BREAKING: Tailgunner Joe visits liberal cable!


Tailgunner Rachel's prime target:
We're often struck by Rachel Maddow's strong McCarthyite tendency. There's no one she pursues more strongly in this disreputable old way than she does Carter Page.

Has Carter Page been in league with the Russkies? Like Maddow, we have no way of knowing.

That said, Maddow loves to string Page up. Consider one of the ways she conned her viewers last night.

Maddow noted the fact that Page gave a speech in Moscow in the summer of 2016. Here's what Our Own Tailgunner said:
MADDOW (2/1/18): In July, now as an announced senior foreign policy adviser to Donald Trump, Carter Page took a trip to Moscow. And he gave what was basically an anti-U.S., pro-Vladimir Putin speech in Moscow at a Putin-connected university. He denounced U.S. sanctions on Russia.

He would later admit that while he was there, he met with high-ranking Russian officials, including the deputy prime minister of Russia, as well as at least one official from the Russian gas company Rosneft. He later admitted that he had those meetings when he went to Moscow that July, although he had initially denied them.
To watch this presentation, click here, move ahead to the 8-minute mark.

Let's try to ignore that Tailgunner language about giving an "anti-U.S. speech." Believe it or not, Page is entitled to his views about US-Russia relations. Some major figures on the left and the right agree with his general drift.

(We ourselves hold no particular views on such topics.)

Ignore that Tailgunner language. Focus instead on Maddow's claim that Page "would later admit that while he was there, he met with high-ranking Russian officials, including the deputy prime minister of Russia."

For what it's worth, there's no law against meeting with the deputy PM of the Russkies. That said, did Page "later admit" to such a meeting?

Well actually, no, he didn't. Consider the games Rachel played:

As Maddow made the statement we've quoted last night, the text shown below appeared on the screen. It comes from this news report in the Wall Street Journal:
while in Moscow, be "briefly said hello" to Arkady Dvorkovich, depity prime minister of Russia, and met with Andrey Baranov, head of investor relations at Russian oil giant PAO Rosneft.
As these killing machines will happily do, Rachel transformed a "briefly said hello" into a "meeting." Meanwhile, just for the record, how brief was the "brief hello" which Page later "admitted?"

The Journal report is referring to Page's testimony before the House Intelligence Committee last November. He testified that the "brief hello"—a brief handshake on his way from the stage—lasted five to ten seconds, "probably closer to five."

(To read the testimony, click here, see page 38. That testimony is the "later admission" to which Tailgunner Rachel referred.)

The killing machines have played it this way all through the annals of time. Page testified to a five-second handshake; for purposes of locking him up, Maddow transformed it into a "meeting." In this way, she shows her contempt for her millions of liberal viewers, and her love of the age-old instincts of a Tailgunner Joe.

Rachel Maddow has terrible instincts, a fact she's good at hiding. She's extremely good at selling the car, and she shouldn't be on the air.

Was Carter Page allied with the Russkies? We don't know, and neither does Maddow. (Warning! Other sleights-of-hand occurred in last night's segment.)

We do know tailgunners when we see them. Maddow has played it this way, in various instances, down through the long clowning years. Her instincts tell her that The Bad People badly need getting locked up.


  1. "For what it's worth, there's no law against meeting with the deputy PM of the Russkies."

    You godless commie traitor you...

  2. Oh, by the way, Bob, I'm reading about a recent drama/farce on your second favorite "trash MSNBC program", as Alex Christoforou calls it.

    Would you care to comment?

    1. Ah, trying to humor Bob in his dementia I see. Good for you. I'm sure he'll get around to this. He focuses on the important things, you know?

    2. Mao, that video of Mika Brzezinski and Michael Wolf is blocked in the US because of copyright issues. It's available at the NBC site.

    3. mao should be able to see it though, since it can likely be seen in St. Petersburg

  3. "Her instincts tell her that The Bad People badly need getting locked up."

    Is she saying that Page should be locked up? No she is not.

    The notion that bad people (i.e. criminals) should be locked up seems correct. McCarthy on the other hand wanted to lock up innocent people. So there's that.

    You covered this bull shit months ago, Bob, using the same lame arguments.

    1. The problem with Rachel, though, at least as Bob is presenting it here, is that she wants to declare who the bad people are on extremely flimsy grounds. Do you actually defend the transformation of a 5 to 6 second greeting into a “meeting,” etc. (speaking of “the reasoning of a child,” as yet another anonymous commenter does below)?

      If there’s one thing the comment section of this blog proves over and over again, it’s that for those who truly love her, Rachel can simply do no wrong.

    2. I don't love Rachel, indeed I have not watched her for at last 4 years.

      But Bob's obsessive hatred for Maddow used to puzzle me, until I realized that Bob really, really wants liberals to lose elections, and the likes of Trump and Moore to succeed. Just like the true TrumpTard he's become.

  4. So, Somerby's point seems to be that there may be a perfectly innocent explanation for Page's activities, while Maddow is suggesting there may be more to it.
    Well, duh. Both possibilities exist. It doesn't take a philosophy degree from Harvard to come up with that drop dead simple idea.
    But, because Maddow is suggesting there may be more to it (a reasonable theory, given the context of the Trump campaign and their interest in Russia), Somerby accuses Maddow of McCarthyism. Yeah, that seems fair and definitely not unbalanced. It certainly is up there with the reasoning of a child.

  5. If after the memo release anyone still believes there are liberals in the Democrat party, they are insane or extremely stupid.

    Liberalism in America is now promoted and defended solely by Republicans or unaffiliated citizens.

    1. Great.
      Republicans can now drop the "keep women in their place" schtick, and support abortion on demand.
      Double so, because they really do like to insist, ALL reality aside, that they are for 'small government".

      So, 5:30 PM, when are the "liberal Republicans" going to get their shit together and tell religious douchebags to fuck off?

    2. It's name is the Democratic party.

  6. You want to see McCarthyism, Somerby? Here it is, not from the news media, but from a sitting member of Congress from the party who controls that body and the Justice Dept, Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.):
    "The full-throated adoption of this illegal misconduct and abuse of FISA by James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates and Rod Rosenstein is not just criminal but constitutes treason."
    Gosar said he would urge Attorney General Jeff Sessions to seek "criminal prosecution against these traitors to our nation." Treason under the Constitution is punishable by death.

    1. Gosar can overturn the awful Patriot Act, or kindly shut his lying-ass mouth. We're done listening to the bullshitters like him.

    2. AnonymousFebruary 2, 2018 at 10:35 PM - the word "traitor" may be over the top, but what these people did was pretty frightening. The FBI and the Justice Dept. have enormous powers. If they are free to use these powers secretly to help the party in power win elections, that's awful. Everyone who cares about civil liberties should be angry and concerned.

      Sadly, most liberals have thrown civil liberties out the window on this issue. A welcome exception is Glenn Greenwald. You can hear him take the proper moral position at

    3. "Traitor" is what you call critics of spending > $3 Trillion to kick over the hornet;'s nest in the Middle East.
      As opposed to the term "Republican", which is what you call people who wanted the citizens of the USA to continue to suffer through the worst economic crash in 7 decades, just so the Democratic President would get the blame.

  7. Bob, your obsessive jealousy and envy of Maddow has made you completely unbalanced. You need to seek help immediately.

  8. "Her instincts tell her that The Bad People badly need getting locked up."

    This is the progressive left. There are no liberals in the Democratic party and what's left of it is frightening and must be defeated.