SAD TO SAY, OUR TOWN: She decorated the White House again!


Why we aren't well-liked: Sad to say, the New York Times completely missed the memo.

Reigning first lady Melania Trump had decorated the White House for Christmas again! Inexplicably, the New York Times' Steven Kurutz—who died and him tinsel critic?—offered a weirdly off-message review.

Insultingly, the essay appeared in print editions under a non-insulting headline. We'll expose you to that headline tomorrow. Puzzlingly,  the actual essay started off like this:

KURUTZ (12/3/20): The first lady has overseen holiday decorations at the White House since 1961, when Jacqueline Kennedy hung ornaments of toys, birds and angels themed to “The Nutcracker” ballet on a Christmas tree in the Blue Room. This year was no different.

In a one-minute video posted to Twitter on Monday, Melania Trump unveiled this year’s theme, “America the Beautiful,” which she translated as green trees decorated with red, gold and silver ornaments and white lights, a style so traditional that it could grace the cover of Martha Stewart Living. The East Colonnade this year features simple black urns holding plumes of foliage and greenery from each state and territory.

The bold aesthetic choices that drew so much flak and snarky memes in Christmases past are noticeably absent. There are no blood-red trees, as there were in 2018, which various news outlets called “creepy” and “deeply haunted.” There is nothing akin to the icy, underlit branches of 2017 that turned the East Colonnade into what some likened to a barren, dystopian landscape.


This is Mrs. Trump’s last Christmas at the White House as first lady, and if her tree trimmings seem unimpeachable by design, that may be the point...

Insultingly, Kurutz referred to Attacks on Christmas Decorations Past as "snarky" examples of "flak." Stunningly, he refused to use terms like "creepy" and "haunted" as he described the first lady's current Xmas offense.

How off-message was the Times on this one occasion? To what extent had the newspaper missed the message which had been sent and received all through the streets of Our Town?

How ridiculous, how inappropriate, was the Times' review? It was so bad that Kurutz's essay still sits beneath this pair of headlines online:

The White House Christmas Decorations Look Strikingly Normal
Blood-red trees these are not.

The Christmas decorations look strikingly normal! No really—that's what it says!

Elsewhere, responsible citizens of our town knew what they were expected to say about this annual topic. Inevitably, MSNBC managed to find the dumbest hook, and thereby to present the dumbest possible headline:

MSNBC: Why is Melania Trump doing 'Christmas stuff' with Covid surging? 

How dare Melania do Christmas decorations this year at all? The One True Channel set itself apart from the pack with this ridiculous hook.

Elsewhere, the children all knew which carols they should be singing. Over at Slate, readers clicked on the headline shown below. When they did, they discovered that they'd been Schwedeled:

Slate: Famed Christmas Witch Melania Trump Delivers Her Most Unlikely Holiday Display Yet

Schwedel added Halloween imagery! That was much more like it! 

As always at this time of the year. the children strolled the streets of our town, all singing the seasonal songs. In our town (as in many others), we like it best when we all choose to sing the same songs. 

We love it when we all sing alike. Here are the headlines found at three of our town's sites:

The Washingtonian: Melania Trump’s Christmas Decorations, Ranked
New York Magazine: Melania’s Christmases, Ranked from Most to Least Haunted
Mashable: Melania's f*cking Christmas decorations, ranked

These are highly trainable children. As for their editors, they are strongly inclined to copy each other's work, and how they love rankings and lists!

By this, The Year of The Covid, trashing the first lady's Christmas decorations had become a Yule tradition. For that reason, our children have been wandering the streets of our town, all singing our town's dumbest songs.

According to experts, these children have been been displaying their dumbness, even their meanness, as they engage in this practice. According to experts, this helps explains why we in Our Town quite often just aren't real well-liked.

The New York Times had missed the memo about Melani's decs! Elsewhere, everybody in our town was reciting as planned.

At the Washington Post, four columnists—count 'em, four!—stood in line to write the exact same column. Zombified people are found in Our Town, and others can often see this.

Tomorrow: Werewolves of Christmas, ah-ooh! 

(Givhan and Roberts and Hesse oh my! After them, Petri also!)


  1. “Mashable: Melania's f*cking Christmas decorations, ranked”

    Remember what Ms Trump said, on tape, about Christmas? Of course Somerby does:

    “I’m working ... my ass off on the Christmas stuff, that you know, who gives a fuck about the Christmas stuff and decorations? But I need to do it, right?”

    Remember about that jacket? Of course Somerby remembers:
    “Why did US First Lady Melania Trump wear a $39 jacket emblazoned with "I really don't care, do you?" during a trip to a migrant child detention centre?”

    Remember what she said about the children on that tape about the fucking Christmas decorations? Of course Somerby does:

    “Oh, what about the children that they were separated?’ Give me a fucking break”

    See, this is why Mashable’s headline is funny. Somerby would know that if he’d ever been a (good) comedian.

    Has Somerby ever considered that there’s a good reason why Melania and/or Republicans might not be “well-liked?”

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  2. If a tape had surfaced of Michelle Obama saying such stuff as Melania (as I detailed above), the Republicans and their media would have used it to show how horrible Democrats are and why they aren’t well-liked.

    Somerby would have written a post saying “This is why we liberals aren’t well-liked.”

    That’s essentially what he did when those private Peter Strzok text messages came out. He didn’t tell us that Republicans revealing Strozk’s private text messages in order to push the message that “liberals” hate Trump voters shows the hypocrisy of Republicans and why they aren’t well-liked. Oh no. He said, and I quote:

    “Agent Strzok's acute sense of smell reminds us that we finer folk, the ones Over Here, can sometimes lose our way too...In this and a million other ways, our team can sometimes show the world that we may not always be as fine as we tend to say we are.”

    Somerby just assumed that Strzok was a “liberal”, just for grins of course.

    The gaslighting is way over the top at TDH.

    1. Exactly right. The litmus test is What if a Democratic president or First Lady said that? Somerby will fail that repeatedly. He is a concern troll with an agenda.

    2. "And I quote"? We know you are quoting if there are quotation marks.

    3. The words "And I quote" are obviously for emphasis because, you are correct, the punctuation is sufficient. mh is showing attitude.

  3. "Elsewhere, everybody in our town was reciting as planned."

    Elsewhere, everybody was reciting just as Melania deserved. If there is anyone who has done less work in the job than Donald Trump, it is Melania.

    I find myself wondering why she spent money putting in a tennis court at the White House when she and Donald will be leaving so soon.

    I can easily imagine Melania delegating this year's decorations to an assistant, saying "Do what you want, just make it look good." Or perhaps "Do whatever will keep those fucking reporters off my back." With her attitude, there is no chance that she put any effort into this year's decorations. Too busy destroying the rose garden to care.

  4. Why didn't Somerby point out that this is part of the liberal war on Christmas?

  5. Here is a line Somerby might have taken, From John in LA in the NYT comments:

    "At some point over the past half-Century, the White House ceased to look like a home decorated for the holidays and began to look like a department store. That's a bad thing."

    Others commented on the better use the money spent on those trees could have been put to, and pointed out that Melania has done nothing to help Americans in any way during her time as First Lady.

    1. Bill and Hillary Clinton had keepsake family decorations that they put on their White House Christmas tree. The right mocked Hillary by saying that she decorated their Christmas tree with dildos.

      Melania has decorated using black urns with state flowers in them. That sets the proper somber tone for an epidemic affecting every state of our nation. But is Christmas the right time for such a display? Black isn't actually a traditional Christmas color and those in mourning typically put away celebration in honor of the dead. Doing both seems a trifle schizophrenic (ask Bandy Lee what that word means) or tone deaf.

  6. "We love it when we all sing alike. "

    Somerby thinks we are all participating in some sort of group think, but all of those headlines arise from a single source, Melania's words and actions. She is the one who was recorded showing disdain for her role as chief decorator on holidays, and she is the one who displayed that disdain by choosing awful colors and items, much as her coat displayed her disdain for visiting distressed children. All of those headlines were inspired by Melania's actions, not some circulated talking point saying let's all put down Melania.

    It is the right that uses talking points in order to stay on message and ensure party loyalty, not the left. When there is unanimity on the left, it is because there is agreement arising from shared belief, not party discipline or a love of conformity for its own sake.

    If Somerby were any kind of liberal, he would understand these things. But lately, there is a rising consensus that Somerby is no liberal. And if he is not a liberal, what is he and why is he pretending that liberals speak with one voice in a kind of anvil chorus to mock the right? That's Fox News messaging.

  7. TDH: Why we aren't well-liked.

    Excepts from the article:
    Did Rush Limbaugh Refer to 12-Year-Old Chelsea Clinton as a Dog?

    An old controversy was renewed in 2020 after the radio host was awarded the Medal of Freedom by U.S. President Donald Trump.

    Claim: Radio host Rush Limbaugh once referred to 12-year-old Chelsea Clinton as a dog.

    Limbaugh truly did once refer to young Chelsea as a dog.

    When we attempted to track down the origins of this claim we came across two examples of Limbaugh making such a reference. The first was a viral quote:

    “Socks is the White House cat. But did you know there is also a White House dog?” – Rush Limbaugh, holding a pic of 13-year-old Chelsea Clinton on TV, 1993.”

    Limbaugh launched into an attack on another former White House child (he called Amy Carter, the daughter of President Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter, the “the most unattractive presidential daughter in the history of the country”) and then “apologized” for the Chelsea Clinton mix-up, blaming the crew for showing a picture of a dog instead of Chelsea.
    Bob, this how you become well-liked, rake in hundreds of millions of dollars, and get the Medal of Freedom in "Their Town."

    1. Not the only Republican to go after Chelsea Clinton’s looks John McCain famously did so. It’s what they do. A Republican thing that none of them admonishes.

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