BREAKING: Selling Hope Hicks and other excitements!


What "human beings" are like:
Last night, Lawrence spotted the latest bombshell. We refer to the alleged BREAKING NEWS which appears in this New York Times front-page report.

(The lead writer on that report is Jo Becker. Horrifically, Becker was the lead reporter on the Times' 4400-word pseudo-report in 2015 concerning the Uranium One deal and Hillary Clinton's vast appalling treasonous and evil misconduct.)

That latest front-page report strikes us as rather flimsy. We expect to discuss its contents tomorrow. For today, let's discuss the way it was peddled last night.

The Times report concerns Hope Hicks, a 29-year-old former model who strongly resembles a 29-year-old former model. If you watched Lawrence burn last night's hour away discussing this latest front-page report, you might have noticed an obvious point:

On "cable news," they love love love love love love love to show you their photos of Hicks. MSNBC has about a dozen smokin' hot photos of Hicks. They rotated their smokin' hot photos all through the program last night.

They love to air their photos of Hicks! Put a slightly different way, they love to sell youngish female flesh. This type of peddling is quite widespread on "cable news"—and no, we don't mean just on Fox. If you haven't noticed this fact, there may be more you don't notice.

Let's skip from there to this morning's column by the late Gail Collins. Despite her retirement, which occurred years ago, Collins still writes several columns per week. Today, she wanted to write a column about Donald J. Trump having sex.

More specifically, she wanted to write about Stormy Daniels while pretending she wasn't. Meanwhile, her editor wanted to run a photo of Daniels with her bosoms hanging out.

On line, as you can see, that's what her editor did. In a way that's more and more blindingly obvious, this is who and what the Times, and its readership, actually is.

Collins spent the first half of her column talking about Donald J. Trump having sex, offering periodic gibes about the fact that she was doing so. At that point, she finally pretended to discuss an actual topic. This is the way upper-end members of our laughable species actually want to behave.

Across the page, Nicholas Kristof was engaged in his usual high-minded moral musing. To accomplish this task, he found the craziest (marginal) candidate in the country and began discussing this person's various crazy statements..

Soon, this led him to muse about Donald J. Trump. At that point, he just couldn't help himself. He decided to spend some time poking the gentleman's wife:
KRISTOF (2/1/18): Sykes doesn’t seem to acknowledge the personal wreckage of his idol, our president, a serial adulterer who appears to have cheated on his three wives. Sykes is not alone in his myopia there: A new Quinnipiac poll finds that 72 percent of Republicans consider Trump a good role model for children.

(It’s tough to know whether Betrayed Wife No. 3 agrees; she wore to her hubby’s State of the Union address a white pantsuit of the kind that Clinton made a symbol of feminism.)
Sad. But what do they really want to discuss? They want to talk about clothing and haircuts. They want to talk about people having sex. They want to poke and prod the wives of politicians of whom they disapprove.

This is what they're actually like.

This is what they're actually like inside the flaps of our own liberal tents. Just so you'll know, people are dead all over the Middle East because they did this for two years to Candidate Gore, who, they said, among so many things, had "hired a woman to teach him how to be a man."

Last night, Our Darling Rachel closed her show with another of her appalling performance segments designed to make us adore her more fully. We liberals simply aren't bright enough to see through this ridiculous person's growing dementia. Worse, we seem to like her mugging and clowning, along with her bottomless self-involvement.
Our nation is sinking into the sea. These are some of the ways our liberal tribe has enabled this rather obvious process.

The Times does this much more than the Post. By law, though, you can't be told.

Credit where due: There was no mention today of Seamus the Irish setter. For many years, these have been the sorts of things these consummate upper-class overpaid burnouts actually want to discuss.


  1. "Our nation is sinking into the sea"

    Hey, it took Rome centuries to fall.

    And since nuclear war has (for now) been avoided by psycho-witch losing, this disintegration is not going to happen overnight either. Probably... I reckon...

    1. You really need to get your Kremlin talking points straight, Boris.

    2. Luckily the witch didn't hand the economy to wall Street either.
      BTW, Trump voters, who are REALLY sick of the rigged economy, and not at all turned on by Trump's bigotry, dontchaknow, will be burning Trump Tower to the ground any minute in protest. LOL.

    3. "Luckily the witch didn't hand the economy to wall Street either."

      You mean like that fat, marmalade fuck is doing? Laugh that one off, jackass.

  2. "We liberals simply aren't bright enough to see through this ridiculous person's growing dementia."

    Have you had a checkup lately, Bob?

  3. "Sad. But what do they really want to discuss? They want to talk about clothing and haircuts. They want to talk about people having sex. They want to poke and prod the wives of politicians of whom they disapprove. "

    The highlighted passage, about Melania's clothing, is the only time Kristof makes any reference to Trump's wife. His piece is about women's empowerment and the long slog out of male domination in Western society. Sykes represents a distinct throwback to days gone by; his views are disagreeable.

    Trump's treatment of women is relevant. Remember these greatest hits: that one woman accusing him of sexual harassment wasn't good-looking enough (that was Trump's defense), Cruz's wife wasn't good-looking like Melania, protecting himself from std's was his personal Vietnam, he bursts in on scantily clad or naked beauty contestants (some quite young), the Access Hollywood tape, his fixation with the size of his "hands", Megyn Kelly had "blood coming out of her whatever", and on and on. He is the president, and he has done these things. His party enacts policies that impact women, some of them negatively, and some driven by attitudes like Trump's and Sykes'.

    Only Somerby would characterize Kristof's article as talking about "clothing and haircuts." And Kristof's is an opinion piece, where he is allowed to disapprove of a nut job like Sykes.

    As far as "talking about people having sex?" When sex is used as a weapon to control others, then, yes, it should be talked about.

    I sometimes wonder if Somerby is writing these outrageous posts just to rile people up.

    1. Have to agree. re Kristof's article, one gets the impression that Bob speed reads, finds his mark, and makes that the center of his criticism. In this case, Kristof makes historical references that I find worthy of research, and is clearly supportive of feminism.

      Sad, Bob. Let's see a post on black holes, which I think you promised us. It's got to be better than this.


    2. "It's got to be better than this." Dream on.

      Robert Mercer

  4. The story about Margaret Chase Smith having to use the visitors bathroom reminds me of a somewhat similar episode at New York Life Insurance Company. Somewhere in the late 1950's, a woman named Nora Beattie completed her actuarial exams. Internal procedure meant that she had to be named a first level corporate officer. There was a Men's room for officers, but no Women's room. The corporation didn't think there would be any more female officers, so they didn't want to build a whole Women's room just for Nora Beattie. Instead they put a lock on one of the stalls in the existing Women's room with Beattie having the key.

    1. How do you imagine we are supposed to feel about this story, especially those of us who are female. Do you think it is funny and makes us smile? Do you think any of us sigh and say those were the days?

      Many of us feel angry and sad about such stories. Feeling that way isn’t a good thing that brightens our day. It is a kind of daily assault that reminds us we are never equal, mever safe, never welcome, never able to relax and hope for success and a different world.

      Why would you want to make women you don’t even know feel bad by telling an awful story like this. Isn’t there a kitten you can step on somewhere around your own house?

    2. Give me a break, Anon 12:10. I told this story because it's true. I'm sorry it makes you feel sad. Stories about the Holocaust make me feel sad, since family members of mine were in the camps, but I put up with them.

      IMHO this story demonstrates how dumb the management of New York Life was 60 years ago.

      Your belief that women are never welcome is baloney. When I started in the insurance business, only a minority of women were actuaries. Today, new actuaries are as likely be women as men. Today, more women than men are going to medical school.

      Last night I attended a talk by Pam Melroy. She's a alum of Wellesley College, which my wife attended. Pam was a NASA astronaut. She served as pilot on Space Shuttle missions STS-92 and STS-112 and commanded mission STS-120. Note that she was the Mission Commander in 2007 -- eleven years ago.

      Anon 12:10 -- success is open to you in any field you choose. Go for it!

    3. I don’t need you to tell me what I can and cannot do. That is the point. So take your stories and shove them.

  5. On each rare occasion I turn the channel to Rachel she has gotten more manic than the last. Strange woman and there is obviously something wrong.