ELEMENTS OF THE WHOLE TRUTH: Jelani Cobb's unusual statement!

MONDAY, JUNE 15, 2020

What in the world did he mean?:
For ourselves, we've long suggested taking the songwriters' advice:

"Try a little tenderness," the songwriters said, long ago. In 1966, Otis Redding made the song a modern-day classic. But the song was first recorded in 1932!

When Michael Brown charged Officer Wilson, we suggested that Officer Wilson should have thrown his gun far away and just run for his life. (We were told that you can't police that way, and that's probably true.)

In more recent events, we don't know why you'd arrest someone on suspicion of passing a bad twenty-dollar bill (as opposed to issuing a summons). That said, we're assuming that would have been a by-the-books arrest, though we've seen no one discuss the topic.

Friday night, in Atlanta, we would have favored having Office Brosnan—the first officer on the scene, the one who didn't fire his gun—drive the late Rayshard Brooks home after impounding his car and issuing a summons. Again, though, we'll assume that was a by-the-books (attempted) arrest in what the Washington Post describes today, atop page A1, as "a DUI stop."

(Saturday evening, on CNN, we saw two lawyers aggressively suggest, again and again, that no sobriety test had been given. Today, the New York Times seems to report that one officer conducted a seven-minute sobriety test, followed by a separate breath test. Under current rules of the discourse, lawyers are allowed to get mad and make inaccurate statements, making people even more angry.)

Drifting a bit afield, we don't know why so many people want to get Michael Flynn locked up, given the current state of the reporting. Then again, we suppose we do know why so many people seem to want that so much.

If prosecutors were all like us, we'll guess that no one would ever end up in prison! Yesterday morning, on CNN, we saw James Clyburn say that we should "reimagine policing." We'd like to see that reimagining occur, with the related goal of "making things better for everyone."

For everyone! Even the others!

With these softhearted desires explained, we return to our primary topic—the nature of our public discourse. In our view, the state of the discourse is very bad, and new rules for our conversations are likely to make matters worse.

We'll be taking a look this week at Wesley Lowery's reported suggestion—the suggestion reported by Ben Smith in last Monday's New York Times:
SMITH (6/8/20): Mr. Lowery’s view that news organizations’ “core value needs to be the truth, not the perception of objectivity,” as he told me, has been winning in a series of battles, many around how to cover race. Heated Twitter criticism helped to retire euphemisms like “racially charged.” The big outlets have gradually, awkwardly, given ground, using “racist” and “lie” more freely, especially when describing Mr. Trump’s behavior. The Times vowed to remake its Opinion section after Senator Tom Cotton’s Op-Ed article calling for the use of troops in American cities infuriated the newsroom last week.
Should that be the core value of news organizations? Should a news org's core value be "the truth, not the perception of objectivity?"

On its face, we aren't real sure what that formulation means. But especially at times as fraught as these, we humans tend to create new roads to incoherence.

Facts get sifted. Logic flies. The repetition of approved claims is general—and those approved claims don't necessarily have to be coherent or subject to parsing.

The latest events, those in Atlanta, take us to a very dangerous place. Barring the miraculous, nothing will save the public discourse, but also the nation, from what's going to come.

Out of all the turmoil which has already come, out of the turmoil sure to follow, we're still most struck by something we saw Jelani Cobb say last week.

Last Wednesday night, Cobb was speaking with guest host Stephanie Ruhle on MSNBC's The Beat. When Smith wrote the essay in which he quoted Lowery, he described Cobb, now 45, as the "elder statesman" of "a critical mass of black journalists...steeped in the history of race and the history of police violence in this country."

That's how Smith described Cobb. For her part, Ruhle has come to strikes us as being sharper, and more direct, than the average cable news bear.

Those were the players; they were discussing the killing of George Floyd and similar events. For our money, Cobb made the most striking statement of the week as the conversation proceeded. This is what he said:
COBB (6/10/20): One of the things that happens here is that African-Americans are disproportionately likely to have contact with the legal system on multiple fronts. And the greater amount of contact lends itself to greater possibilities of incidents like this happening.

And so what we see here is disproportionate. And–but there's–

One other point that I have been making a lot, I have been making all the time, is that one of the reasons that this problem has been allowed to persist is that people have the perception that this is a black and brown problem.

But if you were to discard all of the incidents involving black and brown people, what you would find is, there are a heck of a lot of white people, unarmed white people, who are killed by police each year.

We have a fundamental problem with policing
in this country, whose most extreme violent forms are witnessed in how we see black and brown people treated by law enforcement.
As students of the public discourse, we thought that was the most interesting thing we saw someone say all last week.

Actually, it was one of the two most interesting statements. As students of the public discourse, we'd say that Lowery's statement, as quoted by Smith, was the other such remark.

Back to Cobb:

"There are a heck of a lot of white people, unarmed white people, who are killed by police each year?"

We wouldn't necessarily agree with that statement, though it's a matter of judgment. But even as Lowery's quoted precept may point the way to increased incoherence, Cobb's highly unusual statement(s) do something very different.

In his highly unusual statements, Cobb points toward some basic facts—basic facts with which many people may not be familiar. At times like these, many such facts may tend to disappear—except perhaps on the other channel, the one the others watch.

To the extent that it's really a nation, our nation is almost surely headed for very difficult times. It seems to us that we're badly in need of a fuller, more intelligent discourse.

In the midst of this turmoil, Cobb made several unusual statements. What in the world was he talking about? What in the world did he mean?

Tomorrow: Imagining a survey


  1. "Facts get sifted. Logic flies."

    Dear Bob, facts and logic are forms of WHITE SUPREMACY. I'm guessing: you missed the memo? Check your spam folder.

    If you don't want to be a racist, please fall in line and conform to your zombie cult's narratives. Immediately, dear Bob, yes, immediately.

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  2. Replace the Robert E. Lee statues with those of Osama bin Laden.

  3. "Oh, she gets weary, and when she gets weary, try a little tenderness..."


    And she is weary of poverty

    This song doesn't fit the topic of Somerby's essay today and it doesn't fit the current circumstances in our nation. It just has the word "tenderness" in it, and that appeals to Somerby. But anyone else's words and ideas are his to appropriate whenever he likes a bit or piece of anything someone else has written.

    There is nothing about women or their weariness in today's essay.

    And people are dead all across the USA today because Somerby and people like him refused to vote for a woman for President. And our weariness won't be solved by momentary tenderness or shaggy dresses.

    1. 0nly a maniac would think that Somerby voted against Hillary.

      Why do you people read him? Go away.

  4. "In the midst of this turmoil, Cobb made several unusual statements. What in the world was he talking about? What in the world did he mean?"

    The Washington Post has been counting the number of unarmed and armed white and black people shot by police each year since 2015. According to their records, black men are 6% of the population but 25% of those killed by police. They are 40% of the unarmed men shot by police. So this is a race problem, not just a police problem.

    Cobb is arguing that black men have more contact with law enforcement officers, but this video posted by Digby shows why that happens. In it, 6-8 police officers stop and argue with a black man because he is doing something that is not only legal but would cause no interference if a white man were doing it:


    1. Sorry, you are manipulating statistics without reporting on them. Why do you not know that over 90% of African americans who are killed by violence are because of other African Americans. The police are only involved in about 3% of African American deaths by violence.
      But nobody protests blacks killing blacks. Don't their lives matter as well?

    2. Nobody protests whites killing whites either. Are you an idiot?

  5. “As students of the public discourse”

    One cannot be a proper student of the public discourse by ignoring vast parts of it, such as Fox News or other right wing outlets.

    Sorry. It just doesn’t work that way.

    1. One cannot be a proper student of current events by ignoring the fact that the sun rises in the east.

    2. Right wing media is hardly as tangential to public discourse as the sun rising.

    3. It's just as news- and comment-worthy as where the sun rises. It's just a given, and nobody with any sense thinks that criticizing it will have any more effect than excoriating the sun for the sunrise will encourage the sun to rise in the west. If you think it's worth your time, there are plenty of places to go to hear that.

    4. What is it with you telling people to go elsewhere to get something they desire that they aren’t “getting” here? It’s worth Somerby’s time, and his readers’. He uses the term “public discourse” here, not “mainstream press.” The public discourse isn’t only driven by mainstream or liberal outlets. Often, mainstream/liberal outlets are responding to what right wing outlets are saying. You can’t understand the full picture of public discourse or the mainstream/liberal part of it without looking at the complete picture.

      Also, Somerby himself claims that the consumers of right wing media sometimes hear facts that liberals don’t hear. Thus, right wing outlets aren’t simply ridiculous sources of propaganda, at least not in Somerby’s eyes.

      And where did I say that Somerby should criticize or excoriate right wing media? I simply suggested, as I said, that it needs to be taken into account in any discussion of the “public discourse.”

    5. I will give you an example.

      Somerby was quick to report on that drug study that was retracted. He mocked the msm for “triumphally” reporting on that study. Of course, at the time, no one knew the study was flawed.

      He claimed that Fox News viewers heard about the flaws and the retraction, but also (erroneously) claimed msm viewers did not.

      What he failed to mention is the weeks that Fox spent pimping the drug with no sound medical basis, which could have been dangerous. The msm was responding to this, trying to report sound information.

      He never told us if Fox ever reported on the original study showing dangerous side effects, or did they just “triumphally” report that it was flawed?

    6. "What he failed to mention is the weeks that Fox spent pimping the drug with no sound medical basis, which could have been dangerous."

      How could it be dangerous -- this is a prescription drug.

      Liberal-nazi hate-mongering is dangerous. Now, as liberal chickens have finally come home to roost, we're observing it every day -- nay, every hour.

      Reporting that there is hope to cure an illness might be sensationalist, but dangerous it is not.

    7. "How could it be dangerous -- this is a prescription drug."
      As if prescription drugs couldn't be dangerous.

      This is what passes for a debate point in the Right-wingosphere.
      Remind me again why we should waste our time listening to anything they say.

    8. Here, mh:
      Another Highly-Touted Hydroxychloroquine Study Turns Out To Be A Joke

      At this point, I'm wondering: your liberal cult's war on Hydroxychloroquine, is it happening because
      1. Orange Man Bad, or
      2. your cult wants more dead people, for whatever reason, or
      3. your cult is in business with some pharma company, to produce, patent and sell some other drug?

      Normally, I would assume the answer is 1. But there's so much money and resources thrown in, I now suspect it could be 3.

      What's your answer?

    9. What is it with you telling people to go elsewhere to get something they desire that they aren’t “getting” here?

      I don’t tell people what to do as I have absolutely no authority. I often suggest that people look elsewhere for what they crave when it’s clear they’re looking in the wrong place. That, and ridicule people for being as dumb as a truckload of ball peen hammers.

      TDH is a jeremiah, scolding liberals in the “public discourse” and the “mainstream press” for their sins. And he’s done that for going on 25 years. I find it absurd to demand that he take up some other portfolio.

      I’ve commented before that I welcome the times when you criticize TDH for not properly surveying the liberal press and thereby drawing erroneous conclusions from his bad sampling. Your whining about his not discussing Faux News, not so much.

      Right-wing outlets are effective when they selectively choose the facts they wish to cover. That their reports aren’t entirely fabricated doesn’t mean that they’re not ridiculous sources of propaganda.

  6. “Cobb points toward some basic facts—basic facts with which many people may not be familiar. At times like these, many such facts may tend to disappear—except perhaps on the other channel, the one the others watch.”

    And yet, here is Cobb, on the channel “we” watch, making this statement.

    His facts don’t seem to have been disappeared.

  7. That is true. Scholarly studies show no bias in police killings. But you are not allowed to point this out.

    1. The bias isn't in the killings, it is in the fact that police interact with black people more often than white people, and for trivial things. That's why black men account for 40% of unarmed killings by police, while being only 6% of population. The bias isn't in whether police are more likely to shoot blacks but in the simple fact that police hassle blacks and get called for innocent activities more often.

      You are allowed to point out whatever you want. When has anyone called the cops on you for pointing something out?

    2. Here's another statistic. Males make up less that 50% of the U.S. population, yet make up 94% of the prison population. The obvious major reason for the disparity is men commit more crimes, and more serious types of crimes that lead to incarceration than women. Could it be that black males have more interaction with the police, at least to some extent, because they disproportionately commit more crimes; or that black men, on average, aren't as submissive as whites when confronted by the police (for example, when hassled by police over innocent activities)? For example, if Floyd just got in the police car when asked, he probably wouldn't have been murdered (not that this excuses it). Aren't these relevant questions?

    3. AC, Floyd was already in the police car, handcuffed, when Officer Chauvin showed up and pulled Floyd out of the police car and forced him to the ground. Why don’t you know this?

    4. "For example, if Floyd just got in the police car when asked, he probably wouldn't have been murdered (not that this excuses it)."

      Indeed, although it isn't a murder till 12 jurors agree it is. And I don't think it's likely to happen.

      'Negligent manslaughter' they might, perhaps, but they won't have that option.

      Also, when the sleeping-in-his-car fella grabbed a cop's weapon and pointed it at the cops, that was an extremely stupid thing to do. Darwin Award to him, well deserved.

    5. Floyd was already in the police car handcuffed when Chauvin pulled him out and forced him to the ground.

      Chauvin has been charged with three things, one of them “Second degree manslaughter
      Culpable negligence creating unreasonable risk”

      So, yes, the jury will have that option.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. Mao,
      The police shot that guy in the back for holding a non-lethal weapon. That's a problem.
      I agree the cops are "Darwining" themselves by not embracing police reform in a nation of 393 million civilian held firearms, but we've seen cops be stubborn.

    8. The Saint Floyd guy was resisting inside the car, claiming claustrophobia and that he couldn't breath. Which is why they had to let him out.

      As for the second degree manslaughter, you may be right. I thought I saw somewhere that there is also the third degree manslaughter, which is actually about negligence, but I might be misremembering.

    9. @5:54 PM
      The guy was fighting them and wrestled a weapon from a police officer. Then, according to what I've read, he pointed it back at the cops.

      I really don't understand what you dembots are so unhappy about. It's their job, to protect law-abiding citizens from this exactly kind of people.

      What occasionally happens to the perps may be unfortunate, but I don't think anyone other than brain-dead liberals would lose sleep because of it.

    10. Mao,
      The police use tasers on unarmed people everyday, often when the victims are in custody.
      How is a taser all the sudden a lethal weapon that would make the cops fear for their lives?
      Why do you repugbot nitwits like the cops to be such cowards?

    11. "I don't think anyone other than brain-dead liberals would lose sleep because of it."

      There it is. For the dead-enders who still don't know "All Lives Matter" means "Shut-up Black People".

    12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    13. “ The police use tasers on unarmed people everyday, often when the victims are in custody.
      How is a taser all the sudden a lethal weapon that would make the cops fear for their lives?
      Why do you repugbot nitwits like the cops to be such cowards?”

      Off the top of my head, I’d be afraid that if I was lying stunned on the ground after being tased, that the person who assaulted me might grab my handgun and shoot me and my partner or anyone he took a notion to shooting.

    14. Dear dembot, according to wikipedia taser is often categorized as "less-lethal" weapon, rather than "non-lethal".

      In any case, I don't see why cops should risk getting tased, for a dubious benefit of keeping this violent perp alive and healthy. I wouldn't.

    15. "In any case, I don't see why cops should risk getting tased, for a dubious benefit of keeping this violent perp alive and healthy. I wouldn't."

      You'd fit right in as a cop. Most cops think they are above the law. That's what the protests against police brutality are about.
      No wonder there are people of all colors protesting police unaccountability throughout the United States of America.

      Let's face it, you'd have to be a real piece of shit to support the current police systems throughout the U.S.

    16. In the USA, the cops are the criminals, and we criticize the civilians with their 2nd Amendment Rights for not doing their jobs.

    17. Here's your Saint Rayshard Brooks, dembots:

      "Brooks was convicted of several crimes — including obstructing an officer, family battery violence, possessing weapons during a crime, receiving stolen property, felony cruelty to children, interfering with custody, false imprisonment, snatching his children without permission from the mother, and battery."

      The world definitely got better after this fella darwin awarded himself.

  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/nymag.com/intelligencer/amp/2020/06/andrew-sullivan-is-there-still-room-for-debate.html

    1. Being racist isn't an "ideology," it is evil. You don't hold debates about whether it is OK to steal, cheat, murder, so putting hurting people because of their skin color into the category of "lets talk this over" makes no sense at all.

    2. That’s a self-referential argument and doesn’t reflect what Sullivan said.

      Try reading that first.

    3. Here is what Sullivan says:

      "This [the existence of systemic racism in America] is an argument that deserves to be aired openly in a liberal society, especially one with such racial terror and darkness in its past and inequality in the present. But it is an argument that equally deserves to be engaged, challenged, questioned, interrogated. There is truth in it, truth that it’s incumbent on us to understand more deeply and empathize with more thoroughly. But there is also an awful amount of truth it ignores or elides or simply denies."

      He then argues that if you disagree that America is systematically racist, then you are proven to be racist. I think that is pretty obvious. There has been enough history in our country, extending from slavery, the Civil War (which was a rebellion to keep slavery in place), Jim Crow (which was the use of policing and law to keep slavery in place) to the evasion of Civil Rights legislation to today's misuse of policing to keep black people from equal opportunity and prosperity. There can be no debate because the debate has been held and is over now. Sullivan wasn't here for that debate because he is an immigrant to the US and didn't experience our history with us.

      Cecelia is putting herself squarely on the side of those who wish to go back to a time when those in power were not held accountable for their racism. That isn't going to happen, Cecelia.

      So, Sullivan wants to sit down and debate whether America is racist -- that is what I said that he said. And then I said that being racist is not an ideology and that there can be no debate about whether racism is OK (and by extension the behavior of America's racists is not OK).

    4. Sullivan never actually says what about racism needs debating. Only that there should be more talking and less action. He doesn't understand that talking is how a racist stalls progress.

    5. anon 4:18 - you say there can be no debate because you have discarded reason and critical thinking. Going back to before the civil rights laws and court decisions, schools in the South were segregated; blacks couldn't use the same water fountains or swimming pools, or stay in the same hotels or go to the same restaurants as whites; they were effectively barred from voting, and interracial marriage was outlawed. Blacks were banned from professional sports. This is only part of it. All this has changed, thru efforts by blacks and their leaders, and also by actions of whites. Hardly anybody wants to change any of this now. Nat King Cole is an example. He was a very popular musician in the 50's. He was given his own TV variety show; but several southern TV stations wouldn't carry it, because of Cole's race. Cole bought a house in an exclusive neighborhood in Los Angeles. The white neighbors were up in arms about it. When Cole performed at a Las Vegas hotel, he couldn't stay there - he had to stay in a segregated hotel. Nothing like that exists now. It's changed radically. True, blacks are on the whole poorer than whites, and a lot of this no doubt relates to the past history of discrimination. But there are lot more blacks now who are prospering. Some of the situation now might have to do with all the factory jobs that have been lost. Lots of white people are poor too. It's complex. Your view that "today's misuse of policing to keep black people from equal opportunity and prosperity" explains things, so it's beyond discussion, is simplistic and reductionist. Unreason - like defunding the police - doesn't help, and is a loser politically. (Without police, crime, assaults, murders, muggings, rapes, home invasions, fraud etc would likely run rampant). The problem is that there isn't a debate going on, where perhaps a consensus can be reached on a lot of beneficial changes. And calling everybody a racist is dumb, and pretending that nothing has changed is also dumb.

    6. @AC, There is no evidence that multimillionaire pontificator Andrew Sullivan really wants to debate anything. His mind seems pretty well settled.

      Same for Somerby, I would say.

      I would hesitate to call an idea dumb when many African American citizens are living in circumstances that differ substantially from those of posh Sullivan, or Somerby. I know my own situation is quite far removed from that of African Americans.

      Black folks are speaking, but these white opinion writers ensconced in their comfy lives seem not inclined to listen.

    7. Defunding the police is leverage, against those who don't want to negotiate.
      Are you new to how capitalism works?

    8. Existence of systemic racism is well established through numerous studies. The idea that it must be "debated" is ridiculous. It must be changed.

    9. "Systemic racism" is bullshit. No one can even explain what it is, let alone studying it.

      Which, of course, wouldn't prevent dembots from typing "numerous studies".

    10. Psst, Mao. Your "economic anxiety" is showing.

    11. "No one can even explain what it is using stick figures so Mao can have a chance of understanding it ...."

      FTFY NFO


    12. “Cecelia is putting herself squarely on the side of those who wish to go back to a time when those in power were not held accountable for their racism. That isn't going to happen, Cecelia.”

      Oh, no, I’m sorry, but I am not automatically guilty of racism for thinking that the topic of whether the country is systemically racist is not only ripe for discussion, but that it is one that positively requires such analysis since it’s a generator of public policy.

      The little roadshow of trying to squelch discussion via dropping r-bombs on the heads of people who don’t precisely sing your tune should be resisted by anyone with two brain cells to rub together.

    13. Agreed.
      Pointing out people's racism, shouldn't end discussions on racism in America.

    14. When has anyone ever seen Cecelia contribute to a serious discussion on any topic here. She exists to make insulting quips that those on the right apparently think are hilarious but that are mainly intended to annoy any remaining liberals on this blog.

      People are marching and demanding change while the conservatives are frantically saying "wait, wait, let's talk this over, don't do anything hasty!"

      That is not a serious desire to discuss systemic racism. It is a delaying tactic in the face of inevitable change. We have been having discussions on racism since this country was founded (on slavery). It is now time to make some racial progress, whether Cecelia likes it or not.

    15. Anonymous 10:20 am, what have you got in mind that you’re going to implement without discussing, Tiberius?

      Aside from burning stuff down?

    16. C'mon Cecelia. You know that stuff was no angel.

  9. https://www.lawyersgunsmoneyblog.com/2020/06/sleeping-in-a-drive-thru-must-not-end-in-death

    This man was asleep when police were called and he was shot while running away. He had no gun and was not threatening anyone. Maybe we should have a debate about whether this kind of behavior deserves the death penalty, or maybe we should just change how policing occurs.

    Is there any moral gray area here? I don't see it. Sullivan wants to shift discussion from "how racist is America?" to "what does racism really mean?". Navel gazing isn't going to help black people who are suffering under an unfair and unequal justice system.

    No one would argue that he should be allowed to sleep in a Wendy's drive through lane. But no one would argue either that he should be shot for being drunk and passing out in the wrong place, or for running away from a police officer who is trying to taser him.

    1. Asleep? He was passed out drunk in a Wendy's drive-through.

    2. Being shot in the back by coward cops, is the new sentence for being drunk, dontchaknow.

    3. Accounts say that there were two cops trying to subdue him and that they had him under control until one of the cops let go of him to reach for his taser. That is when he struggled to grab the taser and the officer let go of the taser to reach for his gun instead. With no tasers and no guns involved, the two officers would have successfully subdued him and arrested him without further violence.


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  11. https://www.cleveland.com/news/2020/06/stop-using-black-on-black-crime-to-deflect-away-from-police-brutality.html

  12. David,
    Why would people with nothing to lose risk going to prison and losing everything?

    Read-up about the G.I. Bill and redlining.

  13. @6:11 In 2014 the big BLM stuff resulted in worse police protection and around 2,000 extra black murder victims in 2015 and 2016. The anti-police furor is greater today than it was in 2014. I predict it will lead to many thousands of additional black murder victims. "Shootings across the city [of Chicago] increased by 71% [in May], with 409 people shot in May 2020 compared to 332 shooting victims in May 2019, according to police statistics. Murders were also up by about 60%, with 85 reported in May 2020 compared to 53 last year."

    The extra deaths in 2015-16 got hardly any national media coverage. The coming surge of black on black murders may also get little media coverage. But, that doesn't mean that all these black corpses aren't real.

  14. @6:13 - Once there was severe legal discrimination against blacks. That was ended 50 years ago, thank goodness. Ending discrimination is something to celebrate.

    I worked for an big insurance company that would not have allowed a Jew to be a corporate officer up to a few years before I was hired. I did not claim to be a victim on account of a problem that had already been solved.

  15. DinC,
    “the big BLM stuff resulted in worse police protection”

    “Resulted in?”

    So, the police not providing protection was BLM’s fault?

    “a problem that had already been solved.”

    Why do you disregard other people’s opinions about the problem and whether it has been solved?

  16. What do you expect from a guy who cites from VDARE and cited from Stormfront?

  17. @7:41 - I would NOT say "the police not providing protection was BLM’s fault." "Fault" implies moral wrong -- guilt, liability, blameworthiness. I would say that BLM was the CAUSE of police providing less protection. We can quibble about whether blame or guilt attaches, but the victims are still dead.

  18. @7:41 - naturally David cites from the worst of the worst to try to make a point. Flaherty also wrote this gem:'Don't Make the Black Kids Angry': The Hoax of Black Victimization.

    I hear from the same people Trumps hears from that David's working on his screed: Tears of a Concern Troll: The Hoax of Blaming Black Culture to Disguise Bigotry.

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