THE ELITE LOGICIAN FILE: Digest of reports!


New chapter starts tomorrow:
What's up with our elite logicians?

What sorts of topics consume their interest? Why do they provide so little help with the basic issues of everyday logic within our public discourse?

You're asking some very good questions! Below, you see links to last week's reports from the elite logician file:
Tuesday, December 11: The look and feel of professional logic! We present a technically competent excerpt from Professor Hart's 2010 book, The Evolution of Logic.

Wednesday, December 12: Aping Wittgenstein's tics! Professor Goldstein's comical portraits suggest that Vienna's greatest logicians may not have been all that sharp.

Thursday, December 13: "Don't jump, Mr. B.," we wanted to cry. "It's only 7 plus 5!"

Friday, December 14: The "paradoxicality" rules! Paradox rules as Professor Goldstein reviews the great Godel's great work.
Tomorrow, we'll start a new report. We'll begin with the silliest paradox of them all, the one on which Professor Goldstein, and everyone else, says the great Godel traded.

Tomorrow: Elite logician, please! ("This very sentence is false!")


  1. Well, now we are seeing why Somerby never went on in school. And we are seeing why he failed that philosophy class and had to do summer school that summer, past.

    Here Somerby confuses the truth value of propositions with the reasoning about them. A proof doesn't test the truth value of assumptions that are a priori assigned to be true or false. It tests extensions of that knowledge that arise by applying reason to initial premises to make additional true statements.

    The problem with political discourse isn't logic. It is that no one agrees about the truth value of statements that are premises, a priori propositions made by individuals as starting points of discussion.

    Instead, we have fact checkers. The facts come from trusted sources that measure and describe the reality of things in the world. Except that Republicans do not acknowledge the truth of facts. They start with their own assertions that exist independent of reality and are assumed to be true regardless of supporting evidence. Then they reason to conclusions that cannot be true regardless of the correctness of the logic because the initial premises are not true.

    Calling for more and better logic won't fix this situation. We need to call for better politicians on the right. People who know something about science and the world, not people who use logic in expert ways.

    Somerby, I beg you, please stop this and write about something else. No one wants to read your new report. You are making a fool of yourself and that foolishness is greater the more you persist in this. You are coming across like an old fool and your friends are starting to feel sorry for you. Stop while you still have some dignity.

    Somerby's exposure on this issue is like Trump's exposure. To many people, Trump's narcissism and bare soul are on display for anyone to see. His inadequacies are so manifest that it would be embarrassing, if he weren't hurting so many people and destroying the country. If he ever had a self-aware moment, he would be so mortified, he would have to go back to bed and never come out in public again. Anyone who cared about him would want to help move him out of the public spotlight. That suggests that he is surrounded by people who do not care about him, but are pursuing their own interests, including Melania, Ivanka, and his supposed friends (including the ones at Mar a Lago, Hannity, and others who he talks to by phone every night. If they loved him, they would take the reins out of his hands and quickly move him to a safe space.

    Somerby, please!

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