THE WOKE AND THE BUSED: The long and the short of the woke and the bused!


Who supports busing today?:
How many Democratic "candidates" support federally mandated busing? Given recent pseudo-discussions, The Atlantic decided it had to find out!

In a murky example of modern-day "youth journalism," Godfrey and (Mark) Harris reported that Candidate (Kamala) Harris has been "hedging on the issue" ever since she dramatically raised it several weeks back.

Other hopefuls have been more clear, the pair of reporters said. In the passage shown below, they began calling the roll.

Ten of the twenty-five (!) Democratic candidates (sic) do support federally mandated busing, the Atlantic's reporters said. Correctly or otherwise, they didn't include Candidate Harris on their list of the woke:
GODFREY AND HARRIS (7/10/19): Other 2020 Democratic candidates, though, are more unequivocal on the issue. After reaching out to the campaigns of all 25 Democratic candidates for president, 10 responded that they support federally mandated busing: Warren; Booker; Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont; Representative Beto O’Rourke of Texas; Representative Seth Moulton of Massachusetts; Representative Tim Ryan of Ohio; Andrew Yang; Miramar, Florida, Mayor Wayne Messam; former Senator Mike Gravel of Alaska; and former Representative Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania.
There you see the list of the woke. Just for starters, let us say this about that:

Yang, Messam, Gravel and Sestak are "Democratic presidential candidates" in much the same way that we run the Bolshoi Ballet. In theory, this means that the Atlantic found six (6) real or semi-real candidates who do support mandated busing.

That said, the reporters set a rather low bar for inclusion on their list. For example, does Candidate Booker support mandated busing? Earlier in their report, the reporters quoted his campaign saying this:
GODFREY AND HARRIS: [A]t least 10 2020 Democratic candidates do support federally mandated busing as a means of desegregating America’s schools. “If localities are not taking action to desegregate schools, Elizabeth believes the federal government has a constitutional obligation to step in to deliver on the promise of Brown v. Board, including, if necessary, busing,” a spokesperson for Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts told us. Sabrina Singh, a spokesperson for Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey, echoed the sentiment. “At a time of increasing segregation of schools, we should consider every tool at our disposal—including busing—to support desegregation and ensure equal opportunity for all kids,” [the Booker spokesperson] said.
"We should consider every tool at our disposal, including busing?"

In all honesty, it's hard to see how that statement differs from the "hedging" the scribes attributed to Candidate Harris. But so what? That fuzzy statement qualified Booker for listing among the woke.

That said, does anyone really support mandated busing of the type Candidate Biden opposed in the 1970s (sic)?

Putting it a different way, has anyone ever proposed any such busing? Would anyone have said one word about mandated busing if Harris hadn't delivered her sneak attack, a prelude to the selling of her $30 "little girl" t-shirts?

Does anyone really support mandated busing? Due to his past service as mayor of Newark, Booker lets us ponder this question in a uniquely specific way.

Again, we direct you to Dale Russakoff's well-received 2015 book, The Prize: Who's In Charge of America's Schools? In her book, Russakoff chronicles the chaotic attempt by Mayor Booker to join hands with Governor Christie and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg to transform the Newark Public Schools, which were under state control at that time.

In our view, Booker's massive cluelessness is the star of Russakoff's superbly non-partisan book. However well-intentioned he may have been, Booker seemed to have had no idea of the difficulty and the scope of the task he was attempting.

As far as we know, no one currently claims that Booker actually "turn[ed] Newark into a symbol of educational excellence for the whole nation," a miracle he crazily claimed he could achieve within the space of five years.

It's also true that busing for the purpose of diversification is never mentioned in Russakoff's book, not even once! There's no sign that Booker ever suggested any such thing, despite his alleged support for the high-minded practice today.

In many ways, Newark would have been a perfect candidate for mandated busing of the type Biden opposed. As we speak, the district lists its student population like this:
Newark, N.J. Public Schools
Student enrollment, 2019

White kids: 8.4%
Black kids: 42.9%
Hispanic kids: 47.2%
Based upon those data, the typical Newark public school is "intensely segregated" today. But how great! Newark is the county seat of Essex County, whose relatively small area (130 square miles) contains a substantial number of boroughs and townships which are heavily white.

The Newark schools are perfect for busing! Consider the nearby borough of North Caldwell (population 6200):

According to the leading authority on the hamlet, North Caldwell has been listed as the third best place to live in New Jersey, and also as the 34th richest town in the United States!

Its schools are highly rated. Even better, their demographics seem ripe for diversification:
North Caldwell, N.J. Public Schools
Student enrollment, 2019

White kids: 90.1%
Black kids: 1%
Hispanic kids: 4.1%
An array of such hamlets exists within compact Essex County, whose overall population is roughly evenly divided on a black-white racial basis.

As such, this compact county would have been a dream for mandated busing! But Russakoff mention no such proposal at any point in her book, in which a stunningly clueless Mayor Booker pursues an absurdly impossible dream along with a know-nothing gaggle of equally clueless favorite disciples and friends.

Newark's public schools remain "intensely segregated" today. That said, no one is going to ask Candidate Booker why he says he supports mandated busing when he doesn't seem to have proposed any such action back when he was in charge.

That's because no one actually cares about this. This whole "discussion" has been a scam designed for political ends.

The woke have been discussing the bused. A few of the hopefuls are even saying they care.

In the process, the gullible get carted away. Then again, "Consider the species," as an array of top experts have said.

("This species was wired for conduct like this," despondent future anthropologists have told us again and again.)

No one was ever going to suggest that the hamlets and boroughs of Essex County share their schools with Newark's kids! One candidate doesn't seem to have supported or proposed that approach back then, and no matter how "hurtful" Biden's statements have been, that high-minded candidate isn't proposing such actions today.

In saying this, we don't mean to offer a judgment about the actual merits of mandated busing. Instead, we offer a judgment about the conduct of the woke and the bused, along with the fate of the played.

In the current pseudo-debate, busing has served as a way to get there. In truth, none of the hopefuls support such a practice, and none of them ever will.

Newark's schools today: How well are Newark's schools performing today?

We hope they're performing well. But because the city has never taken part in the Naep's Trial Urban District Assessment, there's no real way to compare Newark's schools with those in other big cities.

New Orleans has never taken part in the TUDA either. When "reform"-minded districts avoid this assessment, we're inclined, rightly or wrongly, to mark them down several grades.


  1. ""This species was wired for conduct like this," despondent future anthropologists have told us again and again."

    No, Bob, this species isn't wired for this sort of conduct.

    Only the members of your liberal cult behave this way. But it's not natural. The ability to hold two contradictory beliefs in your mind simultaneously, while accepting both of them AND knowing when to bring the right one to the surface -- it takes training and dedication.

    1. "The ability to hold two contradictory beliefs in your mind simultaneously, while accepting both of them AND knowing when to bring the right one to the surface -- it takes training and dedication."

      This world is doomed, if the people can't realize every Right-wing accusation is a confession.

  2. “That's because no one actually cares about this.”

    Somerby offers no judgments about busing. No, that might be controversial. He is more than willing, however, to use his clairvoyance and see into the hearts of all the liberal journalists and candidates and declare that none of them care about this, just as he judges their concern about segregated schools a fraud as well.

    And somehow, in all of this, he doesn’t exercise his swami-like powers on Biden to judge that he too is or might be a fraud. He opposed all forms of busing, so that must make him authentic. And the poor man was subjected to a “sneak attack” by one of his rivals. The humanity!

    1. If few or none of the candidates support mandated busing, why is Biden so bad? So unacceptable?

      That's the point Bob's making.

  3. Being woke has nothing to do with a disagreement about the means to achieve an aim that all agree with, integration of schools.

    "That said, does anyone really support mandated busing of the type Candidate Biden opposed in the 1970s (sic)?"

    Here we see that Somerby's real aim is to vindicate Biden.

    Why? Biden is too old to serve as president. He is entering the stage of life where truly serious debilitating illness and disease heralds the end of life. He does not have the vigor to campaign much less serve as president.

    I agree with other pundits who suggest that Trump's incompetence has prepared the public to accept another President who will do a half-assed job and not take on the problems of our country in a vigorous way. Biden may not mean to be a slacker, but he doesn't have the energy of a younger person and he is going to die, just as everyone does, perhaps only a year or two into a first term, in a job that ages anyone who takes it seriously. And we do not need to elect another president who will not take his job seriously.

    Somerby should understand this as well as anyone, being in his 70s and experiencing aging for himself. So why is he supporting Biden and knocking other candidates? I don't know, but it does suggest that he is trying to undermine Democrats and help Trump, or doing what his Russian bosses want him to, because his pension just isn't sufficient to pay his bills these days.

    1. @1:07P sez:

      Here we see that Somerby's real aim is to vindicate Biden. Why?

      Ooh! I know this one: because TDH thinks that the busing issue is hypocritical bullshit.

      Biden is too old to serve as president.

      I agree. Now where have I heard that? Ooh! I know that too: this blog.

      So why is he supporting Biden and knocking other candidates?

      He’s not; he thinks Biden is too old. And he’s calling bullshit on Harris and others because, well, because he thinks they’re flinging bullshit.

      … but it does suggest ….

      Lots of things suggest themselves to the credulous and gullible.

    2. Somerby thinks Biden is too old and yet he defends and promotes his campaign? Is he being a spoiler, working against the other candidates? Somerby has nothing nice to say about any female candidate, ever, especially not the smart, personable, competent and effective female candidates. This is about knocking people down, not supporting anyone.

      Who wants to knock down the promising Democratic candidates? Conservatives for one. Russia for another. Certainly Republicans. Add Somerby's name to that list. Maybe he thinks Bernie wants his followers to attack other candidates on his behalf. If so, prepare for a repeat of 2016. Bernie is as much responsible for that outcome as Russia, Comey and the Republicans. This is what happens when you let old narcissists run for office without anyone pointing out that they are OLD and narcissists. Biden needs to go home. Bernie needs to go home. Somerby needs to find a different hobby, one that doesn't contribute to the fascist takeover of our democracy.

    3. Somerby is not contributing to anything. He tends to a blog no one reads anymore, he has zero influence. He is bitter and pissed and enjoys gaslighting suckers like you, while providing a space for lonely Asperger Syndrome sufferers to engage in delusions they have some point to make that matters to anyone but themselves. Somerby provides this sole service free of charge, a real mensch.

  4. I consider Yang a real candidate. It is wrong for Somerby to dismiss the candidates who aren't yet polling strongly this early in the campaigning. Bill Clinton would have been eliminated from the race he later won, based on Somerby's criteria.

    I like Yang because he recognizes and is addressing problems ahead of their time. His idea of addressing increasing automation and the influx of robots and AI by providing a guaranteed minimum income to all citizens is what will surely be needed. Why not implement it before we have universal suffering, instead of waiting? He is also the right guy to deal with the rise of the tech giants and their influence on elections and other aspects of people's lives. He is staying out of the mud and he is one of the few candidates addressing climate change.

    Somerby doesn't mention Steyer. I would vote for him just out of gratitude for the ads he has run against Trump over the years.

    I wouldn't trust Somerby's judgment of who should or shouldn't be running, who is viable or not, since Somerby has become such a Republican shill lately. Tulsi Gabbard is the Russian-backed candidate. Watch and see if Somerby shills for her later on.

    1. Yang will bludgeon Trump into obscurity in a head to head race and finally get our ass into the 21st century. I hope he can get get past the corrupt, evil Democratic establishment.

    2. The problem with Yang is he thinks he can work in a bipartisan manner with moderate Republicans.
      Anyone too stupid to realize there are no moderate Republicans, and that Republicans will not work in a bipartisan manner, isn't fit for the job as President.

    3. That may be a function of his inexperience, having never held elected office before. I believe he will learn quickly on the job and not waste as much time trying to get along with Republicans as Obama did.

    4. "Yang will bludgeon Trump into obscurity in a head to head race and finally get our ass into the 21st century"

      Meh. Great economy, no wars, and squirming zombies.
      Who needs another lawyer-bankster?

      Even Gabbard, who does talk a good talk -- who knows what the zombie cult has against her, and how she might behave if elected.

    5. Yang is a technocrat, not a lawyer/businessman.

    6. "Great economy, no wars"

      He'll kill Trump. I mean just murder him because he is running on the same platform Trump did, obvious economic inequality.

      Great economy? Wait till Trump goes head-to-head with Yang.

      Who needs a lying, buffoon, international joke who doesn't come through on the platforms on which he was elected?

      Great economy. Hahahaha!

    7. Mao that is awesome dude. Help Trump run again on the platform of this great economy! Tell all the people that voted for him how Trump has turned everything around and they are now living in a great economy! What's to complain about? It's a great economy! Hahaha.America is great again. Look at the great, great economy! There is nothing for any working class people to fear, any young person to fear, why should they? We have a great economy!

      As dense and out-of-touch as that idiotic claim is, the one thing you have in your favor is that you are running against Democrats who are even further deeply deluded and dumb.

      Mao - you have to broaden your horizons! The people to whom you have turned for all this information on liberalism and zombies are not doing you well anymore. I hope they are not the ones telling you about this great, Trump economy!

    8. It's so fascinating because establishment Republicans and establishment Democrats deluded themselves. They wanted to do business as usual as it has worked so well for them for such a long time. But it was too late, the cat was out of the bag.

      Trump came along, smelled it, saw it, knew exactly what to do and destroyed the establishment Republicans by appealing to people who understood that income inequalities in America are out of hand and they no longer have a fair shake. Basically, that the corporations have taken over.

      He appealled to these people, who are right, and they helped him beat the Democratic establishment and he became president.

      The Democratic establishment invented the Russiagates sideshow to obscure people from looking at and asking about their poor record and crumbling party so as to continue their delusion that they are a viable party that can run in the same way they have for decades.

      And now you have a Trump supporter, deluding themselves in the exact same way, with fake, great economy brainwashing.

      Very interesting. It shows that Mao, for you it is tribal.

      Very interesting.

    9. "Yang is a technocrat, not a lawyer/businessman."

      What the fuck does it even mean, dembot?

      ...well, sure, I suppose "technocrat" is Zombie for "bullshitting lawyer-bankster"...

    10. Yang worked as an executive in technology start ups, then formed a venture capital firm (the investment companies that give money to tech startups). Watch the show "Silicon Valley" for an idea of what venture capitalists do.

    11. Mao- tell us more about the great economy. Do you think Trump is anxious to go to Michigan and tell them all about the great economy that should be the basis for them to cast her re-election vote for him? Hahaha.

      Establishment Republicans delude themselves for years, Trump comes along and tells the truth to a constituency that makes him president and now you think he should go to the same constituency and have him tell them to say lies that the original establishment told them.

      That is fixing brilliant.

      and that is exactly how Yang would squash Trump's asshole into oblivion if they were ever in a head-to-head race.

    12. "tell us more about the great economy"

      Dembot, I could, but it would be easier for you to read the news.

      I'm afraid you completely fucked up your dembot talking points. You should say that the ecnomy is greate, but it must be credited to Barry The Demigod and the zombie cult.

    13. "great economy" so awesome. Good one pencil dick.

    14. If the economy is so great, why are Conservatives so "economically anxious"?

  5. "One candidate doesn't seem to have supported or proposed that approach back then, and no matter how "hurtful" Biden's statements have been, that high-minded candidate isn't proposing such actions today."

    This is precisely the point -- Biden didn't support mandated, court-ordered busing back when it was being demanded and segregationists were opposing it. He was in the midst of the civil rights movement and he sided with the forces opposing equal opportunity for black children.

    It is very different that Cory Booker never stirred the racial pot in Newark by suggesting that schools in white areas of Essex County (which he had no jurisdiction over) voluntarily (since no court was involved) exchange children with Newark.

    Notice the segregation of other groups besides black and white in this census-based mapping:

    Booker did many admirable things while mayor. My understanding is that the State of New Jersey had control over the Newark schools while Booker was mayor, relinquishing control in 2018, after Booker had become a Senator. That would make it hard for him to institute busing or any other reforms.

    1. 1:35 PM writes:

      Biden didn't support mandated, court-ordered busing back when it was being demanded and segregationists were opposing it. He was in the midst of the civil rights movement and he sided with the forces opposing equal opportunity for black children.

      "He was in the midst of the civil rights movement"? That sounds bad, dramatically so, except Biden entered the Senate in 1973.

      The era of the post- World War II American civil rights movement is usually dated as having ended in 1968. The backlash against the movement began to manifest during the 1966 mid-terms elections LINK following the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights Act. The anti-Vietnam War movement came to be the central focus of most left of center activists beginning in late 1967.

      Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in April of 1968, a tragedy which, though it was probably the crucial impetus for the passage of the 1968 Civil Rights Act (the anti-discrimination in housing act), proved to leave a never to be overcome vacuum in the movement's leadership.

      The Poor People's Campaign encampment and demonstrations in Washington, D.C. that summer failed to excite any national attention for its aims. Robert Kennedy was assassinated in June of 1968. The year ended with Richard Nixon being elected as the president to succeed LBJ and administer his Great Society programs.


    2. This is interesting. CMike and sites such as Wikipedia apparently believe the civil rights movement ended in 1968 with Martin Luther King's death. Those who have worked for civil rights in America don't have that same sense. For example, Obama worked for civil rights in his community organizing in 1976. Affirmative action was instituted in 1964 but wasn't implemented until the 1970s under Nixon. Fair housing laws were implemented in the 1970s. The election of black office holders at all levels occurred in the 1970s.

      While the term civil rights movement refers to blacks, the Chicano movement, women's rights, and gay rights all occurred in the 1970s and one can argue that civil rights activism never stopped and has been continuing up to and including the present.

      Most of the bombings centered on black civil rights and these occurred in the 1970s after MLK's death. I can understand that the civil rights movement wouldn't want to include those actions but they were motivated by frustration over the slow progress of black civil rights. The black power movement occurred in the 1970s, not just the 1960s.

      CMike says something interesting about himself when he draws a dividing line and says that the civil rights movement ended in 1968. What is the opposite of woke?

    3. For CMike, so he can broaden his perspective on "civil rights":

    4. 9:19 writes:

      While the term civil rights movement refers to blacks...

      Within the context of this thread, that's correct.

      9:19 PM then goes on to write:

      ...the Chicano movement, women's rights, and gay rights all occurred in the 1970s and one can argue that civil rights activism never stopped and has been continuing up to and including the present.

      Here's the problem with that. I responded to 1:35 PM claim that Cory Booker would not be expected to advocate for busing because of the era during which he was mayor of Newark whereas Joe Biden failed to support the right position "in the midst of the civil rights movement." Elsewhere in the comment threads here at the Howler it's been argued that, likewise, Kamala Harris isn't acting "in the midst of the civil right movement" so there's nothing amiss when she fails to call for busing today while criticizing Biden for his stance in the 70s.

      Which is it? Does the civil rights movement belong to a specifiable time period or, for the woke, it never stopped "and has been continuing up to and including the present?"

      The term the civil rights movement is generally accepted to refer to a period in time in which social justice advocates attempted to guarantee blacks in the United States their legal rights as citizens. Primarily change was sought through the courts and local, state, and federal legislatures and executives.

      9:19 writes:

      The black power movement occurred in the 1970s, not just the 1960s.

      That's certainly correct. However, the black power movement had a different focus than the civil rights movement. It was more concerned with promoting black self-sufficiency and less with bringing about integration and other change through legal and electoral challenges or through civil (i.e. peaceful) disobedience.

    5. I prefer the less limited, more expansive use of the term. I believe that the civil rights movement includes all of the efforts to achieve civil rights, regardless of means. It is silly to say that the civil rights movement ended when MLK was shot because everyone went home and stopped struggling.

    6. I prefer the less limited, more expansive use of the term.

      That's reasonable. However, I believe it would be inconsistent to then argue that, whereas, Joe Biden was acting wrongly because of stances he took during the thick of the civil rights movement in the '70s, Booker and Harris, having come onto the political scene later, should not be seen as politicians who have ever been subject to the same moral imperatives as those Biden faced.

      From what I can tell, both Harris and Biden believe communities should use busing to achieve integration if there is a local consensus to do so. Harris and Sanders explicitly go further and call for the removal of the prohibition on federal funds subsidizing busing for that purpose. I don't know if either Biden or Booker have stated their position on lifting this restriction- though I suppose both would favor doing so.

      None of the four are calling for federally enforced busing to integrate schools across jurisdictions or to require students to commute substantial distances if there is a closer to home alternative.

    7. The civil rights struggle continues, but we are now in a different era racially-speaking than the late 60's - early 70's. Targeted busing makes more sense due to changes like explicit racism being less broadly spread than in earlier times, and housing migration that has occurred since then. I do not see the inconsistencies some see, I see some more interested in scoring debate points than discussing an issue in good faith.

      Federally mandated busing was somewhat effective in the context of when it was used, some of it's weaknesses were eventually revealed.

      Biden says he opposed busing as a state's rights issue, doing himself no favors. In reality, at the time, Biden claimed that busing was actually "racist" and a "bankrupt concept". 70's Biden said:

      "I do not buy the concept, popular in the ’60s, which said ‘We have suppressed the black man for 300 years and the white man is now far ahead in the race for everything our society offers. In order to even the score, we must now give the black man a head start, or even hold the white man back, to even the race.’ I don’t buy that...I don’t feel responsible for the sins of my father and grandfather. I feel responsible for what the situation is today, for the sins of my own generation. And I’ll be damned if I feel responsible to pay for what happened 300 years ago.”

      Biden saw an opportunity to appeal to a certain demographic - white working class. It is trivial that boasting now about his political expediency back then, buddying up with segregationists, can easily be seen as being insensitive to the black community.

      No one can really support federally mandated busing currently because it was limited by the courts in the 70's, and then eliminated by the courts in the late 90's.

  6. Somerby describes Booker as clueless because he took on a major task of reorganizing Newark's schools. Rusakoff's book explicitly focuses on the problems, with an intent to criticize the efforts of the powerful (Christie, Zuckerberg, Booker) for excluding grassroots activists from their plans. But in the end, the schools were returned to Newark's control and that is a kind of victory. My impression is that the Newark schools had bigger problems than segregation and that those problems were addressed.

    It seems strange to criticize Booker for being overly ambitious and taking on too much reform while simultaneously criticizing him for not instituting busing to achieve racial integration with white children (there were already Hispanic kids along with the black kids).

    But Somerby's role is always to criticize and complain. He spends no time telling us what he thinks should be done or lauding those who have made improvements. Russakoff wants to portray Booker as a fat cat. I see no reason to doubt his sincerity and his efforts at local levels prior to running for Senator show dedication and earnestness, much as Obama's early years did. Is he to be blamed for being ambitious? Where is it written that black politicians can only run for higher office once all problems are solved in their local communities.

    Somerby seems ill-equipped to pick up on negative tone and story-telling (narrative) in the books he champions. It seems wrong to vilify Booker, Zuckerberg and Chan, and Christie simply because they have the power to work on problems from the "top down" (her terminology). Her story relies on villains (top down bigwigs) and heroes (local activists, parents, teachers who were upset by changes). But maybe Somerby doesn't mind a bit of narrative when it suits his purposes of tearing down Booker?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Shouldn't this comment appear under 1:07's comment? It isn't really a response to 1:57.

    3. @7:57, Yes, of course. Thanks. I blame the drugs.

    4. I need a squid sandwich in the next 10-15 minutes.

  7. I'm with @1:57. Booker's efforts to improve the Newark schools occurred while my wife was working in Newark. IMHO Booker deserves lots of credit for trying to improve the Newark schools. And, as Bob admits, that effort may have succeeded for all know, since we don't have test scores. I think Booker would make the best President of all the Democratic candidates. I'm sorry that he's running a lousy campaign.

    1. Too early to decide anything like that about his campaign or any of the others. The press is playing "horserace" again while the candidates are trying to let voters know who they are and what they stand for.

    2. Everything will change if Booker pulls another woman out of a burning building.

    3. It was Booker and two men from his security detail.

      Booker's recent political left turn has navigated him away from performative virtue closer to substance.

  8. Why is Somerby so inconsistent?

    He has spent years railing at liberals for pushing for integration. It is almost a hard core principle at TDH that desegregation is impossible and liberal advocacy of it is fraudulent, and the use of the word “segregated” is tantamount to vile identity politics. And yet, Candidate Bernie says “65 years after Brown v. Board of Education, many U.S. schools remain unacceptably segregated.”, “What is the optimal is to have great community schools which are integrated, that's what I think most people want to see. That's what I want to see.” He also says in his Marshall plan that he will “Execute and enforce desegregation orders.” And there is no criticism of Bernie for saying these things.

    Somerby wrote several posts telling us how wrong liberals were about Trump’s “both sides” remarks about Charlottesville and how liberals were nefariously mischaracterizing Trump’s remarks. Biden made an attack on Trump’s “both sides” comments a centerpiece of his opening campaign statement and indeed of his entire campaign strategy, and there is zero criticism of Biden from Somerby for this, even though Somerby’s denunciations were very clear on this.

    Inconsistency is not against the law. Having principles is often admirable. It’s just unclear why Somerby is so willing to violate his own principles by holding his fire with certain candidates (Biden, Sanders) while unleashing his full wrath on others (Harris, for example). It’s almost as if his principles are contingent upon who he likes or dislikes.

    1. Somerby is mad that he no longer has any influence. His actions are not rational. He may have dementia.

    2. Ah, you say nothing. Of course you say nothing. What is there to say? To tell a truck driver whose facing automation the economy is great?

      Are you so excited for Trump to head to the rust belt to tell the people there about the great economy!?!

      I swear to God I absolutely love it.

      Took Trump 3 years to become an establishment Republican.

      Now he gets to start his campaign again , only this time he can't tell them the truth. He has to lie to them like a typical politician.

      Lucky he running against Dems, the most hapless party of them all. Better hope they keep Yang out. Yang against Trump, Trump has no, zero, chance.

      Against the rest of them, he has a good chance.

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    1. Greetings jackharrywilson1!

      I fart in your general direction with my super sphincter. You won't stand a chance.

  10. Greetings kevinowns!

    An excerpt from my memoirs succinctly addresses this very issue:

    "... and it was at this very time that a rare and peculiar butt-wind was hereby produced, transporting my mind to the nether-regions of the hinterland once more.

    An odd cacophony of visual representations resembling psuedo-morphic bumbuggers and fannypops soon emerged.

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    Stay tuned for more excerpts!

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