Charlottesville: Superb report by the Washington Post!


With pitiful conduct by Us:
The Washington Post has repeatedly done superb reporting in the aftermath of the Charlottesville events.

Today, we recommend a brilliant profile by Jessica Contrera. She spoke with the father of 30-year-old Peter Tefft, who took part in the Charlottesville march.

The father in question, Pierce Tefft, lives in North Dakota, apparently in or near Fargo. He wrote a letter to the Fargo newspaper denouncing his son's beliefs and conduct.

Contrera described the elder Tefft's attempts to dissuade his son of his “pro-white activist” views, which he apparently began to develop a few years ago. When the son was identified from photographs taken in Charlottesville, the geniuses in our own liberal tribe apparently swung into action, in the familiar old ways.

They got busy killing the pig. We humans are wired to do this:
CONTRERA (8/16/17): Internet sleuths were sifting through photos of other protesters at the “Unite the Right” rally, determined to identify their names, ages, home towns and employers. With each name uncovered came the possibility that somewhere, another parent was finding out for the first time that their child was an avowed racist.


Tefft's family members, especially Peter’s mother, have been inundated with social-media messages and phone calls from people who assume they share or condone his opinions. The backlash began when Peter started discussing his beliefs locally, but it snowballed this past weekend, when the Twitter account @Yes­YoureRacist posted a photo of Peter at the Charlottesville rally with the caption, “This charming Nazi is Pete Tefft of Fargo, ND.”

Peter Tefft, who identifies as a “pro-white activist” online, did not respond to requests for comment for this article.

His father said the messages the family received because of “guilt by association” were so vile, he wouldn’t repeat them. He canceled his landline phone service.
This is the sort of familiar conduct Josh Marshall encouraged in Monday's unwise post.

Tomorrow, we'll return to that unwise post. We'll praise the values of bleeding heart liberalism.

We'll end up walking with Marlon Brando through that cinematic park, the famous cinematic park that overlooks life on the waterfront. A brilliant young woman will speak.


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  2. Pff. Liberal bullying is so common these days, it's not even funny anymore. Standard M.O. of your 'tribe'. Your commenters here provide a perfect example...

    1. No one could have predicted* Conservatives would play the victim.

      *Right-wing saying, which roughly translates to, "anyone with two brain cells rubbing together, could have predicted..."

    2. Are you the anon whose pussy was grabbed by these capital-c 'Conservatives'? I'm just trying to separate the sheep from the goats, so to say. If you are, you certainly are the real victim.

    3. No. I'm the anon who questions why there aren't statues of those who blamed the 2008 economic crash on the Community Redevelopment Act, if having monuments to racists is just a way of reminding us of our racist history.

    4. Before racism got unfashionable a few decades ago, most of everyone in the US was a racist. Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, etc. Since you choose to demonstrate this fake outrage, - to be consistent, you need to demand demolition of ALL historical monuments, dear.

    5. "Mao Cheng JiAugust 17, 2017 at 11:57 AM"
      Let's create a statue with Mao's post on it, as a paean to the history of idiocy in America's right-wing.
      As an additional paean to both siderism, we can also create a statue of Mao white-washing it.

    6. "Before racism got unfashionable a few decades ago, most of everyone in the US was a racist."

      Right-wing nostalgia at it's finest.

    7. The NAACP was founded in 1909.

      CORE was founded in 1942.

      Harry Truman racially integrated the Armed Forces just over 69 years ago, remember, in 1948? (It was on the 69th anniversary of that date Trump tweeted he was going to expel trans service-members....)

      The Supreme Court rejected separate white and colored school systems and, by implication, overturned the "separate but equal" doctrine, in Brown v. Board of Education, 1954, which Eisenhower enforced.

  3. Yes, conservatives are indeed bullies. They grab your pussy then tell you it was your fault. They don't take responsibility
    for their own failures, instead blaming them on their vistims. They bring others down into the gutter with them, then
    chide those others for dwelling in the gutter. They only know how to tear down, not build up.
    Conservatives live in a fantasy world, where nothing changes and nothing must ever change.
    Their cowardice knows no bounds. They even make weak, gullible minds believe that
    liberals are the real bullies.

    1. No, my dear, they grabbed YOUR pussy.

    2. Oh dear. This is getting completely surrealistic. I love it.

  4. The pigs need to be identified and shamed. I did my part by retweeting photos over the weekend. I'm not sure why I should be kind to Nazis. Tiki Torch Krystallnacht was a line that they should never have crossed.

    1. Kind of offensive to compare a bit of marching to the actual Krystallnacht. Do you know what the Nazis did?

    2. Yes, I do. No, they didn't damage store fronts, but they did mow down protestors with a Dodge. They killed one woman and injured 19 people. They beat a young man with clubs in a parking garage next to the police station. They menaced people in a synagogue on Friday night.
      Are you really going to side with the freaking Nazis?

    3. They didn't only break windows if stores. They dragged Jewish proprietors into the streets and beat them up while others watched and yelled encouragement.

      Aside from the single act of terrorism comitted by a mentally ill young man incited by nazis, the alt-right marchers did not physically attack anyone except the protesters who came close to their own demonstration. There was no rioting and no violence targeted against uninvolved people or property. It was mot the massive terrorism aimed at Jews on Krystallnacht. Exaggeration trivializes what Jews experienced, unprovoked and simed at them because they were Jews, not because they were anti-protesters in-the-face of demonstrators with whom they disagreed.

      The Charlottesville killing is tragic but that doesn't make it a Krystallnacht. Please reserve that comparison for one that fits in terms of what happened.

    4. "Please reserve that comparison for one that fits in terms of what happened."

      Better yet, crush this current Nazi nonsense before we have to.

    5. Yay for free speech.

      I am not for crushing dissidents in our country. We become them if we behave like them.

      Over 100 Jewish people were killed on Krystallnacht, not including subsequent deaths or suicides. Over 30,000 Jewish men were put in concentration camps. Jewish synagogues were burned, ans yes, Jewish businesses were ransacked. How can you not know this?