If you don't like the headline, just wait a while!


Same column, two dueling heads: Kevin Drum doesn't like the headline on Bret Stephens' column today. As Drum notes, the headline in question says this:

Another Failed Presidency at Hand

He may have preferred the headline which appeared above the same column in today's print editions. That alternate headline says this:

Biden Can Still Save His Presidency

Which headline fits the column's content better? That's a matter of judgment. To read the column, click here

For our money, the real nightmare is the way the Times is now selling its weekly Bret Stephens/ Gail Collins "Conversation."

The "humor" is horrible all the way down. Yesterday, the cloying colloquy appeared in print editions, for at least the second time. This raises a horrible possibility:

The Times may have found that its subscribers actually like this feature!

Special bonus observation: David Ignatius' column in today's Washington Post runs on a similar theme. That said, his headlines do a better job of agreeing with one another in tone:

Biden badly needs a new beginning, or:

Biden needs to turn the page from a painful August

The second headline appeared in this morning's print editions. To peruse the first headline, click this

Does Biden need to turn the page? We can't quite say that's wrong.


  1. Meh. We feel that Rapist Joe serves the purpose just fine, dear Bob.

    We don't think anyone with a functioning brain has ever taken him for anything but a figurehead; blatantly obvious figurehead. Figurehead gets low ratings, who cares. It's all in the game, dear Bob.

    1. Biden is not a rapist. Please stop calling him that.

    2. It's a compliment.
      Mao is a HUGE fan of the pro-rape party (Republicans).
      He'd have been cheering along as Mitch McConnell put Epstein on the Supreme Court if he hadn't killed himself.

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  2. A figurehead... like Reagan?

  3. "Does Biden need to turn the page? We can't quite say that's wrong."

    What exactly has Biden done wrong? Somerby doesn't say. He just damns Biden with the usual lack of enthusiasm. Not at all the way a liberal feels about Biden and August:

    1. Bush got us into Afghanistan and Trump negotiated the exit, so Biden did the best he could with what he was handed.

    2. Covid has mutated into a Delta strain that is leaving no wiggle room for deniers, anti-mask and anti-vaxxers. Biden has been patient but it is time to get serious. He is giving every indication of doing so and doesn't need to change his tack on this.

    3. Biden is doing an exemplary job of dealing with Ida, made stronger by climate change. He had resources in place before the storm hit, not afterwards, unlike Bush and Trump, the least competent president of all time.

    4. Unlike former guy, Biden has shown empathy to the families of fallen soldiers in Afghanistan and also those hit by Ida. Trump couldn't be bothered.

    5. What could Biden have done about the Supreme Court seats stolen by Trump? Not much.

    Somerby limpid attack on Biden is about as far from liberal as you can get. And again, Somerby never tells us exactly what he finds that needs change in Biden's presidency.

    An actual Democrat would not hestitate to say that's wrong.

    1. Best comment by far intellectually.

    2. 'Somerby never tells us exactly what he finds that needs change in Biden's presidency'

      Somerby spent 4 years defending Trump, Roy Moore et al. So what he finds that needs change is obviously that Biden is not Trump. Exactly what you'd expect from a Trumptard like Somerby

  4. Given that the right is still behaving as if it is pro-covid, how are the rising covid statistics Biden's fault?

    From NY Times:

    "More than 1,000 colleges and universities — often in states that voted for President Biden — have adopted at least some vaccination requirements, according to The Chronicle of Higher Education. Some colleges took things one step further, Politico reported, punishing students who resisted vaccination mandates.

    But other universities, especially in Republican-led states, must dance around state bans on mask or vaccination mandates. Teachers cannot require students to wear masks, or even ask those with Covid-like symptoms to leave the classroom."

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  6. "The Times may have found that its subscribers actually like this feature!"

    Or they're just trolling liberals. After all, the NY Times is corporate-owned Right-wing media.

  7. Stop the presses! Somerby is complaining because the online editions and the print editions sometimes have different headlines. So what?


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