How much contempt does the New York Times have!


For you, and for kids who are black:
How much contempt does the New York Times have for you, and for kids who are black and Hispanic?

Consider this piece in Sunday's New York Times Magazine.
It was written by Alice Yin.

Who is Alice Yin, you ask? You're asking a very good question!

She graduated from college this June. Today, as a "James Reston Reporting Fellow," she's writing that Sunday magazine piece about low-income/minority schooling. Good jobs at low wages!

We'll review the report's hackneyed content next week. For today, we'll offer you this:

It certainly isn't Alice Yin's fault. But this famous newspaper is filled with contempt for you and for low-income kids.

Also, of course, for their parents.

The James Reston Reporting Fellowship: "The New York Times Company offers the James Reston Reporting Fellowship to senior and graduate students who are studying journalism..."

It's good enough for low-income kids' work! For more information, click here.


  1. Here's the 2nd paragraph of Yin's article. The racial makeup of the U.S. school system is shifting. Public schools are seeing surges in the enrollment of students of color; Latinos are leading the increases, while the numbers of white students are shrinking. White families in cities like Washington are flocking to private schools, where fewer black students are in attendance.

    Note that Yin apparently doesn't consider Asians to be "students of color".

  2. "Our liberal leadership has been corrupt for decades. Our liberal rank and file, like all rank and files, tends to be lazy, true-believing and dumb." --Bob Somerby, Friday, September 8, 2017

    "this famous newspaper is filled with contempt for you" --Bob Somerby, Friday, September 8, 2017

    "Bob Somerby's TDH is filled with contempt for liberals." --Anonymous, Friday, September 8, 2017

    This anonymous poster, as of Friday, September 8, 2017, a reader for years, is on the verge of cancelling his subscription to TDH...

    1. Why, oh why, is every disaffected reader here always just on the verge of ceasing to read Bob's posts and to share their amazingly banal reactions to said posts? If you have been reading this site "for years," one might
      imagine that a certain trend in Bob's thoughts and blogging patterns might have become apparent to you long before now. But since you seem to have detected it now, and it seems to genuinely offend you, why not simply seek out one of the numerous liberal blogging communities where your obvious neediness can be properly catered to, maybe via a Prime membership? If you feel you have reason to stop reading TDH, please, please stop threatening to do so and just once and for all do it.

    2. Why, oh why are you so sensitive to criticism of Bob's blog? Are you Bob?

    3. Unknown splits duties as a Bob-whisperer and Mao's puppy.

    4. Well, my innumerable Anonymous Friends, the insults are always appreciated. But I simply say what I think. It would help if the criticisms of both Bob and Mao weren't so knee-jerk and predictable. The "by golly, I'm about to stop reading this blog!" posts here, for instance, are so numerous they could be printed off and bound to fill a fat book. Please do the world a favor, stop mooning around on the ledge, and freaking just jump already!

    5. I asked why you were so sensitive to criticism of Bob's blog. That's not an insult. You, on the other hand, insulted ME. My reactions are "banal", I am "needy", oh and I'm a "liberal", an assumption on your part.
      But thanks for the advice: "Bob's blog: love it or leave it." The cry of the fascist. You notice I didn't tell you to leave, "Unknown".

    6. No, but you just said I'd loosed "the cry of a a fascist," which I'm guessing in your world is somehow not an insult, but, which, nonetheless, goes far to compromise your pseudo-angelic self-image. Speaking only for myself, I am just sick to death of people here using the rhetorical device that if specific things about this blog don't change and quickly, they are going to stop reading it, as if there is anyone on earth except themselves who would care one iota if they did exactly that. If you did anything like voice serious, substantial criticisms of things that Bob says here, I would have no trouble with that. But wasn't your point above, in the comment I replied to, that Bob had better stop saying so many mean things about liberals or you'll stop reading his blog? (And by the way, if you were not, in fact, a liberal, why would you take offense at the comments Bob made today, which revolve around liberals?) The love it or leave it formulation is, in effect, yours, since it's you who has threatened to leave this blog, due to not loving it enough. I'm just urging you to live up to the promise inherent in your own implicit principle.

    7. My God, maybe you shouldn't read the comments, since it causes you such grief.
      And excuse me, but I DO voice serious criticisms. The fact that you don't find them valid isn't my problem. I think Bob can handle the criticism, anyway. He's a big boy. And no, your interpretation of my comment is bullshit. I didn't say Bob better stop saying "mean things about liberals." That's a childish notion that shows more about yourself and your psyche. I am expressing, as is my right, some disagreement with Bob's views. Perhaps Bob would like to have some honest feedback from his readers, even if you want to shut them up. I have read and admired Bob's blog since 1999, bub.
      You need to calm down. And it isn't your place to try to silence me or anyone. It's still a free country, isn't it?
      And, news flash, Bob Somerby is a liberal.

  3. When did America become untethered from reality?

    I haven't read that. I'm just throwing it out there. The Daily Howler community can take it or leave it.

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