Who will his next running-mate be?


Pundits can't seem to quit Trump: Midway through Wednesday night's program, twenty-seven minutes into his hour, Brian Williams teased his upcoming segment.

Some will find it hard to believe, but this is what he said:

WILLIAMS (3/3/21): Coming up for us after this break, if Donald Trump really runs again, will Mike Pence still be his running-mate? New reporting on who else may be in the mix, believe it or not, after this.

A commercial break ensued. When Brian returned, he played tape of Donald J. Trump being applauded at Sunday's CPAC meeting.

After playing the tape, Brian began to speak. The chyron beneath him said this:


Yes, that's what the chyron said! Quoting an actual "news report," Williams offered this:

WILLIAMS: We're crunching the numbers—he seems to have won once. 

If Trump does run again in 2024, the ticket may not include the loyal Mike Pence. Bloomberg News reporting today, quote:

"Privately, he’s discussed alternatives to Pence as he takes stock of who he believes stood with him at the end of his term and who didn’t. Trump advisers have discussed identifying a black or female running mate for his next run, and three of the people familiar with the matter said Pence likely won’t be on the ticket."

Among the names being floated, South Dakota governor Kristi Noem, South Carolina senator Tim Scott.

With that, Williams proceeded to a non-discussion discussion, forcing Stuart Stevens to opine about whether Donald J. Trump would run with Pence again.

(Of course not, Stevens said.)

Yes, this actually happened. You can read the full report from Bloomberg News just by clicking this. The byline on the important report names three (3) reporters.

To Brian's credit, he seemed to direct a sardonic tone at the ridiculous topic. But at New York magazine, Ed Kilgore, a very sane person, had devoted a full post to the burning question—a question which comes closer to the need for resolution with each passing hour and minute.

This is an established part of our utterly silly "news" culture. On cable, pundits routinely kill oodles of time speculating about which running-mate a presidential nominee might select.

Again and again, cable hosts waste their viewers' time, asking every national pol with a hint of a pulse if he or she thinks that he or she night be lucky enough to be the eventual choice.

That said, Wednesday's bundle of speculations broke the record for premature time-killing dumbness.  Our pundits—or at least, their producers—just can't seem to quit Donald Trump. He's just too good for ratings.

Can it really be this dumb in the corporate sectors of Our Town? Yes, it actually can be. It can even go downhill from there!

With that in mind, consider this:

Today, Kilgore offers a gloomier post. Liberals and Democrats shouldn't expect to hold onto the House and the Senate in 2022, the gentleman might seem to suggest.

The gloomy fellow may be right. We'll offer a type of perspective on that general problem tomorrow.

In fairness, Wednesday's discussions were unusually foolish—but here in Our Town, the potential for jaw-dropping foolishness is pretty much always there. 

Who will Trump choose for his next running-mate? No really—that's what they discussed!


  1. "Pundits can't seem to quit Trump"

    Heh. What else is new, dear Bob?

    The only notion occupying your liberal comrades' brainless zombie heads is Orange Man Bad.

    Should they ever "quit Trump", on account of being ordered to do so by their liberal-hitlerian cult, they could only utter unintelligible sounds, resembling something like 'bbblllkkk gggddd whhhhtttt bbbbdddd'. But what fun would that be?

    1. Here's someone pretending they don't love Trump so as to appear more reasonable

    2. Trump isn't so orange anymore. He has let his hair go white.

  2. “Who will his next running-mate be?”

    Somerby picks out one example of Williams talking about this as a way of “showing” “Our Town’s” foolishness.

    First of all, Williams’ decision to air this, sardonic or not, doesn’t represent what most liberals are interested in.

    But more importantly, Somerby fails to note the incessant, and in my view, important reporting by every MSNBC host about the hundreds of bills that Republican legislatures have either filed or passed to make it harder to vote, and about the current Supreme Court case and the US House-passed bill dealing with voting rights.

    Why is this so important? To get through to people that they need to get out and vote to prevent a Republican takeover in 2022.

    But Somerby, just like Williams, chose to focus on a triviality.

    Imagine that.

    1. Did you read the post? Somerby said: “To Brian's credit, he seemed to direct a sardonic tone at the ridiculous topic.”

      Do you believe Williams being “sardonic”, to use Somerby’s word, was a result of him being forced to do that “ridiculous” segment? Somerby gives him “credit” for that. I do not. Williams chose that topic.

      As I stated.

      Or do you agree with Somerby?

  3. “Among the names being floated, South Dakota governor Kristi Noem, South Carolina senator Tim Scott.”

    Somerby would obviously never engage in such speculation.

    “Within that small-population state, Governor Kristi Noem—she's just turned 49—has had a very successful political career.
    She doesn't hail from a political family. Inherited connections and other family advantages don't seem to have fueled her career. 
    Her father was killed in a farming accident when she was 22. As a result, she was forced to take over the family business, a "medium-sized farm and ranch operation."
    (“I had hoped that I would be able to farm with him,” Noem is quoted saying in this fascinating profile.  “But when my dad passed away, it kind of changed everything.”)
    Her political career proceeded from there. She was elected to the South Dakota legislature in 2006, at the age of 34. In 2010, she won South Dakota's lone statewide congressional seat. Along with South Carolina freshman  member Tim Scott, she was instantly named to a spot within the House Republican leadership.”

    And on and on it goes:


  4. Trump began his reelection campaign immediately after winning in 2016. Why is it surprising that he would be running his 2024 campaign now? And why is it surprising that Republicans would be going along with him? It is what they do. The media is reporting what Republicans are doing. It isn't as if they are making this up and Trump, the Republicans, have no interest in campaigning now.

    It seems likely that if Brian Williams had his choice, he would never mention Trump again.

  5. "Again and again, cable hosts waste their viewers' time"

    You really do have to be a complete moron not to know that
    cable was created to do that very thing. Their main goal is to distract people into thinking about trivial things and especially into buying the trivial products their advertisers sell.

  6. I think this is funny:

    "This is the moment @ChrisVanHollen outsmarted the GOP:

    after the full reading of the bill demanded by Ron Johnson, which delayed a vote by nearly 11 hours, he left and there were no Republicans around to object when Van Hollen proposed cutting debate from 20 hours to three."

  7. Pence, like so many others, supported the lies that led to Trump’s Republican Rape of the Capitol. Even if it embarrasses Bob, this and a lot of other related stuff will have to be dealt with. So, it’s a silly way to deal with something that is actually critical, as MSNBC often does.

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