BREAKING: Woodruff wars with Trump Era 6!


What we have here is a failure:
Last night, we watched Judy Woodruff go to war with The Trump Era 6.

The discussion started nicely enough. On the PBS NewsHour, Woodruff introduced the dispiriting segment in the way shown below.

To watch the tape or read the transcript, you can just click here:
WOODRUFF (1/23/18): As we reflect on President Trump’s first year in office, we check back in with some familiar faces.

I sat down last night with a group of six voters in the swing state of Virginia, most of whom I had first talked to during the election year.

(Videotape begins)

Thank you all, again, for talking with us. We do appreciate it very much, a year-and-a-half later than the conversation we had with five of you in August of 2016.

So I’m going to start this evening with the host, the gentleman whose home we’re having this conversation in, Bill Lupinacci.

Thank you very much for having us here. Let’s just start with the basic question. How do you think things are going in this country right now?
Judy hoped to reflect on Trump's first year with some familiar faces. The whole thing started nicely enough. But by the time the segment was done, we hoped there were six separate ways out of her host's abode!

In the case of one participant, we were struck by an almost total lack of knowledge concerning the way to speak to others. If you watch the tape or read the transcript, you can try to guess who we mean. We'll give you one last hint:

This person voted for Candidate Clinton, the same darn way we did!

We thought last evening's brief discussion presented the very picture of an atomized society. We thought a few of the familiar faces weren't hugely skilled at the ancient task of speaking to other people. We also thought that Woodruff herself brought little to the table.

We'll offer a bit of background concerning one participant. Trump supporter Corey Solivan graduated from Penn State in 2004. He'd earned a degree in electrical engineering, a subject known to be hard.

Today, he's Director of National & Strategic Accounts for Consolidated Networks Corporation. He's also Managing Member of C2S LLC, which he describes thusly:

"C2S is my personal LLC that I plan to grow and develop beyond a sole proprietorship and successfully graduate as an 8a minority owned disadvantaged small business."

Solivan's LLC is a "minority-owned disadvantaged small business?" We're not real clear on what that means, but we were a bit surprised by some of that, given Solivan's role in last night's non-conversation conversation.

Is our society losing cohesion? Just watch the tape of last night's "discussion." You'll get a chance to find out!

Full disclosure: We went to several dances when we were in high school which ended up something like this.


  1. "Is our society losing cohesion?"

    Ha-ha, do you really need to ask, Bob? Your utterly repulsive 'tribe' keeps manufacturing one hysteria after another, one moral panic after next, not to mention non-stop 'identity'-mongering bullshit outrage. Cohesion? You have gotta be kidding Bob.

    1. We now know two things: Bob voted for Clinton, and he thinks Trump is unhinged.

  2. I didn't find the discussion terribly disturbing. They didn't throw punches, and one of the participants (Farah Imam) says "The civil discourse that we’re having allows for us to find common ground."

    None were asked to defend their views, even when some were repeating what resembled talking points.

    As far as the "Clinton supporter" that Bob found so troubling, which one? There were two who said they voted for Clinton, two who didn't vote for Trump, and two Trump voters. Just tell us which voter you objected to and why. I'm not going to try to guess.

    If you're going to specifically object to a Clinton voter's approach, where is your objection to this: Alison Katzman, Trump supporter, decries the "deterioration of our culture" because of "liberal" values
    like "transgender everything" and "gay marriage." Oh, and Haiti is a shithole.

    Perhaps Woodruff should've invited Somerby to show us how it's done. I think I'll write her to promote that idea.

  3. There's an old saying: never discuss politics or religion. And that saying has been around for an awfully long time. In other words, the difficulty in discussing these topics is nothing new. And average citizens have never, at any time, been geniuses in the art of debating.

  4. At least these six people with passionate and opposing views were willing to sit down together and try to discuss their views. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. That may be a hopeful or positive view of this discussion. Or, you can take Somerby's bleak, pessimistic view of it: the participants didn't state things the right way, or said things that bothered Somerby, therefore our society is hopelessly atomized.

  5. Bill Lupinacci said: Racism in this country is becoming emboldened and out of control. And it is reminiscent of things that have happened in other governments in past years, such as the Weimar Republic... when Hitler rose to power...

    I don't know how people can talk this way. Is he too young to remember jobs closed to Jews, Asians, and blacks. He must have read about lynchings, about the Holocaust. He must be aware that the US twice elected a black President, that South Carolina elected an Asian Governor, etc. No doubt he's just repeating some narrative, but can't he see for himself how wildly exaggerated it is?

    1. "He must be aware that the US twice elected a black President..."

      Then they overlooked the bigotry of Trump, due to Democrats working with Wall Street. I mean, you did see Trump voters burn Trump Tower to the ground after he handed the economy to Wall Street, didn't you?

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    1. How many jobs did Steve's psychoanalyst wife "create" with her tax break windfall?

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