BREAKING: Twice-a-day negativity hurts!


But tribal true belief kills:
We've reached the point where it's painful to be negative two times a day. For that reason, we're having a hard time forcing ourselves to work from the current play list we're maintaining for our afternoon slot.

On that list:

This Atlantic report by Annie Lowery is pitiful, sad, astounding, fully dementedly tribal. There's no way Lowery doesn't know better. The Atlantic should be ashamed of itself for publishing this pitiful tribal narcotic in the form it took.

Last Friday night, Rachel Maddow's report on K. T. McFarland was absolutely astounding. In the September report from which Maddow worked, two Washington Post reporters reported this about McFarland, a former aide to Michael Flynn:

"McFarland and her lawyer Robert Giuffra convinced the FBI that she had not intentionally misled the bureau..."

Also this:

"Mueller's team appears to be satisfied with McFarland's revised account."

In short, the FBI and the Mueller team are OK with McFarland's conduct. But at times of tribal war, so what? Maddow just kept insisting last Friday night that McFarland "lied" to these orgs, even after reading that copy from her sole source report. To watch her do this, click here.

In the realm of Maddow, The Others are always dishonest and bad. No other conclusion will ever be reached. Our warlike species is wired this way, but few are wired as strongly as strongly this way as our own corporate hound from Hell.

(Just a guess: Her consultant-directed grinning and chuckling is designed to hide this part of her temperament.)

The largest event in the current press is the novelization of the late President Bush. We expect to look at that topic next week.

But inside our species' pre-rational brains, it's always novels all the way down. We live to build worlds of Us and Them. Within the childish world of our upper-end press, Trump has made Bush a clear "Us."

Is man [sic] really "the rational animal?" Just take a look around:


It figures: Lawrence can't stop telling Rachel how great her report really was.


  1. Men are fine, Bob. It's your zombie cult that stinks to high heaven.

    And by the way, this Lowrey woman, isn't she the wife of egregious and most unpleasant liberal hack Ezra Klein? Yeah? So what's the big surprise?

    1. Say what you will about Trump, but he's the only President I know of to install a foreign spy as his National Security Advisor.

    2. Alger Hiss worked in the State Department.

  2. “This Atlantic report by Annie Lowery is pitiful, sad, astounding, fully dementedly tribal.”

    Hey, I’m open-minded enough to entertain criticism of this report. But this is the second time Somerby has mentioned it without offering any actual critique.

    1. Please refer to Bob's archives for his take on the subject.

  3. “In short, the FBI and the Mueller team are OK with McFarland's conduct.”

    Maddow makes a fairly convincing case against McFarland, if anyone cares to examine it.

    And the FBI and Mueller deciding not to charge her with lying doesn’t necessarily mean they are “OK” with her conduct. It could simply mean that she is too tangential a figure and they don’t feel it is worthwhile to prosecute her.

    That is how those things work.

    1. Exactly. Next, Somerby will tell us that Jared Kushner having to "revise" his statements for security 25 times, because oops he "forgot" so much, was perfectly innocent. Why make a big deal about leaving out massive chunks of important information?

      I suppose "the FBI and Mueller's team are OK with " Flynn's conduct as well. No, it's because he's been singing like a canary. Maybe McFarland has been as well. She had to "revise" because she realizes her obfuscation, leaving out so much puts her in legal jeopardy, she wised up. Maybe she's singing, which would be horrible to listen to, she has a snide nasally voice, she used to be on my local public radio with spots reciting nasty Fox News attacks on Obama, years ago. (She lives in my town.) I guess it was "balance" on the radio, they did have progressive spots too.

      Still, an awful person, so of course Somerby defends someone like that.

  4. There is no point in commenting if Somerby isn't going to read his comments. He keeps repeating the same mistakes over and over. It is too much work to keep correcting him. If he cared about this subject at all, he would engage in a forward-going dialog with his readers. But he has no respect for people -- they are just irrational animals to him. So why does he even bother to write this stuff?

  5. “In the realm of Maddow, The Others are always dishonest and bad. “

    K.T. McFarland is just one of the unwashed masses of ‘Others?’ Really? How about Manafort? He was convicted of several serious financial crimes.

    How about Zinke, Pruitt, Flynn, Corsi, Stone, etc?

    Have these people not done bad and/or dishonest things?

    It’s just strange for Somerby to think the way he does.

    1. These people truly are horribly bad, dishonest people, as well as traitors colluding with foreign enemies to subvert our election and democracy and loot everything they can get.

      But to Somerby's addled mental state, the only important thing to do is attack liberals, always. The REAL enemy in his regrettable dotty elderly condition. Sad.

    2. "These people truly are horribly bad, dishonest people"

      But surely they're not nearly as horrible and traitorous as the old psycho-witch Killary and Barry The Demigod, the infamous establishment puppet? Right, dembot?

    3. First Grade recess isn't over until Mao pipes in with "I know you are, but what am I?"

  6. Has Bob ever said who he would like to see in place of Rachel Maddow? More broadly, does he have any favorite journalists?

    1. Robert Parry would do, but unfortunately he's dead.

      So, anyone from Consortiumnews, really.

    2. Sounds good. But Bob must know that Bezos and General Electric and all the other corporate owners of the media would never give someone like that a national platform. And he must know that such people have never, ever, been given a national platform by the corporate owned mass media he criticizes...which means he's waisting his and his reader's time.

    3. It's just a personal blog, fer crissake. Something pops up into Bob's head - he types it and hits Publish.

      A few (very few) people who care chime in.

      And of course the dembots are here, but of course they are everywhere. Gyorgy Soros, the mighty tool for shutting down any free discourse, and for spreading establishment propaganda.

      And that's all there is to it. No one forces anyone to be here.

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