THE WOKE AND THE BUSED: Willie Brown is a very bad person!


Sharpton, Rock remember:
Full disclosure! At one point in time, a few years back, we did occasional radio spots with Willie Brown.

At the time, he was co-hosting a daily radio show with comedian Will Durst. We didn't know what we know today:

Willie Brown is a very bad person!

We know that because of what he said right after last Thursday's Democratic "debate." And ladies and gentlemen, please remember:

Willie Brown said it, not us!

He said it in the San Francisco Chronicle. That said, who is Willie Brown?

Brown was once, roughly speaking, the most powerful pol in California. We refer to his 15-year reign as speaker of the State Assembly.

Later, he served for eight years as mayor of San Francisco. He's dealt with public schools.

Today, Brown writes a column for the Chronicle, and he's clearly a very bad person. Headline included, his review of last week's Democratic debates started out like this:
BROWN (6/29/19): Bad news for Democrats—none of these candidates can beat Trump

The first Democratic debates proved one thing: We still don’t have a candidate who can beat Donald Trump.

California Sen. Kamala Harris got all the attention for playing prosecutor in chief, but her case against former Vice President Joe Biden boiled down in some ways to a ringing call for forced school busing. It won’t be too hard for Trump to knock that one out of the park in 2020.
Willie Brown said it, not us!

In fairness, a political assessment isn't correct just because Willie Brown says it. But Brown's political assessment concerning "forced busing" plays nicely with the question we started asking last week:

If mandated busing was such a great thing in the 1970s, why don't Democratic pols support the practice today?

Every woke progressive knows he must say that our public schools are more segregated than ever. So why don't politicians like Harris propose "forced busing" today?

Oh wait! It now seems that Candidate Harris wants you to maybe think that maybe she almost does! We refer to what we read on the front page of today's Washington Post:
VISER AND LINSKEY (7/2/19): Harris’s debate thrust put Democratic candidates in a position they have not experienced for decades—having to contemplate a position on busing. Harris on Sunday said that she still supports busing and sees a modern-day use for it.

“The schools of America are as segregated, if not more segregated, today than when I was in elementary school,” she told reporters in San Francisco on Sunday. “And we need to put every effort, including busing, into play to desegregate the schools. . . . There’s no such thing as separate but equal, and so busing is one of the ways by which we create desegregation and we make it more equal.”

Harris’s campaign on Monday said that she supported federal resources for busing and cited legislation from Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) and Rep. Marcia L. Fudge (D-Ohio)
. That legislation would authorize $120 million for a variety of purposes, including one to expand school busing services.
See there? Candidate Harris supports the Murphy-Fudge bill, whose rather small amount of cash would, at least in some smaller part, go to "expand school busing services!"

Question: Do the "school busing services" in question include mandated busing for purposes of "desegregation?" We won't even bother to look. but the Harris campaign apparently wants you to swallow that latest guff.

In such ways, we keep getting the impression that this particular candidate may perhaps have a small tiny bit of the demagogue in her.

For ourselves, we're sick of the kind of conduct Harris unloosed last Thursday, with others running to join the mob. As we'll report tomorrow, it reminds us of past mob action, including the demagogic gang attack on Candidate Clinton during an NBC debate in the fall of 2007.

(Russert and Williams launched the attack. A fellow named Biden joined in.)

We're sick to death of this dumb, demagogic type of mob action. Future scholars keep insisting that it didn't end well, even though the woke and the just always rushed to approve such attacks.

Back to Willie Brown! What makes Brown think that mandated busing would be an easy weapon for Trump? Let's consider some of the reasons why people disliked the practice back then.

THis being a large, diverse nation, various people disliked the practice for various reasons. For one example, consider something Al Sharpton said last Friday on Deadline: White House.

Inevitably, Nicolle Wallace's "favorite reporters and friends" took turns showering praise on Harris for the "surgical" way she'd gone after Biden the night before. Along the way, Sharpton said this:
SHARPTON (6/29/19): [Harris] and I are like nine years apart. We both were bused in the north, and a lot of the people did not want to deal with the racism in the north.

Busing in Brooklyn or Boston or Berkeley, where she was from, was a traumatic experience. Because we were going into neighborhoods where we were called names and all of that. That's what she was raising, that we lived.
As far as we know, Harris hasn't said anything about being called names during her Berkeley schooling. Nor did she say, last Thursday night, that she "was a beneficiary of busing," the propagandistically perfect formulation Ed Kilgore quickly assembled.

That said, Sharpton was describing one part of the mandated busing experience, opposition to which was so widespread in cities like Boston during the 1970s.

Imagine! Along with everything else, some people thought it might not be a great idea to put young children in situations where they'd have "traumatic experiences" on a daily basis! But that was p[art of what resulted from the era's ham-handed approach.

Chris Rock was bused in Brooklyn too. In September 2004, he shared some memories of the experience on CNN's Larry King Live:
KING (9/24/04): You were bused, right?

ROCK: Yeah, I was bused to—from Bed-Stuy to Garrison Beach.

KING: Which is an all—all-white area.

ROCK: Yeah, but it's a poor white area. It's more—it was actually a worse neighborhood than the one I lived in.


KING: So you had reverse busing.

ROCK: Yeah, it wasn't like—it wasn't even white trash. It was like white toxic waste.


It was like really—

KING: Were you beat up? Because you're a frail—

ROCK: I got beat up every single day. I got beat up every day. I got called "nigger" every day, girls and boys, every single day. Every day.

KING: Did this leave you with some kind of understandable white hatred?

ROCK: I guess some hatred. At the same time, though, you've got to realize there was— My best friend—since I was in the school, couldn't go anywhere—my best friend would end up being a white kid. Always. Normally a Jewish kid. Because they were getting their ass kicked, too, but only after careful interrogation. You know what I'm saying?


So it was just me and the Jews.
Some people actually thought that the era's blunderbuss approach to this matter was perhaps a case of putting the "blunder" back in "busing!" It came to be seen, not always unfairly, as a prime example of unintelligent over-reach by the highly self-impressed forerunners of today's self-impressed woke and bused.

Rock went on to do a TV show about his teen years; the show was called Everybody Hates Chris. Some people came away from the blunderbuss busing experiment with the thought that this kind of blunderbuss busing may not have been the very best way to improve the state of the world.

This doesn't mean that busing for purposes of diversification might not be a good idea in some particular circumstances because, of course, it could be. It means that the era of blunderbuss mandated busing carried a very heavy downside, as everyone could see at the time.

The downside to this blunderbuss action was large. Kevin Drum makes a few points:
DRUM (7/1/19): Let me just make a few points. First, forced busing during the ’70s prompted one of the biggest political backlashes of the past half century. By the end of it, Ronald Reagan was president and Reaganomics dominated America for the next 40 years. This was bad for everyone who wasn’t already rich, and it was especially bad for ethnic minorities.

Second, when Kamala Harris was a child she was bused . . . three miles. In lots of big cities, the bus rides were upwards of an hour each way. And it didn’t work. Virtually every city abandoned busing during the ’80s, and even Berkeley’s busing program was deep-sixed more than 20 years ago.

Third, what’s the point of pretending to be for it now? It’s not good politics and it’s mostly impossible policy anyway. In cities like New York and Los Angeles, African American and Latinx kids make up 80 percent of the population. You could spider web the city with Elon Musk’s hyperloops and you still wouldn’t be able to racially integrate the schools.
Question: What are Harris' proposals for improving instructional/experiential outcomes in big urban districts like New York City and Los Angeles?

Answer: Almost surely, she has none! That's because no one cares about low-income black kids, and there is absolutely no sign that anyone ever will.

That said, those of us who reside Over Here—we who are known as the woke and the bused—have to maintain our charades. We love to pose and posture and preen, pretending that we're The Very Good People and everyone else is Just Bad.

Anthropologists who report from the future have spoken to us about this prevailing "all-too-human" culture among the woke and the just. Despondently, these future scholars keep saying it didn't end well.

Tomorrow: Uh-oh! Bernie opposed it too!


  1. Hmm, if he called them (and still does) "white trash", then I suppose "nigger" is well deserved.

    "BROWN (6/29/19): Bad news for Democrats—none of these candidates can beat Trump"

    Tulsi Gabbard, perhaps. Her anti-imperialist pitch sounds great, although in other areas she appears to be quite opportunistic. But hey, no surprise there: after all, she is a politician in the zombie-cult party...

  2. I'll be fixing and eating a squid sandwich in the next 10 or 15 minutes.

    1. Squid salad with wadded antelope.

  3. Ah, yes, I love this time of year. My favorite holiday.

    Tanks rolling down PA Ave., Marine One circling overhead, the Lincoln Memorial sealed off to us peons and open to RNC invited VIP's only. All to celebrate Draft Dodger in Chief, Donald J Chickenshit, Acting President, and his family of liars, beggars and thieves.

    Fuck you Maggots all. Especially you, Chuckles DinC.

    1. OMG people might be proud of our country!

    2. Fuck you, maggot. The 4th of July has been celebrated non-partisan forever, fuckface. We didn't need to turn it into a maggot Nuremberg rally with Donald J Chickenshit commandeering the Lincoln Memorial for his RNC elite donors to giver a campaign speech paid for by us taxpayers. Fuck you for all time, you goddam hypocrite. Are you claiming I am not of my country? Are you saying I haven't enthusiastically celebrated the 4th of July my entire life? You're an ignorant morally bankrupt shitstain on my country.

    3. He got the idea when he visited France on their 14th of July celebration and saw their an ornate military parade. it's kind of nice but I agree with mm. It's a veterans day type of event, where we can celebrate our wars and the soldiers who fought them. Fourth of July represents freedom. To me, it's a dumb idea by Trump.

      He got it when he visited France and if he emulates it closely, it will be very well done and it will appeal to his base.

      Trump is very, very ignorant and immoral but our whole country is immoral. It represents our immoral country and our CIA and military who have corruptly bullied the world for decades. Democrats and Republicans are both immoral. Republicans, obviously are much worse but that doesn't really mean anything.

    4. No, moron. 4th of July has nothing to do with veterans or the military. That's why it's called Independence Day, not the salute to Orange Chickenshit Megalomaniac treasonous bastard Day.

    5. mm,
      Give David a break. He's to busy beating himself off to Trump's bigotry to get upset about something so pedestrian.
      You're welcome, David.

  4. Harris has not said that she supports “forced busing.” She says what she is quoted as saying, that it can be a tool for integration. She supports a bill that would provide funding for busing. And although the attack on Biden didn’t come from Bernie, in his Marshall plan, he states “Fund school transportation to help integration, ending the absurd prohibitions in place.” Whether that is a busing mandate remains to be seen.

    (It must be remarked that Bernie does seem to call for some sort of mandated federal action when he says “Execute and enforce desegregation orders and appoint federal judges who will enforce the 1964 Civil Rights Act in school systems.”, so you’ll have to decide for yourself if you think he is “demagoguing” the issue.)

    A true media critic would have picked up on this: the headline in the National Review stated “Kamala Harris Calls for Federally Mandated Busing”, and yet, it is apparent from reading the article that Harris has not called for that. (

    Willie Brown is echoing this false narrative. Somerby knows it’s false, so he just suggests Harris is obfuscating.

    And it is also incorrect to say that Biden only opposed “forced” busing; he opposed busing, period. His statements to that effect from the 70’s are clear and on the record.

    1. Biden was against forced busing. That's what she was criticizing and condemning him for.

      It's what everybody cheered.

    2. It's a huge fail that we are discussing bussing. A huge fail for Dems and a giant gift to Trump.

      Just like Russiagate was an enormous gift to Trump.

    3. "Just like Russiagate was an enormous gift to Trump"

      Exactly. What kind of idiot thinks Right-wing support of treason is a deal-breaker?

    4. "giant gift to Trump"

      Hardly, check out his response, Trump thinks this busing issue is about how kids in general get to school, completely unaware it is a desegregation issue:

      "Well, it has been something that they’ve done for a long period of time. I mean, you know, there aren’t that many ways you're going to get people to schools. So this is something that's been done. In some cases, it's been done with a hammer instead of velvet glove. And, you know, that’s part of it. But this has been certainly a thing that's been used over the -- I think if Vice President Biden had answered the question somewhat differently, it would've been a lot -- it would've been a different result. Because they really did hit him hard on that one. So -- but it is certainly a primary method of getting people to schools."

      We have never had a president this dumb.

  5. I cringed when Harris brought up busing. And then people cheered her? Not knowing that busing is nothing the Dems want to support now.

    The ignorance of these pundits -- but for a few like Alter and Drum -- is scary.

  6. You Democrat zombies should figure out something to do with your lives for the next two years because you're not going to win the election so might as well find a hobby. We're counting on busing, Antifa, AOC and Pocahontas to hand Trump another election and they're doing an even better job than expected. They should send the Trump campaign a bill. So much woke.

    1. "might as well find a hobby"

      My hobby of pointing out what Conservatives really believe gets me accused of playing the "race card".

  7. Why isn't Willie Brown strongly supporting Kamala? After all, they were lovers at one time.

    1. This. Trump's got Putin's back no matter what.


    2. Perhaps it ended acrimoniously and this is payback.

    3. Yesterday, I watched a clip of Tucker "White Power Hour" Carlson asking Donald J Chickenshit, Acting President, about why our cities are so dirty compared to the rest of the worlds'.

      The Acting President gave a long frighteningly incoherent rambling unintelligible stream of unconsciousness word salad of a response.

      But Chuckles DinC, maintaining proper sense of priorities, worries about how much Willie Brown and Kamala Harris fucked.

      He is tRump's solid base.

    4. mm -- in your world everything is Trump's fault. In the real world, these filthy cities are all governed by Democrats.

    5. David is not a moron. We know that, because he was once an actuary.
      His moron posts here are a diversion, used to make you think he's a moron and not a bigot. Don't fall for it.

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