Why does health care cost so much, though nowhere else but Right Here?


The Elisabeth Rosenthal Challenge:
In last Saturday's belated post, we mentioned Elisabeth Rosenthal. She has published a new book, An American Sickness: How Healthcare Became Big Business and How You Can Take It Back.

Truthfully, you yourself aren't going to "take it back." That said, we've started reading Rosenthal's book, and we've been surprised and puzzled by what we have found.

In Saturday's belated post, we linked to Rosenthal's recent appearance on C-Span's After Words program. As we noted, that appearance left our analysts asking an anguished question:

"Where's the outrage?" the anguished young researchers cried.

The opening pages of Rosenthal's book have brought that question to mind, though in a surprising way. Our journalists tend to work very hard to avoid confronting practices which might be described as "corporate crime." Rosenthal seems to take several approaches to this phenomenon.

We expect to return to her book in the future. In you're interested in the presence or lack of upper-end outrage, you might want to ponder that C-Span tape. In the meantime, should people be mad about remarkable data like these?
Per capita spending, health care, 2015
United States: $9451
France: $4407
We're going to say they should be!

That said, it's hard to get mad about data like those. They constantly get disappeared!


  1. thatsonly because we get more drunk fool.

  2. I think the cost of college is a bigger scandal than health care. A typical cost for a Bachelors Degree might be $200,000 for tuition, fees, books, room and board, etc. And, the value of college is a lot less than the value of staying alive and healthy.

    P.S. the people really getting screwed are the 40% of college students who spend a substantial fraction of $200,000 and don't even ever a Bachelors degree.

  3. Health care is a scandal?


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