NO OTHERS NEED APPLY: The role of liberal embellishment culture!


Part 4—Basic facts lost, stolen and strayed:
We started our current report with an award-winning question.

Our question went something like this:

If someone staged a well-designed survey, how many people would say that none of the others were shot and killed by police in recent years?

Please understand! We wouldn't be asking if enough others have been shot and killed, based on their share of the population. Our question would be different:

We'd be asking if any of the others were shot and killed—if any were killed at all.

(In an alternate part of our survey, we'd ask a different type of question. We'd ask respondents to estimate how many others were shot and killed, as compared to the number of people shot and killed within the demographic on which press reports and political activism have focused in recent years.)

According to Yevtushenko, "not nothing" is lost every time a person is shot and killed! Whatever the demographic!

Very few people will agree with such an unusual claim. That said, we the people hear a great deal about certain killings, and we don't hear about certain others at all. We wonder how this selective coverage may have affected the public's understanding of certain basic statistical facts.

On a national basis, people won't hear about Bijan Ghaisar, whose death we cited on Monday. They didn't hear about John Geer, who was shot and killed in broad daylight while standing on his front porch.

They didn't see the videotape of Gilbert Flores being shot and killed in Texas. They didn't see the videotape of the "other" kid who got shot and killed as he held a toy gun outside a convenience store.

(You can find such killings on YouTube.)

Our question on Monday was simple. As the deaths of these others have been disappeared, we wonder how many people may have ended up thinking that none of the others have been shot and killed by police in recent years.

Many such deaths have been disappeared. Then too, there's the key role embellishment has played, in recent years, in the deaths which do get widely discussed on a national basis.

In principle, it may well be well and good that these shooting deaths get discussed. It seems to us that embellishment, and flat misstatement, may not be gigantically helpful.

What kinds of embellishment do we mean? Consider something which happened when C-Span asked Kirsten West Savali to discuss the topic of "Race and Police Shootings."

(To watch her appearance on Washington Journal, you can just click here.)

Savali is an associate editor and senior writer for The Root. Shortly after the 8-minute mark, she was asked what the federal role should be in the area of police shootings.

In reply, Savali made an interesting comment:
SAVALI (3/31/18): Well, I would like to see action as far as—you know, under the Obama administration, there were all these reports done under Eric Holder's DOJ, and we still did not see police officers being charged with hate crimes.

There were a lot of great reports, there were a lot of information, so at the very least, if you're supposed to represent this country, you should be able to speak out on the violence we see in these communities.
Under Holder, the Justice Department did produce some major reports about police shootings. It was interesting to see Savali praise these reports, because the DOJ's report about the shooting of Michael Brown explained, in great detail, why the police officer in question wasn't charged with a federal hate crime.

Indeed, the DOJ report went much farther than that. It explicitly said that every shot the officer fired had been justified. Holder specifically said that he endorsed this report.

Was that a sensible, sound assessment? We can't answer that question. But we can tell you this:

That report has been widely disappeared within our liberal "community." Indeed, at the 3-minute mark of that same C-Span tape, Savali had already made these comments after C-Span's Paul Orgel specifically mentioned Ferguson:
ORGEL: Why does this happen in the way it happens these days? And has anything improved since Ferguson?

SAVALI: Well, you know, I don't think we can say "these days." You know, let's talk about Jimmie Lee Jackson, who was assassinated by a state trooper in Alabama in 1965 trying to get voting rights.

We can talk about Larry Payne. You know, this is the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King. Larry Payne was sixteen years old. He also had his hands up. They were also saying, "Don't shoot him."

He was sixteen years old and he was shot by a police officer. So when we talk about what's happened since Ferguson, you know what's happened since then, what's happened since the inception of police departments, there's a continuum of slave patrols who were meant to bring enslaved black people back to plantations...
Larry Payne was shot and killed in Memphis, in 1968, in the aftermath of one of Dr. King's marches on behalf of the city's sanitation workers.

For more information, click here.
Now let's return to the more recent past:

By any normal interpretation, Savali is still saying, in that passage, that Michael Brown had his hands up when he was shot and killed in Ferguson, with onlookers saying "Don't shoot him."

One of the Holder reports—reports which Savali praised—explicitly rejected all such claims about the death of Michael Brown. But within our modern liberal world, "embellishment culture" is very strong when it comes to such events.

We liberals! We disappear the deaths of the others—and beyond that, we rearrange basic facts concerning the deaths we do choose to discuss. Basically, our rearrangement of basic facts takes three basic forms:
Basic elements of modern embellishment culture:
1) We invent inaccurate facts which make the event more horrific.
2) We disappear accurate facts which would make the event less horrific.
3) We stress wholly irrelevant facts, thereby adding pathos to our novelized storylines.
Hillary Clinton's chapter about black shooting deaths was larded with these behaviors. Unless we liberals have decided to embrace a very brave new world, it seems to us that such behavior is just extremely unattractive and bad.

Let's set those slave patrols to the side and consider our own more recent behavior. It seems to us that own own behavior is often very bad.

We've created a liberal embellishment culture. We'd like to see a survey of the kinds of false belief our behavior may have caused.

Tomorrow: Let's take a look at the numbers


  1. One way that liberals successfully rearrange facts is by ignoring non-liberal media. Lots of conservative media pointed out that the Brown killing was found to be justified.

    Ignoring conservative media is particularly unfortunate when liberals address what conservatives believe. Many liberals have a wrong idea of what conservatives believe, because they rely on versions presented by other liberals, rather than what the conservatives actually say.

    1. Hannity? Limbaugh? Alex Jones? Where do you think liberals get their ideas of what conservatives believe these days?

    2. Reading actual conservative websites is horrifying.

    3. Dave - Look who's talking! Conservative media has been designed to demonize Liberal and mainstream media and cocoon their audiences so they never see it and distrust in fear it.

      I agree though that liberals should listen to conservative media, read it excetera.

      I listen to Hannity all the time in the car and it's always shocking. It's mostly commercials. When he's on it's usually carefully carefully constructed innuendo but a lot of the times it's simply shocking at the degree of propaganda and lies that foists on his audience who are mostly innocent and well-meaning people.

      There will be a special place in hell for that guy.

      But I agree and I know that liberals also are propagandized and should try to understand the parts of conservatism that are truthful and key word, in good faith.

    4. See, this is what Comrade DinC means by

      "Conservative Media"

      Minutes before Sean Hannity went live Wednesday evening on Fox News, President Trump tweeted that there would be a “big show tonight,” imploring followers to tune in. As it turns out, that show featured Hannity outlining—with the help of a conspiratorial board—the “criminal” connections of Bill and Hillary Clinton, special counsel Robert Mueller, and former FBI Director James Comey. Throughout the lengthy, rambling monologue, Hannity accused Mueller of prosecutorial impropriety....

      What we are witnessing now is full on autocratic State Media coordinating with the President of the US to obstruct justice. And treasonous bastard DinC is just fine with that. Hey David, I thought you read 1984. It doesn't seem you understood it though.

    5. AnonymousApril 12, 2018 at 2:10 PM - I agree with you about Hannity. I never listen to or watch him.

    6. "I agree with you about Hannity. I never listen to or watch him."

      You're missing nothing. it's the same BS and lies the rest of the Conservatives, you do listen to and watch, serve up.

    7. AnonymousApril 12, 2018 at 6:10 PM - I invite you to read eight or nine of Thomas Sowell's books. I think you'll find them factual and well-sourced.

    8. 6:42,
      I read his defense of Goldberg's "Liberal Fascism". Deep-thinker, Thomas Sowell. LOL

      I see Sowell, like Dershowitz, is so dedicated to civil rights, he supports torture.

      I haven't read is books, so maybe in them he doesn't try to make an ass of himself.

  2. Uncle Vova's foreign ministry says the Brits may be holding the Skripals hostage, Yulia's ostensible statement may not be authentic.

    Mr Trump is not so eager to attack Syria. Maybe Uncle Vova's warnings had some effect.

  3. "We'd be asking if any of the others were shot and killed—if any were killed at all."

    Well, they certainly should've heard about not-so-recent events in Ruby Ridge Idaho, and then in Waco Texas, where the FBI murdered, in total, over 80 people. All of them The Others. And the FBI was actually kinda proud of it.

    But then a couple of The Others retaliated by blowing up a federal building in Oklahoma City, murdering 168 people. And then it stopped, the FBI stopped doing it. On a massive scale, anyway.

    1. "But then a couple of The Others retaliated by blowing up a federal building in Oklahoma City, murdering 168 people. "

      Checkout Mao calling "Conservatives" "The Others".

    2. Utter nonsense from Mao. The government officials involved in those incidents were largely The Others, conservative republicans.

      Ruby Ridge and Waco are incidences widely known amongst the public. Ruby Ridge involved the death of two citizens and one US Marshal. Waco deaths were largely self inflicted from the fire set by the cult members. (Full disclosure I actually worked on a academy award nominated doc about Waco, privy to many unseen interviews and footage)

      The FBI have stopped nothing. Leadership in general was slightly improved under Obama's influence.

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  5. Hillary Clinton's chapter was not about black shooting deaths -- it was about her campaign and about the mothers of those young black men who were shot and their efforts to combat gun violence. Fine, if Somerby wants to criticize the way those mothers saw their sons' deaths. But why is he blaming Clinton for that?

    Somerby thinks that no one hears about non-black shootings. That is so far from true as to be ridiculous. We all watch local news. We all read a local paper. THAT is where those deaths are reported. They don't receive national attention because they don't reflect a national problem the way police bias against black men does (as claimed by groups like BLM). Unless Somerby wants to start a White Lives Matter group -- oh, wait, someone already did that -- there is no reason for each and every non-black shooting death to be reported nationally. Similarly, we never heard about local car accidents nationally, and we never hear about the missing elderly who have wandered away from a nursing home, or the opening of another Walmart, or weather and how it will affect tomorrow's sporting events. None of this gets reported nationally either -- yet we do get the word and we are aware of such happenings. How on earth does it happen?

    It is offensive that Somerby has taken to telling us all that we don't care when someone the wrong color gets shot by police, because only black lives matter. We went through this argument back when BLM was first selling t-shirts. This stinks and Somerby needs to stop this blog or take a break and get his head straight. He is off the deep end and writing crap.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I don’t watch local news. I tried to watch a half-hour segment some years ago, which averages about 20 minutes I’d say because it’s just filler, and they twice – two times – reported video of an adorable baby dressed in a NFL uniform-style baby shirt. I guess it must have been a slow night for the “bleed and lead” brigade. But I’ve never gone back. And anyway, local gossip is much more entertaining. A lot of embellishment occurs, but then, you know you’re talking to a human being, not absorbing a local news show.

      Bob is technically correct. Remember, this is a media criticism blog. The MSM tends to focus on shootings of black people. Chalk that up to increased awareness, due mainly to the BLM movement in my view. Also, the ability to record events as they occur, such as through cell phones, dash cams etc. Also, that video and forensic evidence exists of black people being shot in the back. We know it happens in our new, “colorblind” society, where before such facts were largely hidden. For a very long time.

      According to Bob, they rarely report on the “other groups,” and that may to be true, unless the “others” are likened to terrorists. Funny how brown people qualify, but white people, not so much when they commit acts of terrorism.

      If only we could stop arming our police. Things would be so much nicer.


  6. Last time I saw coverage of a shooting of a black individual, the press interviewed relatives and neighbors who were witnesses to the police activity, if not the actual shooting. They supplied a great deal of the misinformation reported about the shooting. Then the attorney representing the family provided a bunch more erroneous and irrelevant information (pictures of the victim at age 12, descriptions of his hobbies and college plans, etc.) to try to affect the outcome of the civil suit inevitably filed against police.

    Neither the bystanders, nor the friends and families, nor the attorney for the family, nor "witnesses" fabricating stories, are LIBERALS. They are, however, a major source of the embellishments reported by the media after such a shooting. And that press is not a LIBERAL press, nor is it representing LIBERAL interests. It is promoting its own business goals of selling advertising and attracting viewers. So it rushes around collecting more of this kind of "embellishment." All of this occurs before the conservative websites start reporting their own versions of facts intended to smear the victim and exonerate the police, because that is their particular axe to grind. Somerby considers these facts to be particularly accurate and not embellishments at all. Conservatives dig up and circulate things like previous arrests by black men with the same name as the victim (often not the same person), witnesses who saw him go for a gun or attack the cop, reports that drugs were involved, vendettas by community groups against the cop involved, and so on. All of this circulates outside the mainstream media and is believed whole cloth by conservatives who then call the media reports fake news.

    Apparently Somerby too considers these alternative facts to be the real ones and the media reporting to be "embellishments" made by LIBERALS. Why doesn't he just change his voter registration and be done with it. The world needs another conservative blog. That will be the ultimate howler.

    1. Well said. BS lies by claiming to be a liberal when he is really an old, southern, conservative, white guy.

  7. Talk about a hypocrite. Misleading Bob.

    "On a national basis, people won't hear about Bijan Ghaisar, whose death we cited on Monday."
    Actually you cited it Friday, and lied about it then. We wrote then:

    "Bijan Ghaisar's shooting did not go unnoticed or uncovered, Bob. It was a huge national story when the police video was released in January. He wasn't disappeared because he was not black.

    In fact Bob, the nation's oldest black civil rights group condemned the Park Police3's conduct in the investigation.

    But Bob isn't satisfied repeating one lie. He adds "They didn't hear about John Geer, who was shot and killed in broad daylight while standing on his front porch."

    In August, 2013 it was covered as a local story in the DC media market, then Fairfax County covered up the facts, including that he was unarmed, for 17 months.

    The Washington Post began following the story in 2014 and stayed with it as a major story until the officer pleaded guilty to manslaughter in 2016.

    But these days two lies is not enough for Somereby, He needs a hat trick: "They didn't see the videotape of Gilbert Flores being shot and killed in Texas."

    "Gilbert Flores Shooting by Bexar County Deputies Near San Antonio"

    "Videos show Texas deputies shoot man - CNN"

    "Bexar County Sheriff says Gilbert Flores, Texas man killed"

    "2nd Video Brings 'Clarity' to Gilbert Flores Police Shooting"...

    Bob's tribal disappearance of the facts to further his own meme is yet another example of ever escalating hypocrisy.

    1. Video shows Park Police fired nine shots into Bijan Ghaisar’s Jeep

      US Park Police fired 9 times, killing motorist, video shows - CNN

      Police Video Shows Officers Fire Nine Shots at Bijan Ghaisar ...

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

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    In any case, they don't belong here and they indicate what a lazy blog owner Somerby is and how little he cares about his readers.

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