Lawrence O'Donnell gets it right!


Cable star cites Lee's book:
In our view, Lawrence O'Donnell got it right on his Last Word program last night.

On Saturday, Donald J. Trump had made a weird, weirdly endless speech at the annual CPAC convention. As he started a pair of segments about Trump's address, Lawrence cited a book which has been widely ignored:
O'DONNELL (3/4/19): The dangerous case of Donald Trump was once again on public display this weekend at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

"The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump" is a bestselling book in which 37 psychiatrists and mental health experts assessed the president of the United States. Those 37 mental health professionals began taking notes on Saturday before Donald Trump opened his mouth at CPAC.
The actual number is twenty-seven, but then again who's keeping score?

In yesterday's post, we ourselves discussed The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, a compilation of essays which was compiled by Yale psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee. The book explores the possibility that Trump is mentally ill, even dangerously so.

Given the way our press corps works, it would be extremely hard to have a serious discussion of such a challenging topic. But given the way Trump behaves—as in Saturday's endless speech—it seems to us that it may be dangerous not to conduct that discussion.

Last night, O'Donnell called attention to the widely-ignored book. For example, why did Trump start Saturday's speech by hugging the American flag?

"This book explains it," Lawrence said. "This book catalogs Trump`s serious mental impairments that are untreated and most likely impervious to treatment. This book explains what Donald Trump was doing on the stage on Saturday, better than any of the news reports of what he said."

Lawrence may well be right. As he continued, he quoted one of the high-profile psychiatrists who contributed to Lee's book:
O'DONNELL: Jerrold Post is now a professor of psychiatry, after serving 21 years in the CIA. He wrote the CIA's personal profile of Saddam Hussein. In this book, he writes "Trump has a mirror-hungry leader personality which feeds on the adoration of his followers."


According to the psychiatrists who have been studying Donald Trump, and according to all the public evidence we've seen, the place Donald Trump goes for love is the CPAC stage and the Trump rally stages, where he stands out there alone, surrounded by thousands of strangers who he believes loves him and do indeed appear to love him. And Donald Trump has never even suggested that he looks for love anywhere else.
What is a "mirror-hungry leader personality?" Lawrence didn't explain. But in his second segment, he quoted Post again:
O'DONNELL: Since World War II, psychiatrists and social psychiatrists have been intently studying the relationship of leaders like Donald Trump and their followers.

In The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, the book that I mentioned, former CIA psychiatrist Jerrold Post writes, "The relationship between Trump and his hard-line followers represents a charismatic leader-follower relationship whereby aspects of the leader's psychology unlock, like a key, aspects like his followers' psychology."

And having unlocked them like a key, Donald Trump is now putting in their minds the words he wants them to say when Michael Cohen publicly testifies about Donald Trump committing crimes, or when the Mueller report comes out, or when the Democratic House committees continue to pile up incriminating evidence against the president.

There is one word that Donald Trump needs everyone at CPAC and all of his followers throughout the country to say
all at the same time and he said it to them on Saturday...
The word in question is "bullshit." Trump said the word two times in his speech. NBC policy wouldn't let Lawrence repeat it. He just had to show us the tape.

According to Lawrence, Trump wants his supporters reflexively saying "bullshit" when the Mueller report comes out, or when Democratic-led committees conduct their investigations. Lawrence said Trump was priming his supporters last weekend. We'll assume that Lawrence is right.

That said, is there anything our own team is doing which might enable or reinforce such a strategy? We'll ponder that question this week.

Trump may be dangerous, Lee's book says. Is there anything our own tribe is doing which may be helping him out?


  1. Still enjoy playing a psychiatrist, Bob?

    Yeah, your totalitarian lib-zombie cult is known to do that. Anything outside your cult's dogma just has to be Insanity. Or Evil with capital E. But you prefer Insanity.

    Sure, Bob, we understand.

    1. Anyone who relies on the "mental health field" to evaluate anything, and who knows anything about members of the "mental health field," should have their head examined by someone, but not in the "mental health field," as those people also tend to be severely mentally ill.

      It's true totalitarian regimes have always credentialed those in the "mental health field" and then asked them to evaluate wrongthinkers.

    2. Let me try:
      In case of Bob (and many dembots here, see 3:52 PM below, for example), he appears to be conditioned by his zombie cult to conceptualize 'politician' as some robotic device, uttering focus-group-tested lawyers-vetted strictly-PC meaningless bullshit.

      A-la Algore. Or, more or less, any lib-zombie politician.

      Whatever is actually done to the country - it doesn't matter, as long as the robotic device in charge performs this ritual correctly. Bob is satisfied that the right words have been uttered.

      Anything else is Insane.

    3. Trump's got the ripping on "Socialism" thing down. Now, if only he knew what it means.

    4. And you, presumably, do know, dembot.

      And yet, he is The President of The US of A, and you're the lowest creature on Earth - a faceless anonymous 'Orange Man Bad' dembot.

      Life's a bitch, eh?

    5. "Algore"? megadittos asshole.

    6. Why should corporations compete in the marketplace without Right-wing government largesse?

    7. "And yet, he is The President of The US of A, ..."

      This is true, and I didn't even have to look it up. Once I saw the President's EPA allows the Establishment Elite to pollute our land, air, and water, so they could make more profits, I said, "That's got Trump written all over it."

      When dembot zombie at 9:13 is correct, dembot zombie at 9:13 is correct.

    8. "he appears to be conditioned by his zombie cult to conceptualize 'politician' as some robotic device, uttering focus-group-tested lawyers-vetted strictly-PC meaningless bullshit."

      The conclusion of "insanity" is reached when a person who has an audience or camera in front of him talks the same way as he does in private, instead of saying the usual blather we feel familiar with coming out of politicians mouths. He's even called INSANE when the practice WORKS for him and gets him elected to the most powerful office on the face of the earth, after making him billions of dollars, and getting him regular appearances on Oprah and invitations to Chelsea's wedding.

      I wish I was insane.

    9. @2:49 PM. Agreed. A not even "the same way as he does in private" -- the same way everyone talks all the time.

      I'm sure even Bob doesn't speak the way his Demigod Algore does; for example, I highly doubt that anything like this: "His leadership experience has given him a unique capacity to inspire hope, in the promise of the American dream of a boundless future" has ever passed through Bob's lips. Oh well.

    10. Sure , Dittohead, everybody walks around mumbling about the historic crowds at their wet inauguration they hallucinated over two years ago. Just normal shit,.

  2. I listened to about 1 1/2 hours of Trump's speech. to pass the time while exercising. Trump's speech was a magnificent success! People who evaluate it in terms of number of exaggerations or looseness of structure are missing the point. It wasn't a doctoral dissertation: it was entertainment. As entertainment, it was remarkable. Who among here could speak for two hours, mostly unscripted, and be entertaining throughout?

    The speech also made the talking points Trump wanted to hit. And, he made these points with such humor that the crowd was laughing throughout. BTW the speech focused on policies, rather than people. He supported the wall, opposed Socialism, mocked the Green New Deal, mocked biased news, etc. He also mocked himself, to the delight of the audience.

    His opponents believe that Trump supporters love his rallies because of his supposed racist comments. They may believe this because they don't actually listen to his entire speeches, but instead rely on biased media reports. But, they're kidding themselves. The man who made that speech will be a formidable candidate.

    1. They love his rallies because they know what responses are called for. It is like cheering with other fans at a sporting event. Trump speaks in slogans and memes and his fans all like to boo the villains and cheer the hero (Trump and his minions). They don't really listen to anything he says either.

    2. Donald J Chickenshit, is a big brave strong man in front of his Nazi fans but when the lights go out he turns into a whiney little baby bitch. Whining whining whining whining whining. No end. Everything is someone else's fault. Comrade DinC admires the little coward.

    3. Anyone who finds anything disturbing about that speech either has never had any interaction with a real person or recognized it as the success that it was and is sweating bullets over the fate of the next democrat nominee.

    4. I was disturbed by the part when he pretended to have a problem with "socialism", and the crowd cheered him on.
      The idea that any Conservative anywhere would ever tell the Fortune 1000 the gravy train is over, is one of the most plainly ridiculous things you'll hear anywhere.
      Quick question, did he fool the rubes in the crowd, or are were they pretending to go along with his buffoonery because of the Trump cult?

  3. Talk about scripts, every Trump rally is a call-and-response exercise in which Trump elicits a response with a few shorthand phrases and the crowd gives the reaction. It is like when a baseball fan says to a friend, "how about those Dodgers" and the friends nods and says yeah. Trump doesn't have to say anything much that makes sense -- he just cues the audience and they either jeer or applaud or give whatever is the called for reaction. And they have a lot of fun being in a group and all responding together, just like the dutiful Nazis did at Hitler's rallies when he used his keywords about Jews and degenerates and taking over Europe and so on.

    It seems majorly unimportant to establish what the president gets out of being president. It is very important to limit his wrongdoing and malfeasance in office because he is not doing his job for the American people.

    Somerby seems to be setting us up to hear about how Democrats aid and abet Trump whenever they behave like Democrats, e.g., talk about global warming or racism or Medicare for all, as if that were what makes Trump awful as president. That is bullshit too.

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  5. What's with all these Republicans pretending they have a problem with Socialism lately?
    Is this their latest campaign to sucker the rubes?

  6. It looks like the swamp creatures are attempting to save themselves through misdirection. It's probably working on the limited thinkers.

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