BREAKING: Stephen Miller's glorious hair!


What humans think about:
Is Stephen Miller the secret brain behind the Trump political operation?

Beyond that, is Stephen Miller one of the many Trump leakers? Is that why the press corps seems to spend so little time examining question 1?

It's amazing how little attempt the press corps makes to examine Stephen Miller. Until today, that is, when the Washington Post helped us learn what humans think about.

In print editions, the piece sat on the front page of Style. In the end, this is what the brain of "the rational animal" actually turns out to be like.

(See Dowd's many columns about Candidate Gore's bald spot, including her column the Sunday before the election. Also see her many references to Candidate Edwards as "the Breck girl.")

When all is said and done, this is what our species is like; this is what we think about. Expressed a slightly different way, this is what, and all, we are.

Beyond that, this explains how a person like Donald J. Trump ever reached the Oval Office. After decades of steady bullshit like this, there was no way to keep him out.

In a related report, yesterday the New York Times reported on the Neanderthal brain—and on ours. Quick takeaways:

"[T]heir brains were as big as ours, on average, perhaps bigger." On the other hand, our brain cases are more round, theirs were more elongated.

Go ahead—read the piece about Stephen Miller. It's your chance to school yourself on what humans are actually like.


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  2. “Is Stephen Miller the secret brain behind the Trump political operation? ...Is that why the press corps seems to spend so little time examining question 1?”

    Why does Somerby choose to ignore all of the reporting about Miller for, oh, two years now and say something like this? Of course, he doesn’t actually assert that the press corps spends so little time on this; he tells us how it “seems”, to him. So we are left with an unassailable and inexplicable assertion of how something “seems” to Somerby. Can’t argue with that!

  3. “this is what we think about.”

    It’s tempting to view that as a confession.

    At any rate, were there no other stories in the Post yesterday?

  4. "Is Stephen Miller the secret brain behind the Trump political operation?"

    Oh yeah, Bob, another 'power behind the throne'. Bannon, Kushner, and now the fucking Miller.

    Also, Donald The Spectacular is insane.

    Also, this:

  5. It's in the Style section. People do think about stuff like this, but it is not all they think about.

  6. I just show up here to read how senile and nutty Somerby is on any given day. Did anyone extract some point or meaning to this article?

    "It's amazing how little attempt the press corps makes to examine Stephen Miller. - Uh, I've read dozens, all of them saying his family denounces him for his horrible bigotry. They are out there, can someone teach Somerby to Google while he slurps his soup in the nursing home? Stephen Miller is also quite wily and keeps low to the ground like the snake he is. It's rare for him to pop up like this. I suppose as ever, it's all the liberals' fault. Look what we made him do. Lock up kids in cages. Our fault.

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