BREAKING: Cable star seeks personal peace!


Admits she's "slightly obsessed:"
Twelve minutes into last night's program, a major corporate cable news star made a peculiar remark:
MADDOW (12/21/18): I mean, we expected to be getting on the air tonight without a clear story to tell about whether or not the entire federal government was going to shut down at midnight.

We expected to be covering, this hour, ongoing wrangling and negotiations, potentially even last-minute votes. That is not the circumstances that we are in, because around dinner time East Coast time tonight, the Senate just decided, "Yeah, we all know this thing's going to shut down anyway. Why fight it? Why stay up late? We're old guys!"
To watch the whole segment, click here.

Maddow is never especially shy about the kind of remarks our team will sometimes denounce as "ageist," though only when such remarks are made by The Others. So it was with last night's wonderfully entertaining remarks about those comical "old guys."

For ourselves, we've never used the term "ageist." We'll just call the remarks in question "stupid" and leave our assessment at that.

That said, it wasn't the wonderful jibe about the "old guys" which seemed so odd to us. We've highlighted the cable star's oddest remark in that passage—her suggestion that she'd been bracing for the possibility that "the entire federal government" might perhaps shut down.

That, of course, was never a possibility, as everyone else on the face of the earth had reported and explained by the time of last night's show. Later in the program, an NBC reporter ran through the basic facts. ("I mean, I know that it's a little bit different in that 75 percent of the government is already funded. This is only going to affect 25 percent of the government.")

Presumably, someone even knew such things on Maddow's staff. This is what the cable star said as she continued, working from prepared text:
MADDOW (continuing directly): So there technically will be a partial government shutdown that initiates as of midnight tonight when funding for the government runs out. It's because there is no deal. There is no $5 billion for the president to build a wall or a moat or steel slats or a decorative pergola on the long southern land border between our country and Mexico. There's none of that. There's no deal.
After floating the idea of a shutdown of the entire government, Maddow now copped to a partial shutdown. So it goes on the increasingly narcissistic program.

Last night, it started like this:
MADDOW: Let us start with a simple thing. Let us start with a news development that is almost pure in its simplicity and its straightforwardness and its crystal clear implications for what should happen and what likely will happen next. As an, as an—

I find this comforting. As a news story, this is just kind of perfect, the way like a pecan pie is perfect, or a sunrise, right?

All right. Today, this news story, I have found, has been sort of my, my order in the midst of chaos. You ready to becalm yourself with me right now? All right.

Right now, the White House chief of staff is John Kelly...
The Maddow Show routinely concerns the feelings of Rachel Maddow. These reports will be mixed with endless speculation about how much time various Others will have to spend in jail.

Few other things matter on this show. For example:

According to the Nexis archives, the cable star who fronts this program hasn't said the word"Yemen" all year. Last night, she burned the first twelve minutes of her show with a rather selective report about a trivial incident which doesn't seem to be fully understood at the present time.

That said, the somewhat poorly understood story involves a deputy to Kelly. The host dished out some selective facts. After 12 minutes of time had been killed (with speculations about jail time ahead), we viewers got to hear this:
MADDOW: So like, this is how I relax now. This is what counts as like my happy place. It's like a relaxing, comforting turn in the news these days.

It is like people upload it to Twitter like those pictures, those like little GIFs of like hedgehogs eating kernels of corn. It's like this is the equivalent of that.

Zone out and think about this for a while. Oh, garden variety, potentially criminal public corruption at the highest levels of the White House staff. That feels like a place of rest right now, which is telling about what else is going on right now in the news.

I mean, we expected to be getting on the air tonight without a clear story to tell about whether or not the entire federal government was going to shut down at midnight...
Viewers heard that odd remark about the entire government shutting down. Luckily, we also got to learn about this narcissistic multimillionaire cable clown's "happy place."

Later, we were treated to such inside information again. Maddow routinely seems disturbed by the thought of sexual activity among The Others. Almost surely, that explains the "slight obsession" she mentioned in this pair of teases:
MADDOW: It's been a whole bunch of interesting court filings related to the Mueller probe today. I will tell you we`re going to get to that a little bit later on this hour too, including the lifting of the gag order in the Maria Butina case. I am slightly obsessed with that case and that element of it. We will have more on that, coming up.

MADDOW: All right. Still ahead, a mystery developments in a Russian meddling case that is not one of the Robert Mueller cases, but this happened today. I'm slightly obsessed with it. That story is next.
It's always important for viewers to know what Maddow is slightly obsessed with—though if you can't spot the obsessions from watching her work, you may be absorbing too much of the tribe.

Let's say it again. According to the Nexis records, the host of this particular "cable news" show hasn't said the word "Yemen" even one time this year. Tens of thousands of children have been starved to death as part of that U.S.-linked war, but she keeps talking about how trivial players are maybe possibly and perhaps going to spend time in jail, especially if we don't consider the facts she may choose not to mention.

It's her place of peace! That, and she may have a "slight obsession" with Butina's boy friend, who may be facing some sort of indictment. (That's the gist of the new, minor fact about which she's slightly obsessed.)

She doesn't have a Butina sex tape yet, but if she gets one, she'll likely play it again and again, covering her ears like a little girl and pretending she doesn't want to. To us liberals, this seems like good fun!

She's slightly obsessed with Butina's sex life, but she's never mentioned the children of Yemen. At the present time, through no immediate fault on our own, this is who and what we liberals have become.

The little girl who got hit by the napalm in Vietnam and ran screaming away from her village? She wouldn't have made the cut on the Maddow Show. These are the values of our tribe, of the big giant stars we most love.

And no, this isn't all Maddow's "fault." Like so many others before her, she's been enabled in this descent every step of the way.

A note concerning our top career liberals: Just as they never criticized Chris Matthews or Maureen Dowd, they will never mention or criticize Maddow's downward spiral. Just as they never mentioned Olbermann's rank misogyny—except when they were speaking in private, on Ezra Klein's JournoList. (Their silence wasn't Klein's fault.)

Dearest darlings, use your heads! Careerist codes are in effect. This is the way we highly "rational" humans reason.


  1. Did the “old guys” comment get to Somerby? He’s spent 20 years pointing out the troubling youthfulness of various press people.

  2. “if you can't spot the obsessions from watching her work”

    Somerby needs to look in the mirror.

  3. Nothing says "moral standards" like voting for a self-admitted sexual predator as President of the United States.
    Get the fuck out of here, and take your psychological projection with you.

  4. 12:36,
    Every Conservative accusation is a confession.

  5. “She's slightly obsessed with Butina's sex life, but she's never mentioned the children of Yemen. At the present time, through no immediate fault on our own, this is who and what we liberals have become. “

    Maddow doesn’t say she is obsessed with “Butina’s sex life”, nor is that what she means. Somerby is lying again.

    The so-called “fact” that Maddow doesn’t mention Yemen becomes, in Somerby’s hands, the “fact” that this is “who and what we liberals have become.” Forget the fact that it has been covered elsewhere on Maddow’s own channel, and extensively in many non-MSNBC media outlets, such as the New York Times and the Post, to name two. Except, Somerby has never bothered to mention or even notice that coverage. In his warped mind, “liberal” = “Maddow” and “mainstream media”=“Maddow.”

  6. "Bob points out that liberals don't criticize other liberals. That's because they don't have moral standards."

    No, it's because they're zombies.

    Zombies attack the living, not other zombies. Everyone knows that.

  7. David,
    So you think liberals should be more like Conservatives? They should furrow their brows, be "very concerned' about things, and then just go vote to approve every action by their leader no matter what?
    Conservatives won't even show their "moral standards' when a 7-year old dies from dehydration at the border while their leader makes believe illegal immigration is getting worse.

  8. 1:24,
    Zombies aren't a real thing. Like David's Conservatives with "moral standards".

  9. "She's slightly obsessed with Butina's sex life"

    There's no sex life, even the goebbelsian establishment admitted that.

    Maria Butina is a garden variety political prisoner, held in the US jail, in solitary confinement, on false charges.

    And of course it's not surprising that one of deranged lib-zombie priestesses is extremely happy about it.

    1. She's a kleptocrat, like Trump.

    2. Sounds like something a Russian troll would post comrade.

    3. New dembot, eh? Welcome, welcome. The more the merrier.

  10. "Zombies aren't a real thing"

    You don't say? Whoa, dembots are getting more enlightened every year, ain't they?

  11. In the dembots defense, when comparing zombies and Conservatives with moral standards, zombies seem way more real.

  12. Only to a dembot, dembot. In reality, conservatism is all about preserving traditional "moral standards".

    Zombie honchos, on the other hand, tend to denounce those "standards" as racist, misogynistic, and what-not, and to demand the blind obedience to zombie priesthood. And zombie priests tend to make shit up as they go, with no standards whatsoever - just like David in Cal described @12:36 PM.

  13. Today's liberals are neurotics, today's conservatives are sociopaths.

  14. Was it moral standards that led George W Bush to lie about the reasons for going into the Iraq war, which turned out to be by far the worst crime of the millennium?

  15. Liberals bullshitted most about Iraq. Nytimes, and all the rest of 'em liberal geobbelses.

    And in any case, politicians are all bullshitters anyway, including, of course, all the Bushes. That's the job.

  16. Paul Ryan is a moral orangutan.

  17. I'd sure take orangutan over a dembot like yourself.

  18. So, Dave is right. Conservatives do have moral standards. Just not all of them, all the time. :)

  19. Dusty -- what Bush lie are your talking about? Surely you're aware that Bush believed Iraq had WMDs, since the spy agencies of America and our allies said that was the case.

  20. If Maddow is obsessed about anything, it is the corruption, venality and criminality of the Trump administration, his campaign, and his cronies, and how all of that plays out in the courts. And given the urgency of the situation, it’s hard to argue that her “obsession” is misplaced.

    Certainly it’s a reasonable thing to focus on, even if a couple of the ongoing legal matters involve “sex” in some way, which gives Somerby the faux opportunity to chastise the media for, in his view, only caring about “sex.”

  21. Unsubstantiated connections to al-Qaeda and 9/11, Saddam’s own human rights violations, the goal of spreading democracy were all lies. The whole thing was a lie.

    If Bush believed Iraq had WMDs, the most authoritative intelligence concluded they were not an imminent threat to the United States. The administration went to war anyways. That makes the war a preventive war, which falls into the category of war crimes and incriminates the Bush administration regardless of what they truly believed about Iraq’s WMDs.

  22. Or were you being sarcastic? (they altered the intelligence you speak of to fit their policy decision. (War)

  23. Of course the one person in that administration who lied most openly and publicly, in front of the whole world, was one Colin Powell. Who is, of course, the quintessential liberal.

  24. So, Dave is right. Conservatives do have moral standards. Just not all of them do. And the ones that don't, who lie and commit war crimes,have less of a disregard for moral standards than some liberals. :D

  25. Oh, Dusty, I admire your style, but please don't waste your time on David. He's a moral and intellectual idiot. He can't recognize ethical standards, and believes without thought or independent investigation every piece of right-wing propaganda that he comes across. How do you argue with someone who believes that liberals are in power and are doing everything possible to "retain" that power? You don't. You may safely ignore anything he has to say. Some here get mad and call David names. I don't recommend that to you either. Idiots by definition are not responsible for their actions.

  26. C'mon folks, with Mao in Cal it's zombies and dembots all the way down. He's admitted previously in this commentariat that he has no point other than to provoke a response. If you're commenting on the nonexistence of zombies or that you're not a dembot, you've lost before you even hit the "Publish" button.

    Don't feed this troll.

  27. Is it your idea, dembot, that traditionalists are somehow uniquely responsible for war crimes?

    ...while your zombie priests, justifying their mass-murders by rhetoric of 'liberation of women' and 'removing brutal dictators' ('brutal dictator', in your newspeak, being any official enemy leader), are somehow immune?

    Are you aware that Barry The Demigod bombed 7 sovereign countries, during his reign?

  28. I'm challenging the idea that conservatives have moral standards and liberals do not.

    Bush, a conservative, was a liar who committed a brutal, immoral war crime with 10s of thousands of innocent dead.

    Sean Hannity is an immoral liar, you could fill a stadium with conservative immoral, sociopathic liars. You're probably one of them too.

    Your response every time I correct his insane claim that conservatives have moral standards is, kindergartener-like, to say "oh yeah but liberals are immoral too!". That is not the question. That was not what was originally, insanely, proposed.

    But that is also where we agree. I feel like both parties only pretend to represent the interests of the people. And yes I am familiar with the war crimes and immorality of the left.

    But one party has moral standards and the other doesn't? Only an indoctrinated zombie would believe that.

  29. Like I said above: Bush has nothing to with it. Bush was a politician.

    Regardless, you silly gotcha 'such and such is associated with this ideology, and yet his behavior doesn't follow' doesn't work anyway. There are no saints; we're all sinners, brother.

    I suggested, above, a more systemic approach.

    - traditionalists, they try to preserve "the standards". They strongly prefer "rule-based" behavior. While
    - liberals, they are mostly utilitarian, consequentialists. Their idea is that one must do whatever has to be done to advance their (bullshit) liberal agenda.

    That's all I'm saying.

  30. "There are no saints; we're all sinners, brother."

    That's my point. Not "liberals don't have moral standards, conservatives do" as the original, zombie, poster insanely suggested.

    Yes, I read NRO too. I am familiar with the boring, faux intellectual traditionalists vs. consequentialists scapegoating. That is custom built to snooker sucker zombies like yourself. I prefer neurotics vs. sociopaths.

    But whatever. Have a Merry Christmas. God bless you. Go fuck your mother. You're boring.

  31. "I am familiar with the boring, faux intellectual traditionalists vs. consequentialists scapegoating"

    Oh dear. You're familiar with what, dembot?

    There's nothing 'faux' or 'scapegoating' about the standard dichotomy of deontology vs utilitarianism, dembot.

    And if anything here is boring and 'faux intellectual' (actually, not even raising to that level), that's your utterly idiotic "neurotics vs. sociopaths".

    Yeah, especially when it's repeated a million times. Did you figure it out all by yourself? And proud of it - eh, dembot?

  32. I don't respond to Mao, because I only understand English.

  33. David is of course wrong about conservatives. But he is echoing Somerby when he talks about liberals, who were apparently just emerging in 2015:

    “We’re lazy and we aren’t very smart. We exude a moral squalor.
    We’re lazy and dumb and our morals are bad. There’s little reason for people to like us. Presumably, nobody does.”

    THE PROBLEM IS US: As we the liberals emerge!

  34. @1:12 AM dembot:
    Don't worry, dembot. Study, work hard, and in a few years you may learn to write in English as well.

  35. Ludicrous nonsense. Mao uses Dembot as others throw out "Libtard" and probably laments that he can't post memes as well. To watch as all these GOP politicians shed their previous moral positions and contort themselves in the justification of Trump's venal behavior exposes them and their core motivation; Power at any and all costs.

  36. No Joel, conservatives, unlike liberals, "strongly prefer "rule-based" behavior."

    Like lying to the FBI, Lying to Congress. Lying to the American people etc etc

    "Conservatives strongly prefer "rule-based" behavior." Talk about a Howler.

  37. Mao and David's stupidity is an act. They're awfulness as human beings, on the other hand, is real.

  38. Whoa. It took the stuttering dembot 3 attempts to utter "orange man bad", and to start complaining about human beings. Impressive.

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