DOWNWARD SPIRAL: Dissembling and victimization is Us!


Part 1—Kathy Griffin on Fox:
As of last night, Kathy Griffin was back.

Unfortunately, Griffin was back on the Fox News Channel. She was being used to tell The Others about what total asp-holes We liberals are.

In fairness, it isn't always entirely clear that this basic Fox message is false. Consider the ludicrous conduct engaged in by the aforementioned artist.

As we type, we can't yet provide the transcript of the report we saw last night on Fox. That said, it related to Griffin's recent decision that she was actually right all along when she posed, late in May, with Donald J. Trump's severed head.

When Griffin posed with Trump's severed head, she met with widespread criticism. Last night, on Fox, she was shown complaining that her fierce artistic expression had been criticized by Chelsea Clinton, and even by Debra Messing!

In the aftermath of The Sight Gag That Failed, Griffin conceded that her fierce artistic integrity had possibly led her to go a bit too far, posing with severed head-wise. As of now, though, that stance has changed.

According to an endless profile in the current New York Magazine,
Griffin has just released a promotional video "for her new Laugh Your Head Off tour of Europe, Australia, and New Zealand." The video "concludes with an image of her in the same blouse she wore in the infamous Trump photo, holding a globe in her hand instead of" that severed head.

In reaction to all the unfair treatment she has received, Griffin has announced that she's no longer friends with Anderson Cooper. And not only that! As she prepared to tour Down Under, she recently spouted like this on Sunrise, an Aussie morning show:
Kathy Griffin verbally attacks Australian TV host on air

US comedian Kathy Griffin made a fiery appearance on Sunrise this morning, declaring she no longer felt bad about her ‘headless Trump’ stunt
and telling the show’s co-host Samantha Armytage to “cut the crap” when she questioned her about it.

Griffin was on Sunrise to promote her new tour Down Under, but quickly went on the attack after being asked if she regretted staging the now-infamous photoshoot in May where she held up a fake, bloodied severed head resembling the US president.

“You’re full of crap,” she shot at Armytage. “Stop this. You know this. Stop acting like my little picture is more important than talking about the actual atrocities that the President of the United States is committing.”


“No, I don’t apologise for that photo anymore and I think the outrage is complete BS because we have real things to deal with,” she told Armytage and the show’s co-host David Koch.

“But I’m in trouble according to you, Sam, way to take my back girl.”

Armytage interjected that she was just doing her job as a journalist, but Griffin shot back: “I’m going to meet you in an alley.”

“No I got it,” she said. “I got your number. You’re like a white Trump voter in America. I got your thing.”
Where are Burdick and Lederer when you really need them? Meanwhile, damn those white Trump voters! They even pop up Down There!

In truth, Kathy Griffin's "little picture" isn't more important than the various things Donald J. Trump might do in office, like bombing North Korea. That's true until her little picture, and her subsequent conduct, become self-pouring petrol for Fox.

At any rate, Griffin's spectacular bull-roar has reached the point where she's once again useful for Fox. Last night, we watched as the channel reported this nonsense, helping its viewers understand what pitiful losers We are.

Needless to say, the liberal world can't exactly be blamed for the behavior of self-dealing multimillionaire celebrity hounds like Griffin. That said, the liberal world has constantly been harmed, down through the years, by the ridiculous conduct of the vapid, know-nothing, tone-deaf stars we can't seem to quit.

Griffin is now engaged in extending this process. It isn't a helpful look.

Despite her celebrity and her wealth—she lives next door to Kanye and Kim!—Griffin is a D-minus performer within the liberal political world. That said, Hillary Clinton is not.

As of last week, Clinton is also claiming victim status. She does so in an excerpt from her forthcoming book which she chose to release on Morning Joe.

The choice of venues should be depressing. On a simple factual basis, Clinton's claim of victimization is tribally thrilling, but rather hard to sustain.

In large part due to Donald J. Trump, our nation's political and journalistic discourse is coming under great stress. Increasingly, our discourse has been shaped by partisan orgs which dissemble, embellish and misstate, deliberately misleading their customers for partisan glory and profit.

Unfortunately, this noxious process is now being widely directed at us the liberals. It's no longer just for viewers of Fox.

Under these stresses and strains, our liberal tribe has increasingly been spiraling downward into a world of misstatement and victimization. It's amazing to see the way our political and journalistic leaders are willing to play us. It's instructive to see how eager we often are to be conned.

Griffin is posing as victim this week, but so is ex-candidate Clinton. In a wide array of areas, we liberals seem eager to believe the various things we get told.

We seem to be desperate for ardent glory, for some tribal true belief. As our downward spiral continues, we'd call this a dangerous look.

Tomorrow: Her claim premiered on Morning Joe. It's rather hard to sustain.


  1. Kathy Griffin?
    Who does the corporate media think she is, Newt Gingrich?

  2. When did we all vote to make Kathy Griffin the representative of liberaldom?

  3. Ex-candidate Clinton is the victim of election fraud and Comey's abuse of his office. She is not posing as a victim. If anyone has avoided that stance over the years, it is Hillary. She has the right to promote her book.

  4. If there were ever any doubt about Somerby's dislike of Clinton, it should be obvious with today's post.

  5. A woman complains about the creepiness of a male candidate invading her space on a stage, but she is the one at fault for posing as a victim. Unh huh.

  6. "the outrage is complete BS"

    She it right, you know. Just as your outrage, in one of the recent posts, about Mr Arpaio being pardoned.

    As for Clinton - who's that? She's gone, no political influence, nothing to sell to the bunksters or to her Qatari customers. Let her whine, who cares.

    1. Why don't you pass the time by playing a little solitaire?

    2. Thank you very much for your suggestion, dear anon, but I much prefer the stimulating exchange of ideas with brilliant liberal intellectual like yourself. So, with respect, I must decline.

    3. Your Dragonspeak is failing you comrade.

    4. Yessuh massah suh. Whatever.

    5. Better trolls please.

  7. Not very Malala-like or Ghandi-ish for Somerby to be so lacking in empathy toward Hillary. MLK would not approve of his attitude toward her.

    Tacitus said: "It is human nature to hate the man [or woman] whom you have hurt."

    Somerby, with his support for Sanders and his inability to support Clinton, threw this election to Trump. Now he shows his animosity toward liberals and toward Clinton, both of whom were hurt by his behavior during the election. Many others were hurt too, but not those white male Trump voters who he thinks need all the empathy. They will suffer, but their candidate wasn't sabotaged by Somerby's actions. Ours was. At a minimum, Somerby owes us all an apology, not ongoing abuse.

    1. Thanks for sharing that brilliant quote from Tacitus. A profound insight.

  8. Another asinine column, Mr. Somerby. Kathy Griffin speaks for herself, and no one else. You now seem to be claiming that all liberals, ALL of us, must police everything that ANY liberal says ANYWHERE, for fear that they might hurt the tender feelings of conservatives. By the way, do you have some sort of list of liberals, Bob, so you can share that with us? You assume Griffin is a liberal. Perhaps she is. Perhaps not. How do you know?
    Did you give a damn when Ted Nugent called Hillary a bitch, and talked publicly, to applause, of shooting her?
    No...I didn't think so.
    How the hell can you keep writing this drivel? Are you even a liberal? What is the point of this nonsense? Are you advocating some kind of thought police, for liberals only? Why don't you ever point out this kind of bs when it comes from the right?
    Another day, another step closer to my never reading your blog again.
    So now, I guess we must all get together and stop Mark Ruffalo from his next liberal tirade.
    But let's be sure and never discuss Trump's bs, or Hannity's get the point...or do you?

    Do you track your readership? It's probably sinking like a stone.
    Your former good work is being undone by your current insanity. This column is absolute garbage today.

  9. Oh no! Kathy Griffin, a liberal, said something mean. I feel so terrible! I, being liberal, am guilty for the utterances of all liberals everywhere, and I must atone for my sins.

  10. So when Hillary tells how she felt "creeped" out during the debate, that's called "victimization"? Got it. A liberal must never state her feelings.
    Meanwhile, a Trump supporter feels aggrieved by people wanting to remove Confederate monuments...and that's perfectly ok. Got it.
    A black person feels offended by confederate monuments and racist history, but that's "identity politics." White men protesting the removal of said monuments are just expressing their honest emotions. Got it.

  11. Say what you will. I remember the "Debate". Trump was stalking Clinton, pure and simple.

  12. Hillary was victimized by dishonest press and media reports for twenty-five years. She isn't whining. I feel I have to respect her, even though I hated voting for her because of her devotion to the neoconservatives and war. Why should I care about Kathy Griffin (whoever she is)? She sounds like a thoroughly unpleasant person. A mean drunk.

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