservative economic dogma (i.e nonsense).

    2. Not sure what Trump voters are supposed to get upset about in the future.

      Funny you should ask.

      Watson also voted for Donald Trump, believing the businessman would bring change. She dismissed his campaign pledges to scrap the Affordable Care Act as bluster. Now, as she watches the new president push to kill the law that provided her with a critical lifeline, Watson finds herself among many Trump supporters who must reconcile their votes with worries about the future of their healthcare.

    3. Obama retained the tax cuts because rliminating them would have been a hardship for middle class people struggling with the recession. You don't increase taxes (in effect) during hard times.

  12. I don't know why liberals are wasting their time with Trump's voters. They are R so they will vote for their party. Instead they should concentrate on people from their party who didn't vote for their party. They are the people who deserve all the blame. They are THE deplorable.

  13. Frank Sinatra sang "All the Way" but Sammy Cahn wrote the words and Jimmy Van Heusen wrote the music. It's a very beautiful 1950s pop song. Take a few minutes to enjoy it.

  14. Why didn't Martin Luther King Jr blame the Southern White man for being bigoted?
    Homo sap. Is not a rational animal.

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